Neroev's insolence

In Neroev's Helmholtz Research Institute money is extorted from patients.
The Research Institute of Eye Diseases. Helmholtz operated patients who had previously lost their vision after the injection "Avastin" drug. This was reported in the press-service agency.

According to a representative of the Institute, patients there is a good speaker. "Operated all, already running down the hallway, there was already a good speaker, everything is back in its place", - said the press service.

September 30 it became known that the TFR began pre-investigation checks about the loss of patients in the clinic Helmholtz Moscow. Nine people were completely blind after the injection of the drug "Avastin". According to one version, given the portal to the vial with the drug could get an infection.

The representative of the Institute to them. Helmholtz confirmed that patients injected with "Avastin" on 26 September. "Those who have been made an injection is not the first time, I realized immediately that something is not right, feeling like a toothache was. Whoever first, he waited until the 28th because I thought that it should be as we usually think. All of them were taken, they were all hospitalizedAna immediately ", - said the agency interlocutor.

The drug "Avastin" is used in retinal pathology department for 10 years, said consultant director and head of the trauma unit Research Institute. Helmholtz Rose Gundorova.

In the words of Health Inspection Service of the Federal Advisor Head Olga Maleeva, service checks "specific case", which led to the incident. When asked how long the check, Maleeva said only that "this is clearly not a day, not two.

People are faced with ocular Research Institute, is outraged that the Helmholtz Research Institute director Vladimir Neroev does not respond to the complaints of citizens, patients, and patients with poor performance and complaints of patients Institute of Eye Diseases. Helmholtz levies on citizens and extortion.

"Nero, how can you not respond? Nero, so you can easily imagine that with each vymanennoy with thousands of customer you will drag in the envelope a percentage of the amount? And you what? Sending a higher percentage of the leadership of the beloved and the amount? A nightmare, if so, "- wrote in patients forums.

How to write users, the money allegedly for the anesthesiologist to go requisitions for anesthesia, and unnecessary tests.

So, knowing the situation people write that, for example, a girl Diana paid 20,000 rubles in his pocket: "Or you, Nero, has prihodnik in cash to the service of 20,000 rubles from the patient Diana accordance with the price?" - Ask a question on the Internet.

"Corruption and vymogatelsvo with patients ...? !!? Yes you, Nero, for such is practically criminal cases should be put behind bars, Mr. Nero. "

"Terribly bad reviews about vymogatelstve in the Research Institute. Helmholtz, lousy reviews about the company director Vladimir Neroeva -especially about the registry and about vymogatelstvo ".

Many are so desperately frank comments, Mr. freelance ophthalmologist Minzdravsotsrazsvitiya Neroev Vdadimir Vlpadimirovich that I personally would have thought that Neroeva it's time to be judged.

"If Neroev not see these reviews of bribes and extorting money from patients, if Neroev not realize hoursthen people are flying from afar, sick people on quotas, gosudastva already paid as conscience allows you to extort money? Nero is a crime !!! ??? Crime in Medicine more shameful than krinimal casino. The Company will not tolerate officials, reptiles, Nero. Therefore, you and Golikova and Chuhraeva and sit now in a puddle, brought Putin and brought all their heads. "

Neroev Vladimir Vladimirovich, I believe that for such neobvechennye reviews for this sloppiness and corruption, you have to judge.

We must judge bribes and boors, director Vladimir Neroeva have to try and put behind bars.

Snickering officials who stuck to our blood and trying to drink it on, we do not want to feed on such ogres as corrupt.

Also, Internet users report that Neroev bad administrator and director V.Neroev useless. And wonder if V.Neroev not aware of extorting money from patients in the Institute. Helmholtz, and if he knows and does not take measures Neroev means to share?

And those who share that spit at all: on the Medvedev-president and Putina- Premiersas well, and the people-we must all sit at Butyrka.

Bloggers have also reported that divorced in Russia and the like neroevy plevalschiki on people-corruption officials that Russia is already groaning from the officials. "

As bloggers say, among those who have applied for assistance Neroevu, walks wave of discontent over too "aristocratic" way of life of the latter, they say, more than once he was seen coming out of an expensive car, and the door to the clinic opened it specially hired for this person . Apparently, in the personal income tax contributions.

Even Neroeva colleagues behind her call him "bad egg" or "disregard", which sits in the Research Institute. Helmholtz on the content of the state. It is believed that some of the eye Neroeva colleagues call "bad egg" and "disregard", which profited from the filing of the state.

Nero and Golikova

Vladimir Neroev - a protégé of former Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. Through her, he always solve their staffing issues.

So, Neroev advised Tatyana Golikova on Rights ArticleArogo other and Ch. freelance ophthalmologist Health Ministry to dismiss Professor Hristo Takhchidi Periklovich of IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" and put in place institution director of a mutual friend, the deputy Alexander Chuhraeva, who once left the State Duma for unclear reasons.

Another voice of the people

"And given the number of similar and very serious complaints vymogateltsvo and extortion at the Research Institute of the Helmholtz, the open blatant practice of payments by patients in a pocket or in a card (history) without check and without anything, I somehow think that this" sung by the company " can easily pull apart from now the IRTC "eye Microsurgery". By thumb track. And the money in your pocket? I was wrong".

Reference is made to the series of complaints of extortion in the Helmholtz Research Institute ", which can be seen on the websites:, and Dissatisfied patients repeated the revelation of corruption in the walls of the clinic. Like them personally I hinted at a bribe, which the latter were forced to invest in medical history, and then personally into his pocket, "followers of Hippocrates." It resulted opinion about "sawing"IRTC. Who is behind this, not difficult to guess.

But blinded by patients - this is very serious. So, maybe now and officials from the Ministry of Health and sioviki finally "see the light"?