Money for Kalashnikov factories disappeared in other projects

The case of embezzlement in Venezuela ended in Moscow.
As the "Kommersant", the investigative department of the Ministry of Interior actually completed the investigation into the notorious criminal case the general director of LLC "Stroyinvestinzhiniring SU-848", the Federation Council, ex-member of the Belgorod region Sergey Popelnyuhova. The businessman is accused of embezzlement in the construction of plants in Venezuela to produce Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition. Sergey Popelnyuhov admitted guilt, claiming that there were no budget money not kidnapped. The plants are not built yet.

Yesterday Sergey Popelnyuhova lawyers were summoned to the prison where he is being held from May of last year, on presentation of their customer charges in the final version. However, investigations have not taken place. As a result, the final charge the entrepreneur with an offense under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale), in the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to present this coming Friday. It is assumed that immediately after that Sergei Popelnyuhov and his defense will begin to study the case, then in the case of Prosecutor General's Office charged him to consider approval of the court.
The criminal case against Sergei Popelnyuhova Interior Ministry initiated a rapid development in materials management staff "R" FSB of Russia April 30, 2015. On the morning of May 12 security officers have detained a businessman in his Moscow apartment. And two days later the businessman was accused of embezzling 1.1 billion rubles. by fraud. According to his lawyer Vladimir Averin Sergey Popelnyuhov as questioning the investigator and in his guilt did not recognize the court, arguing that he acted "solely within the legal framework in the execution of all contracts." In addition, according to the lawyer, at the end of the investigation the amount of the alleged damage Popelnyuhovu guilt has been substantially adjusted. The investigation is going to clarify it in the final indictment, but now it is lower than originally implied.

The first agreement on the construction of plants in Venezuela to produce Kalashnikov rifles AK-103 model and ammunition had been reached in 2001, but the relevant documents were signed only after five years. The then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez declared: "Russian production plant will be built onTSS "Kalashnikovs" and the factory, which will be carried ammunition. Therefore, we will be able to defend every street, every hill, every corner. "

Under the agreement, thanks to a new enterprise Venezuela could produce up to 25 thousand. Machines annually. On the Russian side to follow the implementation of the international contract has been assigned "Rosoboronexport", which was to get their 5% commission. A tender has been selected as the general contractor in the name of OOO "Stroyinvestinzhiniring SU-848" Sergei Popelnyuhova.

However, implementation of the project from the beginning had no luck. The license for the construction of enterprise Popelnyuhovu, get under project loans from banks, issued only in 2010, yet two years later, in his own words, the plant was ready by 70%. "But we started running out of money," - said the businessman, when the Tver district court again extended the measure of restraint. In the new loans, according to his version, Ltd. "Stroyinvestinzhiniring SU-848" has been denied.

However, according to investigators, with factories the problem arose from the fact Thuon the part of the funds received for the construction of Sergey Popelnyuhov transferred to the accounts of companies controlled by him, which were in a difficult financial situation. As a result, they pay off creditors, but the lack of funds affected the pace of construction in Venezuela.

According to a source "b" in the military-industrial complex, a critical situation with the plant began in 2012: construction site with the transfer delay for the object was four years, and the Venezuelan authorities have ceased to make timely payment of advances. In December 2014 Venezuela, visited Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, he said that during the construction of the plant "strange glitches occurred" in connection with what their deadlines are postponed until the end of 2015, as the general contractor of construction will be replaced. According to "Kommersant", the object is already building a new company, but the timing of construction is still frustrated. In part, according to the interlocutors "b", in this there is a fault and Venezuelan partners used in the calculation of gray schemes.