"Natalie Tours" cancels all tours

The company cancels even paid vouchers.
Tour operator "Natalie Tours" is experiencing financial difficulties and cancels travel packages - both booked and paid, said the company's general director Vladimir Vorobyev on the air of the radio station Ekho Moskvy: "There is a problem connected with the fact that due to negative information we can not last a few days to fulfill obligations to our partners, and they fanly turn off the "Natalie Tours" from service. We see no other development of events, how to proceed to the cancellation of services that we have already confirmed. "

De jure such statements do not mean the termination of the tour operator, explains the general director of the association "Tourist Information" Alexander Osaulenko: for this, either the tour operator sends an application for termination of activities in Rosturizm and "Tourist assistance", or the decision to terminate the activities is taken by the court. In Rosturizm and Turpomosch, no statements have yet been received from the Natalie Course, he assured.

Last Friday, "Natalie Tours" informed the travel agencies about the abolition of charter programs to Barcelona, ​​Rimini, Catania, Naples, Antalya and Heraklion. The tour operator could not pay money to the hotels that had been booked, the man familiar with the company's managers told Vedomosti. On Monday, June 25, tourists "Natalie Tours" complained about the inability to settle in hotels in Turkey and China.

 Today Vorobiev stated that "Natalie Tours" will not be able to send tourists in the near future, since it does not control the situation with partners. On Wednesday, "Natalie Tours" will hold an operational meeting, he said, and will decide on further actions.

Probably after the abolition of charter tours agents sharply reduced sales of tours "Natalie Tours", namely revenue from sales of travel agents was 80% of the company's turnover, Osaulenko said. Thus, the company simply does not have working capital, and without it, it can not sell packages.

 At the beginning of the season, "Natalie Tours" about a quarter reduced demand, explained at the end of last week Osaulenko, and charter tours took up to a quarter of all sales tour operator. Demand in early summer fell due to the World Cup in 2018: many Russians stayed in Russia, leaving the journey for the second half of the season, other causes of the crisis - rising prices for aviation fuel and dollar volatility, Osaulenko explained.

"Natalie Tours" was founded in 1992 and in the past was one of the five largest Russian tour operators. The company belongs to Vladimir Vorobyov and his wife Natalia. "Natalie Tours" served 750,000 tourists in 2014, the turnover was then $ 850 million, since then the company has not reported about its business.