Mom will not advise bad: Valentina Matvienko helped her son buy up St. Petersburg real estate

Businessman Sergei Matvienko buys real estate in St. Petersburg and its environs at bargain prices.
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The son of the former governor of St. Petersburg, and now the speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, Sergey has a gift - he can buy state-owned real estate at a reasonable price under the guise of implementing investment projects, while forgetting about the promised projects soon after the purchase. And he gets away with it. Journalists found another mansion of the businessman - initially, in his place there should have been a health complex.

Wellness mansion

The next replenishment of the "piggy bank" of businessman Sergei Matvienko was discovered by the publication "Base". In May of this year, he bought a two-story mansion (1237 sq. Meters) on the Gulf of Finland and five hectares of land with it. According to the papers, it looks like a “hotel and health complex” on the site of the park of a children's sanatorium, but in fact, it looks more like another private property.

From the other mansions located in the neighboring village of Solnechny, the “hotel complex” is perhaps distinguished by its price - 48 million rubles is only the cadastral value of the building and another 254 million rubles is the cadastral value of the land - a luxurious location with a private lake, pine forest and beach, as well as a method of obtaining ownership.

The house, which appears in the documents as a "hotel health complex", was built in 2012. Land for the complex was allotted back in 2007. At that time, Valentina Matvienko held the post of governor of the city, and not without her participation 20 hectares of land on the shores of the Gulf of Finland fell into the long-term lease of the Versiya company. The owner of the "Version" was Sergey Matvienko, through his MST-Holding CJSC.

Governor Matvienko explained the transfer of land to a commercial company with a plausible goal - to build an “low-rise hotel and health complex” of 25 cottages on the site of the children's park. It was planned to build cottage houses "in the style of classical North Japanese architecture using bog wood, natural stone, and stained-glass windows in the decoration of facades."

In reality, the investor’s intentions were transformed into one mansion far from in the Japanese style.
In addition, over the past 12 years, the land received by the company of the son of Matvienko has changed its status - instead of land “for hotel accommodation”, the businessman now owns land “for summer cottage construction”.

Discount for son

As time has shown, the businessman needed the talks about the hotel complex and investment project in order to get the land faster and cheaper. After one single mansion was built on the hectares obtained, the Versiya firm applied to Smolny with the priority right to purchase the rented land at a 75% discount. The preferential price is precisely because the building already owned by the tenant already stands on the previously leased land.

“Valentina Matvienko went to the Federation Council in 2011, and the St. Petersburg City Property Management Committee was first outraged by this idea. The “version” even tried to force the Committee to issue her permission to buy out in court. But the Committee suddenly changed his mind and resolved everything voluntarily. According to media reports, the company was able to buy 20 hectares of forest for 166 million rubles, "writes Baza.

After the purchase of 20 hectares of land, their division began. The site was divided into three, each of which was purchased by Sergey Matvienko from 2017 to 2019. Somewhere around this time, the land changed its status, becoming suitable for summer cottage construction.

Investing in yourself

As a result, the city may forget about the promised investment project with a hotel, and Sergey Matvienko became the proud owner of 20 hectares of luxury land, and even with a huge discount. Valentina Matvienko’s son has already done similar tricks earlier.

So, last year he finally took over two old mansions in St. Petersburg, just as he covered himself with words about investment projects for a start. The scheme is the same - first the land and the objects located on it are leased for the implementation of the investment project, and then the real estate, through a couple of frauds, becomes the property of companies associated with Sergey Matvienko.

More about these schemes of the Matvienko family PASMI has already been told in the article “How did St. Petersburg pick up the son of Valentina Matvienko”. In two parts.

The total value of real estate, which Sergey Matvienko now disposes of, is estimated in billions of rubles.