Moscow Credit Bank falls to the bottom

The bank of Roman Avdeev and Igor Sechin painted major problems: for some reason, the financial organization stopped working Internet banking and hangs the software. The depositors have not been able to take their money from the institution for several days already.
The online application of the Moscow Credit Bank (MKB) does not display all the content, full-fledged work will be restored by 9 pm on Friday, September 21, a maximum - on Saturday, September 22, RIA Novosti reported to the call center of the IBC. "We have updated the software, started on Monday, now the system is restored, now the ICD Online only remains. The mobile application works the same as ICD Online - it should work, but sometimes there is not all the information displayed. That's why everyone checks that everything works in the Internet bank, "said the employee of the call center.

The press service confirmed that the bank periodically can not cope with the increased user load on the ICD Online and its mobile version. "But these operations can be carried out in the bank's terminals. All the offices of the bank operate in the regular mode and there are no technical restrictions on credit and deposit operations. ATMs also work in full. All six thousand terminals, where customers can conduct a full volume of operations, also work, "the press service said.

The bank on Wednesday, September 19, said that customers will temporarily not be able to use the functionality of the Internet bank and mobile bank due to technical work.

Meanwhile, the Russian rating agency RAEX (Expert RA), accredited by the Central Bank, has established the status of "under surveillance" of the credit rating of the IBC included in the top 10, due to a protracted technical malfunction. This status is assigned to the rating in the event that the agency intends to decide whether to retain it or change it within three months. The agency notes that a further decision on the level and forecast of the rating will largely be determined by the impact of failures on the business reputation of the ICD and the main financial indicators.

The current rating of the IBC on the RAEX scale is "ruA-", with a stable outlook. The IBC also has a rating from the second Russian agency AKRA - at level "A", also with a stable outlook.

MKB did not update in time

Moscow Credit Bank (IBC) for three days in a row experienced difficulties with customer service. At first the problems were local, and on Wednesday the bank almost completely stopped servicing physical persons: issue deposits, replenish accounts, transfer funds from the card to the card, and so on. The bank explained the situation by a technical malfunction - the problems are related to the software update, "the installation work was carried out by the provider of IT services". On Wednesday, the bank said that the operation of most systems was restored. But even in the evening of Thursday, the Internet Bank of the ICB worked with varying success.

Clients of Russian banks have not believed in a history with technical failures for a long time, when they last longer than a few hours. The overwhelming majority of banks facing liquidity loss explain their problems by a failure or software update. But practice shows that quite quickly their technical difficulties become financial with the most unpleasant consequences.

Believe in such a long failure in the seventh-largest bank assets can be difficult. In addition, the ICD is the last surviving bank from the "letter of analyst Gavrilov" - under the sanation were "Discovery", Binbank and Promsvyazbank, as predicted by Sergei Gavrilov. The memory of the customers about it is fresh, and some of them could hurry to withdraw from the ICD deposits. At least the correspondent of Kommersant was not able to get a contribution to the IBC in the amount of 600 thousand rubles. in one of the branches of the bank in the center of Moscow - there was no such money in it. The call center operator offered only to withdraw the deposit the next day or at the central office of the bank.

By the evening the bank managed to return to normal operation mode. However, the story of the failure was confusing. In an informal conversation, the employees of the ICD explained that the problems are related to Oracle products. The IT company unofficially explained that the ICD had refused the technical support of Oracle three years ago and therefore it's senseless to blame them for failing to install updates. But officially a large bank and one of the largest IT companies, obviously, decided not to quarrel. The IBC said that they cooperate with Oracle and other IT companies on a "number of technical issues" and use only licensed software. The installation, as well as the interaction with Oracle, was carried out by the "ABS manufacturer". Apparently, the bank decided that "his name is better not to be called," because he stopped the bank's services for three days, causing panic. Oracle did not provide official explanations yesterday.