Money of Zvezda floated across the Pacific Ocean

The investigators are looking for the traces of 4 billion rubles stolen during the construction of a shipyard
"Kommersant" learned the details of the criminal case the former director of OAO "Far Eastern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair" (FECSR) Igor Borbota and heads RDS group of companies Alexey Haris, who along with three accomplices declared internationally wanted for stealing more than 4 billion rubles. during the construction of the shipyard "Zvezda" in Bolshoy Kamen. In the property and accounts in absentia accused the Vladivostok court seized, although the majority of their assets turned out to be out of reach for the investigation in Singapore and the United States.

According to "Kommersant", the case of Igor Borbota, which was announced on Thursday at the board of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and Minvostokrazvitiya in Khabarovsk, located in the investigatory management TFR Primorye. Investigators presented in absentia former head FECSR charged with "organization of fraud committed by an organized group on an especially large scale" (para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). In addition to his criminal group, according to investigators, included four top managers RDS group of companies, including the head of the holding Alex Harris. the holding company performs contract servantThe notes on the construction of "stars."

According to the investigation, Igor Borbot as head FECSR developed a scheme to withdraw funds intended for the construction of the shipyard, he controls in businesses, primarily RDS enterprise. "On behalf of FECSR in 2011-2013 concluded contracts with affiliated companies Borbotu that lists significant amount, but the construction was carried out or not, or the cost of the works substantially overestimated", - said the source "b".

All five defendants in the case were first witnessed by him, but after the first interrogation fled Russia after moving, in particular, is thought to FSB, the Republic of Korea and Singapore. According to the FSB, Igor Borbot learn that it going to change the procedural status, left the Russian Federation, having left first in Belarus, and then - to the EU.

TFR in absentia, accused of fraud and FSB in the Primorsky Territory, exercising operational support high-profile case, announced their first in federal, and later in the international search. In turn, the Leninsky District Court in Vladivostok Satisfactoryapplication creates the TFR, all five arrested for two months "from the date of their actual detention." This authorization is required for the process of extradition of accused from abroad.

Lawyers in absentia defendants appealed the District Court decision in the Primorye regional court. In particular, defenders Igor Borbota argued that it can not be taken into custody as the alleged offense relates to him "to the field of entrepreneurship." However kraysud left preventive measures in place.

Meanwhile, the FSB officers looked for the stolen as a result of the machinations of 4 billion rubles. They found out that the funds were put into an account-by-night firms cashed in part, and partly transferred to the accounts of the accused including Singapore's Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation and the Development Bank of Singapore. In the same country, according to investigators, the defendants in the stolen funds commercial property was acquired. Similar investments they could be made in the US city of Columbus, Ohio.

In addition, the investigation has evidence that the accused could useaccounts in other banks, particularly in the JPMorgan Chase Bank, where such requests are directed.

Part of the property belonging to the accused has already been arrested for the repayment of damages in Russia. According to "Kommersant", this house, apartment and shares of companies, including JSC "Mikhailovsky Broiler" (the largest producer of poultry meat in the Far East).

Note that Igor Borbot - one of the most famous entrepreneurs Primorye, close to the former governor Sergei Darkin. He controlled "Vladivostok development", "Radio set", CJSC "Meat Dvor", RDS group of construction companies. Since the end of 2011 to May 2013 led FECSR. Then he was appointed to the post of Director of the Department of localization techniques and technologies of JSC "NK" Rosneft "." However, last summer, was dismissed from the "Rosneft", after becoming involved in the case.

The project to build the shipyard "Zvezda" is realized on the basis of the same name of the plant in Bolshoi Kamen (currently specializes in the repair of nuclear submarines). United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), where inOdita shipyard, originally expected to build new capacity in the framework of a joint venture with South Korea's DSME. It was planned that the bulk of the shipyard orders provide large displacement tankers, gas carriers, ice-class vessels, specialized vessels, drilling platforms and other offshore equipment. But in 2012, against a background of uncertainty with the development of large Russian offshore DSME withdrew from the project, and it stalled. As a result, in August 2013, it was agreed that the completion of the shipyard will consortium of "Rosneft" and Gazprombank "Modern Shipbuilding Technology", and in the summer of 2014, after another round of criticism of Vladimir Putin, agreed to join the project "Gazprom" with Novatek.

August 30, 2013 at the meeting under the chairmanship of President Putin on the prospects of development of domestic commercial shipbuilding Vladimir Tsybin and. about. FECSR general director, admitted that the construction of the shipyard "Zvezda", "a little late" (at 14 months). Head of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov explained the delay by the fact that participation in the project gave the South Korean DSME, "why USC eastfamiliarize alone with this project. "Speaking after Igor Borbot said that delays in the construction of the shipyard due to the fact that banks refuse to provide credit due to" a change in leadership succession "USC." In short, everything dies. And everything is dying, and you will die, and there tore a huge project. In any case, we made a significant contribution to the failure of this project. Well done, it's our way ", - concluded Vladimir Putin.

According to the current schedule, the first phase of construction (estimated at 45 billion rubles.) Shipyard "Zvezda" is scheduled for completion in 2016, the second and third stage - to hand over in 2018. Start of production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2016.