"Naftogaz" hardly returned under arrest the shares of structures of "Gazprom" Nord Stream

The Ukrainian company in pursuit of 2.65 billion dollars from Gazprom barely has time to resume the arrest of shares of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG.
Naftogaz said that it managed to resume the seizure of shares of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG, which it wants to recover as part of Gazprom's obligations for $ 2.6 billion, which the Russian company must pay by the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration. It turned out that Gazprom was able to lift the arrest on these assets, already imposed at the end of May, but Naftogaz filed an appeal against this decision and was able to resume the arrest, but only before considering its appeal. Thus, now, Naftogaz needs to prove its case in the Swiss court, even though the Swedish court has already declared illegal the enforcement of $ 2.6 billion from Gazprom.

The legal battle between Naftogaz and Gazprom around $ 2.6 billion, which the Russian company must pay Ukrainian on the February decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, continues. In another small episode of this struggle, Naftogaz announced its victory - the Ukrainian company, according to her report, managed to persuade the Swiss Supreme Court of the canton of Zug to maintain the arrest of Gazprom's shares of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG (these are the operators of gas pipelines " Nord Stream "and" Nord Stream 2 "). Incidentally, it turned out that from the end of May, when Naftogaz first announced victorious about the arrest of these assets, the situation changed diametrically.

It follows from the message of Naftogaz that the collection agency in the canton of Zug decided to withdraw the arrest of shares of Gazprom structures imposed on May 29. According to Naftogaz, this was done "only on the basis of the assertions of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG that the shares are located outside the canton of Zug and, accordingly, outside the jurisdiction of the debt collection authority, and therefore should be excluded from the list arrested assets ". "Naftogaz" filed an appeal against this decision of the collecting authority, and at the same time requested urgent interim measures in the Supreme Court of the canton of Zug. In the latter, the Ukrainian company has succeeded, and now the shares of these two companies will be under arrest until the appeal is resolved. However, the parties switched places: if initially Gazprom had to persuade the Swiss authorities to lift the arrest, now Naftogaz is trying to persuade him to keep it.

The position of Naftogaz is worsened by the fact that the Swedish Court of Appeal of the Svea district has imposed a ban on the forcible collection of $ 2.6 billion from Gazprom until it has essentially considered the appeal of the Russian company to the arbitration award. As Kommersant has already written, in such a situation, the judicial authorities of other countries are likely to take a neutral position, that is, they will probably retain the assets in cases where it has already been imposed, but will not decide on the seizure of new assets. Naftogaz claimed that it had taken measures to seize assets, in addition to Switzerland, even in the Netherlands and Great Britain, but it was not known whether any assets had been actually seized.