Mysteries of a large oceanarium

Why did private investors abandoned the plans of restoration of VDNKh. 
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About three years ago, billionaire Year Nisan and Zarah Iliev promised to invest $ 1.5 billion in the restoration of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC) and got it in control. This was stated in the revival of the concept of VVC, about the same time wrote almost all the media for this time have been demolished pavilions "Teplitsestroenie", "Shipbuilding," tea "Swan", lights, 1939, forty-year cut in Michurinskom lilac garden, etc. . In place of "Teplitsestroeniya" completes the construction of Europe's largest oceanarium.

Meanwhile, in April, the OCE returned its historical name 1959 - the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) - and changed the leadership there. In early June, the Moscow government decided to provide 3.2 billion rubles ENEA. Repair and improvement of basic facilities. These works will be carried out to the 75-year anniversary, which is celebrated on August 1st.

Such a turn of events means that the cost of putting in order the grandiose monument to the Soviet imperial-style take on the capital's taxpayers and businesses that have declared themselves as investors restorationbasic facilities ENEA, will only derive income from built property.

3 billion from the Treasury

The first 1.5 billion rubles. spend on urgent "kontravariynoy" measures to save the 118 pavilions and buildings ENEA, 25 of which - monuments of federal significance of culture. Most funds are expected to be spent on the main exhibition pavilion at number 1 - it is a majestic building with a spire 35 meters high and a total area of ​​over 9,000 square meters. m. It is planned that by August 1 this year to celebrate the 75th anniversary, the pavilion will house a historical exhibition VSHV-ENEA. By the same date will be renovated pavilions "Ukraine", "Space" and the Green Theatre. All buildings will restore the facades and hold them in the basic reconstruction work.

About 1.7 billion rubles. spend on the biggest dance floor, children's play areas, sport street workout gym with street, area for board games, coffee shop, 500 benches and urns and security. The territory ENEA expanded this spring it was combined with the Ostankino Park and Botanical Garden.

instead ofSpruce Mayor on economic policy and property and land relations Natalia Sergunina promised: "The revival of the country's main exhibition will be going full swing, by August 1, we will be able to show the results that will impress any Muscovite or guest of the capital."

As a result, only a little more than six months will be given in the order of the main monuments of architecture ENEA. This, however, is not a scientific restoration, and a cosmetic repair. 1.5 billion rubles. - It is not the budget restoration. According to Natalia Sergunina, all the reconstruction work must be no less than 60 billion rubles., And this amount may be inconclusive. "Golden Ear" and other pavilions used by restaurants, is rented for 49 years at a reduced rate of 1 ruble. for 1 sq. m per year tenants, renovated building at his own expense.

But even in these changes is hard to believe after a long time going to start repairs at ENEA. The process of the transfer of shares of OAO "VVC" (now JSC "ENEA") of the RF Ministry of Property Department of Moscow was stretched almost two gramsOh yeah. Earlier this year, the metropolitan government, which owned up to this 30% stake in OAO "GAO VVC", became a wholly owner of the exhibition.

Private investors are building, but does not restore

It is worth recalling that in 2011 the restored part of the pavilions and fountains of VVC at his own expense intended to co-owners of the shopping center "European" and the hotel "Ukraine" Year of Nisan and Zarah Iliev. Today in the exhibition area they are building the biggest aquarium in Europe, with the theater of pinnipeds. Entrepreneurs have created for the project LLC "Revival of VVC" and in 2013, they claim, have received investment contract on the project of oceanarium.

Its total area of ​​40 000 sq. m, height - 29 m, and the investment is 2.1 billion rubles. Construction deployed at the site of the demolished pavilion "Teplitsestroenie" and former greenhouses. Opening of the Oceanarium is planned for autumn 2014 correspondent of "Ko" visited the construction site: now fully ready to outline a six-storey building, started decorating.

