Moscow region official was left without apartments in Alps

Lots of pretenders claim Alexey Kuznetsov's property.
Yesterday it was reported on the arrest in Switzerland of real estate of the former First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov and his ex-wife Janna Bullock (Bulakh): the sanctions were two apartments and a car that Russia intends to use to repay the damage caused to the accused, which already accounts for 14 billion rubles. However, a foreign property of the accused in the fraud can apply to other countries, in particular France, excited, according to "Kommersant", the criminal case on money laundering stolen in Russia.

The arrest in Switzerland, according to "Kommersant", the result of a large-scale investigation of Alexei Kuznetsov, during which a senior investigator for especially important cases at the chairman of the TFR Alexander Owl and the members of his team have established how the stolen funds from the budget of the Moscow region, derived overseas and washed there by investing in real estate, cars, yachts and luxury goods.

In September 2014, after the request of the TFR Basmanny district court arrested the property of the result setbvinyaemyh in Switzerland and their cars, Prosecutor General's Office sent a corresponding request to the Federal Department of Justice and Police of the Swiss Confederation. Questions relating to the execution of the detention in Switzerland petitions, were discussed with the leaders of the prosecutor's office of the country Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Zvyagintsev. As a result, in the village of Gstaad, which is considered the Swiss Rublevka were arrested three- and four-room apartments of the accused a total cost of 10.5 million Swiss francs, as well as the premium car Bentley. By the way, the investigation counted impose arrest in Switzerland for ten cars.

As the official representative SKR Vladimir Markin, in the investigation of the theft of the budget Mosoblasti eight plots of land in the Moscow region, two apartments in Moscow and two cars were arrested belonging to Mr. Kuznetsov.

But to seize property in the suburbs, where he lived, according to "Kommersant", could not - they officially owned by other people. However, fearing arrest, Mr. Kuznetsov brought back to St. Petersburg boher 100 paintings, 200 historic weapons, uniforms and armor, about 800 old books and valuable furniture. All these accused had planned to send to Europe, but the staff operational services precious cargo seized.

However, the most valuable asset of the accused, which failed to arrest are prestigious hotels Pralong and Crystal, located in the French Courchevel and estimated at tens of millions of euros. However, while the pay of the property in its favor Russia can not. The fact that materials obtained from the Russian Federation, France, the prosecutor's office she filed a case against Mr. Kuznetsov on money they money stolen in Russia. According to local law, property, acquisition of which was invested criminal means may be confiscated by the court and put up for auction. Then Russia will only be able to rely on part of the proceeds from its sale agents. Note that in Switzerland may also be prosecuted in respect of Mr. Kuznetsov.

Alexey Kuznetsov and Janna Bullock accused GUS TFR in the "fraud committed by an organized grppoy on a large scale "(para. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code)," the legalization of property acquired by a person in the commission of an offense "(Art. 3 of Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code) and" embezzlement "(Art. 4, Art. 160 of the Criminal Code). damage them and the other members of the machinations of the damage is estimated TFR of 14 billion rubles. arrested in France Alexey Kuznetsov by the decision of the local courts should be extradited to Russia. The request for the extradition of Janna Bullock, aimed in April this year in the United States, remained unanswered . Obviously, this is due to the fact that it is in addition to Russian citizenship and the US.