Navalny: Sobyanin's daughter's apartment costs 6 times more than the family's income for ten years

Olga Sobyanina is the owner of the 300 sqm apartment in a house where also live Mikhail Fradkov, German Gref, Sergei Ivanov, and other associates of Putin, according to the blogger.
Alexei Navalny, a candidate for mayor of the capital and rival to the Acting Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, has sent a request to the prosecutor's office to verify the legitimacy of the purchase or receipt of Sergei Sobyanin's apartment in the center Moscow with the area of ​​308 square meters. This information was provided by Navalny in his blog. In accordance with Russian electoral legislation, as he wrote, Mosgorizbirkom published information about income and property of the candidate to the Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, his wife and minor daughter for 2012 ."Particularly striking is the 308.1 sqm apartment in Moscow owned by the daughter of a civil servant Sobyanin, Olga, born in 1997".

As Navalny notes, work with the open database allows us to establish that this apartment is located at the address: Ul. Rochdelskaya, d. 12, p. 1 (the number of the apartment is also known). "The property has been owned by Olga Sobyanina since August, 2010", - says Navalny and cites the extract from the Unified State Register.

House at this location is in the heart of Moscow, nearie the White House. As Bloomberg wrote earlier, 12/1 in the house on the street Rochdelskaya, popularly known as the "White House", live head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov, President of Sberbank German Gref and head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. In January 2012, the manager of the president to auction 142 apartments in this house. As explained by the "Vedomosti" press secretary manager of President Viktor Khrekov, at one time a civil servant in the house allocated accommodation under contracts of social hiring. Service apartment has never been in a house on Rochdelskaya. "In accordance with the current legislation, every citizen, whether civil servant or an ordinary person has the right once to exercise their right to privatize housing in the issue and property", - says Khrekov. Comment, who lives in the house manager of refuse, citing the law on protection of personal data.

As the "Vedomosti" reported and. about. Acting Press Secretary Mayor Gulnara Penkova, apartment of 308 square meters. m has been allocated Sergei Sobyanin manager of the president in January 2006 as a districtukovoditelyu administration of the Russian president, was privatized in accordance with the law and formally declared.

Bulk lead calculations possible value of the apartment and the income Sobyanin family: "In the same building Apartment 200.2 square meters. m sold for RUB 103.8 million. ($ 3.4 million), equivalent of $ 17 000 per 1 sq. m. Accordingly, an apartment of 308 square meters. m belonging to the daughter of a minor civil servant Sobyanin, worth $ 5.27 million, or 173 million rubles. ". In addition, Navalny results available data on income Sobyanin. Revenues interim mayor and his family for 2003-2007. unknown, he explains, but "even if we assume that their combined income was not less than in 2008, the maximum amount could hardly make up to 2010, more than 27 million rubles.".

"Thus, the cost of an apartment owned by a state employee Sobyanin, about 6 times more than his possible income for the last 10 years", - concludes Navalny. He also suggested that Sobyanin, who arrived in Moscow from Tyumen, would be endowed with service housing, "which is then privatized the cunning way."

A year ago, when the apartments in the house on Rochdelskaya manager of auctioned, deputy general director of Kalinka Realty Alexei Sidorov commended housing in the area of ​​$ 15 000-20 000 per 1 sq. m. Now the average cost of 1 sq. m gentrification in the secondary market in Moscow, according to IntermarkSavills joint assessment, Knight Frank and Ernst & Young, a little more expensive "square" in the apartment of Olga Sobyanin - $ 23 thousand / sq. m.