The right to build the commercial real estate developers were to receive in exchange forrestoration pavilions OCE. This is the pavilion "Space", the restaurant "Golden Ear", Green Theatre, as well as the reconstruction of the pavilion "Wine". On the restoration obligations stated in the revival of the concept of VVC, published on the website. This, however, is not the official website of ENEA, although very similar to it. The site was created at the time of control and Iliev Nisanovu OCE and OCE site completely copies and repeats the concept of rebirth ENEA, voiced by them earlier in the media. But with a site OCE-VDNKh exhibition revival concept long since disappeared. As explained by the "Co." a source familiar with the situation, to restore the restaurant "Golden Ear" and other monuments were not entrepreneurs, because as long as they controlled the OCE, and has not resolved the question of ownership of the buildings and their fate after the restoration. Today, investors do not want to remember about the commitment to the restoration and to comment on the situation.
"To begin the reconstruction of the OCE in the interests Nisanova and Ilieva, it was necessary to change the protection status of VVC, replace the buffer zone on the spots - explains Anna Bronovitskaya,architectural historian, a member of the Section on the architectural heritage of the Soviet period FNMS under the Ministry of Culture. - Until now, authorities safeguarding successfully resist it, however more than a year under construction in the future aquarium "All this is done without an approved project plan OCE and restoration project, that is, according to Anna Bronovitskaya, grounds for appeal to the prosecutor's office. .

oceanarium project himself never publicly presented, was not submitted to public hearings, but about its construction Year Nisan told Forbes magazine in late 2013, noting that already bought the killer whale, beluga whale and dolphins. The killer whale and beluga live at ENEA in special tanks, covered with air-inflated hall, and say terrible scream. "They are on the territory of the town of livestock, the interiors of which are protected, and spreads from the tank water and humidity destroy them", - complains Anna Bronovitskaya.

Section of the architectural heritage of the Soviet period, when the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in December 2013 sent a letter to the mayor Sergei Sobyanin with a request to investigatethe situation around the construction of the oceanarium and the state of the monuments at VVC. The head of the Moscow department of urban planning policy Sergei Lev section in its reply admitted that the planning documentation for the aquarium in Mosgornasledie been received, although this agency should coordinate all construction projects in protected areas. Sergei Lev also said that the draft plan of the exhibition grounds and considered "the decision to further study." Thus, the authorities have officially confirmed that the construction of the oceanarium is conducted without a project plan, which is prohibited by law.

Public organization "Arhnadzor" in May appealed to the prosecutor's office of Moscow demanding an investigation of the construction site. Instance designed to monitor compliance with the security legislation in the buffer zone, - the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture and Mosgornasledie - have withdrawn. "Arhnadzor" suspects that the six-story Oceanarium - samostroy that the documentation did not pass the state examination, and the project is not issued GPZU and requests the prosecutor to understand. Interestingly, the two-story aquarium, howit is presented in the video on the site ENEA (June 2013), today has grown to six floors. The prosecutor's office has not yet given an answer "Arhnadzor" and "To" on the results of verification.

Irina Trubetskaya coordinator "Arhnadzora", observes that "the demolished greenhouses were an integral part of the exhibition in 1939 as the crop area, one of the four major zones A few meters -. Michurinsky garden and green house, as well as a wonderful pavilion №25" Oil "(formerly" Sugar beet "). They may get worse from this large-scale construction projects. planning composition and the prevailing views of the exhibition is also violated."

Recall: in 2011, in addition to the aquarium, Nisan and Iliev wanted to build an indoor amusement park area of ​​300 000 sq. m. Under it, in the south-western part of the ENEA planned to allocate 50 hectares. The whole area ENEA - 237.5 hectares, and the area of ​​all the buildings here is 356 900 sq. m. In addition to an indoor amusement park, here until 2024, according to the revival of the concept of OCE was supposed to build exhibition and congress, museum and educational, sports and recreational, equestrian facilities, as well as three hotels (3,4 and 5 stars) and apartments. The area of ​​the new building was to be 685 000 sq. m. Nisan and Iliev were planning to invest in the project $ 1.5-2 billion.

