Navalny called the West to impose sanctions against the real "party of war"

The situation will change when Abramovich and Usmanov will be denied access to their real estate properties in Europe, he said.
The opposition leader Alexei Navalny has called the West do not entrance and freeze the assets of officials loyal to Putin and the oligarchs, writes the Financial Times. he said in an interview that in such a blacklist can enter around 1,000 people, it is possible to create "quiet, no loud announcements", but it is necessary to strike at those who promote war and its finances, according to the present "war party." FT said that his words give the disappointment of the Russian opposition and some Western officials, who believe that already adopted sanctions have failed to change the Kremlin's policy towards Ukraine.

"A few years ago we thought that it is only about nepotism, but now we understand that it was a long-term strategy: he [Putin] establishes dynastic rule", - Navalny said. He believes that will only change the order of Western sanctions against all clans, which help to control Russia's Putin wealth. According to him, as soon as Alisher Usmanov and Roman Abramovich could not get into their "residences in London or Switzerland," everything will change. He also suggested that thesanctions list of the general director of VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeeva, his son Boris, who runs the company "in contact", TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, who "is known for having criticized the West for his shows during the week, and on Friday night he flies rest in his house in Lake Como ".

Navalny is also offered to the West rather than to spread the sanctions on the Russians involved in the fighting in the Ukraine, in turn blacklists Kremlin officials and named Vladislav Surkov and Vyacheslav Volodin.

FT recalled that in February, Boris Nemtsov, in an interview with the publication said that repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to get to Western governments imposed sanctions against Russian state media.

In January, a similar idea was expressed in the Vilnius forum the former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He urged the West to distinguish between the actions against the current leadership of Russia and measures against the country and the Russian economy as a whole. From the second of sanctions, according to him, over time, will have to abandon and replace them with "targeted sanctions against the" true Putinists ", and so onakzhe security officials, bureaucrats and businessmen fused with the bureaucracy on which they are based. " In order not to create around Putin and his entourage image of martyrs, Europe should reveal the real purpose of these people, the businessman said. "Europe has something to say about this, but she shyly silent. It turned out that it is much easier to take sectoral sanctions than to speak openly, what the benefits are in the West, the regime activists, who advocate on their side, and why ", - he said.