Mysterious company collects projects of Blazhko and Mints

Another project of the founder of "Donstroi" can go to the company, which is associated with the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments.
Trades on the sale of property of "River Tower" LLC were declared invalid: only one bid was submitted for participation in the auction, the company reported on the website of the Single Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information. With a fair degree of certainty, we can say that the contract will be concluded with a single participant, the law allows this, say two people close to the creditors of the River Tower and the organizers of the auction.

"River Tower" by 90% belongs to Maxim Blazhko, the founder of developer companies "Donstroy", "Nordstar Development" and "Gorn Development". In February 2014, the City Planning and Land Commission of Moscow authorized the River Tower to build a multifunctional complex at Zvenigorodskoye Highway for 267,000 sq. Km. m, of which 172 000 square meters. m - shopping and entertainment center, and 95 000 square meters. m - offices. The project was financed by the bank "Russian Capital" (owns 10% of the "River Tower"). The debt before him was 4 billion rubles., Said in 2016 a person close to the bank. "Russian Capital" filed a bankruptcy petition "River Tower", and later assigned the right to claim the company Blazhko Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). In the claim materials, the claims of the DIA for 2.3 billion rubles are indicated. The property of the "River Tower" laid in the DIA, follows from the trading card.

It says that the sale of lease rights for three plots of 6.5 hectares and 1300 square meters was offered. m non-residential premises near Zvenigorodskoe highway and investment contract with the government of Moscow. The bankruptcy manager of the River Tower planned to raise 1.5 billion rubles for this. The application for participation in the tender was filed by OOO Skadi. A person close to the creditors of the River Tower, and the familiar Blazhko, connect this firm with the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I).

She already dealt with Blazhko. RT & I bought from Sberbank its debts for $ 600 million, pledges for which were the business center Nordstar Tower on Begovaya and the shopping and entertainment center "Pike" near the station. m. "Schukinskaya" - both are transferred to the creditor for debts. Boris Mints for the debts to the Moscow Credit Bank (25 billion rubles.) Has already transferred to RT & I control of O1 Group, which owns O1 Properties - one of the largest owners of Class A offices in Moscow.

Market participants said that RT & I is acting in the interests of Rosneft and the Region group, companies have never confirmed this.

Office "Skadi", according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, is located in the business center "Legend of the Colored" (owned by O1 Properties). Its main owner is Omirissa Holding, which until August 13, 2018 belonged to Russia Corporate Fund. In the prospectus of Eurobonds issue O1 Properties it was said that this company is controlled by holders of its bonds traded on the Moscow stock exchange. Among them - pension funds, their names are not indicated. Indirectly 4.1% in it at the time of publication of the prospectus belonged to Mints.

Representatives Blazhko and DIA declined to comment. The request to RT & I remained unanswered. Neither Skadi nor Russia Corporate Fund has any relation to the company, said O1 Properties representative. Get comments "Skadi" failed: in the USRLE there is an incorrect phone.

1.5 billion rubles. for the property "River Tower" - an extremely attractive price, said managing partner of Colliers International Nikolay Kazan: in general, the company's assets can cost up to 3 billion rubles. However, given that the commercial real estate market today is less attractive than residential, the plot is more suitable for building a residential microdistrict, he notes. Blazhko unsuccessfully tried to agree with the city authorities on the conversion of the object for housing, told two consultants. The new owner will be able to negotiate with the mayor's office, believes a person close to the creditors of the "River Tower" (the mayor's office could not respond to the request).