The historian Natalia Samover explains: "Oceanarium can build anywhere, and the park of the Soviet period, it is impossible to arrange anywhere except ENEA Here we see very primitive business approach ENEA - it's not a piece of land, it is a cultural phenomenon that must be traded as such... It can be in itself a cost-effective. Now all over the world especially for tourists constructing ethnographic villages. Restored ENEA, and the people will be understood, the Soviet utopia "was organized as a.

What is done

Since 2011, the OCE led people Nisanova and Ilieva - Alex Mikushko who worked before the director of the hotel "Ukraine". Since April, led by Vladimir Pogrebenko ENEA, the ex-deputy head of the city property department. However, Mr Mikushko is deputy director for investments.

What made those investors for nearly two and a half years the exhibition management? Demolished two pavilions - "Teplitsestroenie"and "Shipbuilding", the former tea "Swan", a few lanterns, 1939, destroyed the middle-aged Michurinskom lilac in the garden. Sad list of losses can be continued. So, at the pavilion "Gas Industry" cut out of the window, closed the mosaic on the facade. And although the "gas industry" host - a private owner, for all these changes is responsible guide OCE-VDNKh. Master pavilion set not udalos.Na place "Teplitsestroeniya" will soon earn the aquarium.

On-site cafe "Swan" its owner, Ltd. "Suleiman," erects a building, several times greater than the size of the cafe. It will house a swimming pool. "Swan" was famous for its carved wooden pediment with swans in the style of Russian Art Nouveau. The building collapsed after the builders have begun to strengthen the foundation for a swimming pool, and in its place built almost new.

Why was demolished pavilion "Shipbuilding" 1966 building and cut down rosshey near lilac unknown. However, the pavilion "Shipbuilding" is adjacent to the pavilion "Teplitsestroenie", and probably the site for "Shipbuilding" is a part ofth project of oceanarium. Perhaps, parking will be placed here. Flashlights, 1939, according to the technicians ENEA, physically scattered and could fall to the visitors. Meanwhile, these lamps will no longer do, and they should be to restore, to preserve for posterity. Guide Exhibition Center, Moscow Property Department and a representative of Eli and Nisanova could not explain "To" the meaning of these destructions. "Arhnadzor" outraged by the fact that the demolition of the pavilions ENEA occurred "without the authorization of the commission on urban development activities in the areas of protection of cultural heritage."

When there was a change management of the exhibition, the press service of the Russian Exhibition Centre issued a press release in which it summed up the work of the OCE with Nisanovu and Iliev. The release said that investors did a great job. GAO "OCE" which is in the verge of bankruptcy, all debts repaid, to replace about 1 km communication pipes, took tons of debris that has accumulated over several decades, reconstructed 5000 square meters. m lawns, revived the tour desk, and so forth. Investors renovated fountain "Stone Flower" and "Wlotoy ear ", made near the rocket" Vostok "in 1967 fountain.

The fact that many of the pavilions have continued to deteriorate, and the fountains of rust, in the press release does not say. In a renovated fountain "Stone flower" gold smalt in flower bowl replaced tiled squares. Geese on the fountain and remained goalless. It is said that made plastic nozzles instead of goals, but they are not established. Also, the fountain did not return the bronze sturgeon. Once close to the rocket in 1967 put a fountain, people began to call her "to write the rocket" (to the rocket at this place was a concrete monument to Stalin). Since the stele beside the demolished pavilion "Shipbuilding" will disappear "Shipbuilding". Alex Mikushko asked City Hall to 3 billion rubles. for the repair of fountains, but the mayor's office did not give billions, and decided to make repairs on their own, changing the leadership of the Soviet Era.

LLC "Revival of VVC", affiliated with Nisanovu and Iliev, plans to continue to continue to invest their own money in the development of infrastructure of VVC. In particular, on the basis of the pavilion number 20, the company decided to create a modern childrencue recreational center. Pavilion number 20 is a glass parallelepiped, a former Pavilion "Chemical Industry", built in 1966, it is located next to the future oceanarium. In this case, it probably can go for demolition. The LLC "Revival" refused to discuss the project.

