Morton under layoff

PIK Group dismisses former competitors.
Sergey Gordeev, who bought in the interests of its developer PIK almost the entire business, "Morton", has already managed to lay off nearly 1 thousand. Former employees of competing companies. In general, it is planned to reduce the 3 thousand. People working in the "Morton". Businessman explain their actions a desire to reduce the administrative costs of the merged company at 10 billion rubles. in year.

Group Sergey Gordeev PIC cut 1 thousand. People from the state company "Morton", told "Kommersant" Sberbank CIB analyst Yulia Gordeeva, citing data was made during a conference call for analysts. State Optimization began very quickly: PIC bought "Morton" in its principal shareholder - Mr. Gordeyev October 31, 2016. In turn, the businessman bought "Morton" in its founder Alexander Brooks in September of the same year. "Total will be reduced 3 thousand people from the staff." Morton "," - says Ms. Gordeeva. Source: "b", close to the former leadership, "Morton", said that at the time of sale of the company worked in the central apparatus of 1.5 thousand people, along with members of DSK "Grad" and the network companies -. 5 thousand people.. "Obligation to keep employees or like the new owner of the state did not take" - "b" interlocutor knows.

PIC spokesman confirmed that a group of optimized structure, declined to comment in detail reduction. "With the increase in staff PIK company rented several offices," - said the representative of the group. According to a source, "Kommersant", close to the group, one of leased offices located in the business center "Tropicano" on Krasnaya Presnya Street, 24. The main office is located near PIK - near the metro station "Barrikadnaya".

PIK plans to reduce the cost of office, salaries, marketing, 5 billion rubles. per year, says Ms. Gordeeva. This amount includes the optimization of financial costs, particularly for debt servicing. "Shareholders have the opportunity to refinance at more favorable conditions", - the expert believes. Sergey Gordeyev plans to merge credit portfolios "Morton" and PIK. The debt of both companies can reach 40-45 billion rubles., Had forecast previously interviewed "b", analysts at the end of 2016. Debt "Morton" at the time of the transaction amounted to 20 billion rubles. "Analysts PIC announced its net debt of 15 billion rubles.", - Says Yulia Gordeeva, noting that the final figure will be in the annual accounts of the company, which will be in March this year.

The total amount of savings after the unification of PIK Group and "Morton" Sergey Gordeev is estimated at 10 billion rubles. In view of the combined company's plans to ensure the power of the industrial production at 1.5 million square feet. m per year, and the need for it to load all the power DSK "Grad" (its capacity now stands at 450 thousand sq. m. per year) reduction of the plant staff touches to a lesser extent, according to experts interviewed by "Kommersant".

The premises are occupied central office "Morton" in the business center "Preobrazhenskaya Square, 8" (125 thousand sq. M.) Next to the Metro station, already free, he knows senior director of Cushman & Wakefield Research Yulia Mantis. "Morton" leased only 11.5 thousand sq. M in the business center. m in 2011, while the asking rate for these rooms was $ 400 per 1 sq. m per year, or 11.2 thousand. rub. on the dollar in 2011. Now the rate of these areas - 25 thousand rubles.. for 1 sq. per year.