"Natalie Tours" deceived tourists for $ 15 million

The operator sold to the end of the summer season tours of 15 million dollars. Almost all of them are canceled, and money evaporated in an unknown direction. Affected tourists are threatened to receive back no more than $ 2.5 million from the sum insured.
On Friday, July 13, the Moscow prosecutor's office checked the tour operator "Natalie Tours", the company president Vladimir Vorobyov told Vedomosti. Check the tour operator was carried out, confirmed a man who knows about this from law enforcement officials, but did not disclose the details. The representative of the Moscow prosecutor's office has not yet answered for calls.

It was "a routine check on the observance of the rights of tourists on application from them," Vorobyev specified. How many tourists have written statements and whether the company will be sanctioned, he did not respond.

This morning the RNS website referring to the press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Irina Tyurinu reported that on Friday the office of the "Natali Tours" was visited by the employees of the Investigative Committee: "The information is unofficial, not officially announced, but staff and sources confirmed to us that Friday employees of the Investigative Committee came to the office of "Natali Tours". " There were no checks of the Investigative Committee, Vorobyov denied.

At the end of June, due to reduced demand for tours to Europe, rising fuel costs and volatility of the dollar, Natalie Tours faced liquidity problems - the company canceled all charter flights. Travel agents disconnected the company from sales, money stopped coming into accounts, so from July 2, "Natalie Tours" canceled all tours until September 30, Vorobyov said.

 Now abroad there are 632 tourists "Natalie Tours", they will all return to Russia on July 23, said Dmitry Gorin, the adviser for transport of the head of Rosturism.

Payments to the injured clients of Natalie Tours have not yet begun, since there is no information on the suspension of the company's activities, TASS vice-president of the PCT Yuri Barzykin said. The representative of Rosturizm confirmed that while "Natalie Tours" had not applied for termination of activities. Now in the register of refunds received 5132 applications from tourists, but so far there is no payment, confirmed the familiar leaders of "Natalie Tours."

Until the end of the season, "Natalie Tours" sold about 10 000 rounds for $ 15 million, told "Interfax" Tyurin. According to Rosturizm, "Natalie Tours" is insured for 150.5 million rubles. under contracts of insurance of a civil liability and on 5,9 million rbl. - in the funds of personal responsibility. "If you divide the financial guarantee of the tour operator <...> for all tourists, you get 15 600 rubles. per person. Financial guarantees are not enough to pay all the victims, "- summed up Tyurina.