"We confirm our participation in the project plans for the revival of ENEA", - said Nadezhda Spiridonova, a representative of the Year Nisanova and Zarah Iliev. More comment on the situation in the "To" Hope Spiridonov refused.

Restoration on the march

Extensive maintenance work carried out at ENEA today, causing fear that will happen after the erasure of the historical layer. Thus, the authorities have started reconstruction of the pavilions "Electronics" and "Computers" from the "stripping of the modernist facades of Khrushchev's time." "What era facades prefer, should decide scientists need restoration project," - insists coordinator "Arhnadzora" Rustam Rakhmatullin. The chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov said that the concept of development of VVC is not ready yet. ABOUTdnako Sergei Sobyanin is going to present the project in the near future. That is not the opinion of scientists the power to hear, and yet the thing has already been done: the facades demolished. The authorities chose Stalinist architecture, considering it more valuable than Khrushchev. A discussion with the voters only functional use of pavilions ENEA.
Recall: initially, in 1939, instead of "Radio Electronics" pavilion was "Volga". In 1954, in its place, a new building with statues in the spirit of Stalinist Classicism. The correspondent of "Ko" went on ENEA and saw the facade of "Volga" in 1954 The corner building with statues had been mutilated, according to the builders, in 1958, then part of the sculptural group was just repulsed - it prevented a new aluminum façade. Now the builders did not know what to do. But aluminum modernist facade, which has historic value, have been destroyed. Next to the pavilion "Health" 1939 rolls symbol - medical bowl with a snake. Will it be maintained, it is not known.

Eyewitnesses told the "Ko", that with mosaics pavilion "Nature Conservancy" which crowns the coat of arms of the USSR, rinse mth glazes. Smalt washed out hoses and discarded.

Carved porch ceiling of the pavilion "Glavkonditer" just painted over with white paint, though earlier he had polychrome coloring, and at night it is beautifully illuminated. Opened frieze on the facade of the pavilion "Northern Caucasus" builders just want to cement: it is not included in the cost of repairs.

Such a rapid and ruthless repair, the Moscow authorities had started on the 75th anniversary of the Exhibition Center, explains a lot in the current situation, when, instead of the restoration of the historical exhibition halls were demolished and built the Oceanarium. Year Nisan and Zarah Iliev performed restoration belonging to them the hotel "Ukraine". Natalya Dushkin, a professor of the Moscow Architectural Institute, said that "the actual restoration was only in the hotel lobby, and saved the building facades, but much has been lost:. The original design of the rooms, furniture, partially dismantled inner wall, which led to the collapse of the exterior decorative elements We asked to keep at least. one floor, but this was not done. there was a strange glass scolding that changed the forces at the base of the spireWet - this is a restaurant with a glass ceiling. All this reduces the authenticity of the monument and the quality of the architecture. "

Sergei Sobyanin is pleased to note that ENEA has ceased to be the biggest barbecue in Moscow, and the market. It has demolished more than a hundred tents, drinking history museum is closed and opened Polytechnic Museum. Mayor proposes to equip the pavilion "Moscow", which will present all the largest urban development projects of the capital.

Will ENEA park of the Soviet period, that is a kind of museum of history of the USSR, or would be a demonstration of the latest achievements of Russian science, culture and industry is not yet clear. One thing is clear: the exhibition loses and stylish architecture, and some of its history.

Iliev and Nisan planned to spend $ 1.5 billion, but so far only spent $ 61 million on the aquarium. And not a penny more. Now they are erected commercial real estate, which will certainly be a success for them and increase the attendance of the exhibition itself. So, it is the only oceanarium in Moscow on GC "Tashir" Samvel Karapetyan (1 million liters, an investment of $ 18 million), findingsmiling in a much less attractive place than ENEA - in the shopping center "Rio" on the Dmitrov highway is a successful project. According to Gevorg Grigoryan, director general of the aquarium, the project has already paid off, and it happened in less than the planned three years.