More oil for the Khotins

As Forbes found out, Belarusian businessmen has increased their oil deposits by 1.5 times.   
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Revision of oil from two oil fields owned by the Forbes list of the participant Alexei Khotin and his father, Yuri, has led to an increase in their reserves by almost half, to 97 million tons. This Forbes said a source close to one of the companies that own fields. The press service of NC "Dulisma" confirmed the new figures.
"At the beginning of September, DeGolyer and MacNaughton confirmed recoverable oil reserves of NC" Dulisma "at the level of 42 million tons. According Gustorechenskoe mine recoverable reserves confirmed at the level of 55 million tons ", - the company said. License for Gustorechenskoe owned by Hawtin "Development of St. Petersburg", previously the company's oil reserves are estimated at 45 million tonnes, and stocks "Dulisma" - 14 million tons.
Contractor employees working with "Dulisma" expects that the number of orders for drilling in the near future will increase. "We are waiting for the conclusion of a new contract for drilling in September", - he said.
As Forbes wrote in June 2016. Hawtin spent on the purchase of new sites with reserves of 10 million tons to 2 billion rubles. At auctions they bought Binshtokovsky plot (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra) for 778 million rubles, West Multanovsky land for 263 million rubles, "Yugansky 18", "Yugansky 19", "Yugansky 20" and "Yugansky 21" for overall the amount of 1 billion rubles.

In just the last six years businessmen have bought a dozen oil companies and sites. Among them, Kuwait Energy (owned fields and Luzhskoye Chikshino, VIC Company and "Pechora Energy Company" rating at the time of purchase - $ 5-10 million), Krivoluksky license area (reserves - 37.4 million tons of oil, assessment - $ 30 million) Sokolovskoye and Mallorcan field in the Orenburg region. In addition, Hawtin own NC "Dulisma", 29.9% of the shares Exillon Energy, «Irelyakhneft", "Negusneft" and the company "Aurora", which they bought from ConocoPhillips and "Rosneft".
Attachments Hawtin in oil assets, taking into account infrastructure costs exceeded $ 1 billion Earlier, Forbes evaluated sources of production volume oil companies owned by them 2.5 million tonnes per year and reserves -. More than 650 million tons.