Moscow City Court overturned the decision on the absentee arrest of the architect Manana Hernandez-Getashvili

"Offended" married couple Chemezov-Ignatova Georgian-Portuguese architect jumped off the hook of Russian justice. The Moscow City Court found unlawful the postponement of the absentee arrest of Hernandez Getashvili, who is suspected of fraud for several million dollars in the design of the palaces of Russian nouveaux riches.
The Moscow City Court overturned the decision on the absentee arrest of the famous architect and designer Manana Hernandez-Getashvili. She is accused of two large scams with designer decorations of private residences in the suburb of Zhukovka, one of which formerly belonged to the general director of the state corporation Rostek, Sergei Chemezov and his wife Ekaterina Ignatova, and the other to a firm that is associated with the name of general director of ONEXIM Dmitry Razumov. The investigation estimates the damage in millions of euros and dollars. Correspondence arrest was canceled due to procedural violations committed by the investigation and not noticed by the court of first instance.

The Presidium of the Moscow City Court found unlawful the decision on the absentee arrest of the 48-year-old Manana Hernandez-Getashvili accused of two large frauds, handed down in April 2017 by the Tagansky District Court of Moscow. According to Kommersant, the cassation instance, which examined the complaint of its lawyer Alexander Vasilyev, saw at least two serious violations of the CCP RF. In the ruling issued by the Moscow City Court, in particular, it is said that Mrs. Hernandez-Getashvili has a lawyer under the agreement, who "was not informed of the date, time and place of the hearing that was held without his participation." In this case, the investigator knew that the lawyer Vasiliev represents the interests of the accused since April 2016.

Mr. Vasilyev told Kommersant that by submitting the case for a new trial to the Tagansky court (the meeting is scheduled for June 26), the Moscow City Court in fact recognized the illegality of the institution of the criminal case itself. "It was instituted against unidentified persons, which is unacceptable. On this issue, there is a clear position of the Constitutional Court: the initiation of a case is possible either in fact or in relation to specific individuals, "Mr. Vasiliev told Kommersant.

Note that the criminal case under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud in a particularly large amount) was initiated by the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow in April 2016. The basis for this was the statement of Ekaterina Ignatova, the wife of the head of Rostek, Sergei Chemezov. During the investigation it was found that between her and her friend, the famous architect and designer Manana Hernandez-Getashvili (recognized as the best architect of Europe in 2014-2015, having won three nominations in the prestigious annual international competition in London), a contract was concluded for the finishing of the family house . The house in the cottage village "Lubushkin farm" in the Zhukovka area was built in 2014. At the same time, Mrs. Hernandez-Getashvili had to deal with his decoration. According to some information, for the procurement of materials and work, it was allegedly allocated € 9 million. However, during the year the architect did not start to work, referring to the numerous flaws of the builders, because of which the finishing work was supposedly impossible and meaningless. As a result, in the autumn of 2015, the unfinished farmstead was put up for sale, a year later it was purchased by OOO Petroligisticks Group, owned by a businessman from Kyrgyzstan, Abdyrashid Akmullayev.

To question Manana Hernandez-Getashvili as part of the investigation of this criminal case, the investigation failed: as soon as it was initiated, a designer with Russian and Portuguese citizenship left abroad. As a result, she was declared an international wanted list. In December 2017, she was detained in Spain, where she came from a neighboring country. Law enforcers took upon her the obligation to appear before the police and were released until the issue of extradition was resolved. According to Kommersant, the Prosecutor General's Office sent a corresponding request to Spain, but the decision has not yet been made.

While these events were taking place, another episode appeared in the Russian criminal case of Manana Hernandez-Getashvili. Victims of it recognized OOO "Inter-gals", which is associated with the name of the general director of the ONEXIM Dmitry Razumov. According to some reports, it was for him in the same "Lubushkin Farm" that the mansion was built, which for $ 3 million was taken by OOO "GG Cinema", owned by Mrs. Hernandez-Getashvili. According to the investigators, it did not fulfill its obligations, but did not return the money.

The architect himself and the designer categorically deny involvement in any illegal actions. However, it was not possible to find out her version of the events that formed the plot of the criminal case. However, earlier she claimed that all necessary materials were purchased, and the work did not take place not through her fault. Refused to comment on the progress of the investigation and counsel Alexander Vasilyev.