Non-combat losses: the money of Sergey Shoygu's wife got stuck in Vneshprombank

Telatives of high-ranking officials turned up to be among the VIP-depositors of the troubled bank.
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Forbes was able to find out the names of some VIP-savers Vneshprombank (TBF), in which the Central Bank has appointed a temporary administration. As told Forbes source close to the Central Bank, and confirmed the customer, to keep funds in a bank, depositors BIG appear wife Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Irina, the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak Kvacheva Natalia and son-in-head of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev Andrei Bolotov. In addition, the money kept in banks members of the family head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov (his son Peter worked in Vneshprombank), relatives of Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov and a board member of "Transneft" Artur Chilingarov.

Dmitry Kozak and the Defense Ministry declined to comment on the Forbes. With representatives of other investors TBF could not be reached Wednesday. The fact that among investors Vneshprombank a wife of Dmitry Kozak, told RBC.

Irina Shoigu began his career in consulting, then was engaged in tourism business. In 2002, she became president of the travel company "Expo-Em", whose clients was the Ministry of chrezvytea Situations, headed at the time, Sergei Shoigu. Since 2009, he is working the dean of the Graduate School of the sports industry. Income Irina Shoigu was 4.8 million rubles for the year 2014.

According to a Forbes source, during the inspection Vneshprombank revealed that some depositors were made out loans without their knowledge. "On one of the wealthy clients proved decorated loan of 120 million rubles, which was issued without his knowledge", - said a source close to the CBR.

VIP-clients and other counterparties of the bank say that the main decisions in the bank took its president Larissa Marcus and they believed it until recently.

One of the VIP-savers believed that to deceive these customers would be madness. "Investors will try by any means to force Marcus to return funds on the balance sheet. But hopes that the bank will maintain a license, there is little, and the decision on reorganization can take one person, and it does not work in the Central Bank ", - said a source among the VIP-investors.

Among Vneshprombank customers in addition to relatives of civil servants have been known and large Russian companies, which debellow on bank accounts of more than 35 billion rubles. This "Rosneftegas", "Rosneft", "Transneft" NCSP structure, according to "Vedomosti", and RBC sources claim that the bank holding the money and OCD. Forbes sides confirm this.

Police on Saturday, December 19, detained Larisa Marcus, and three days later the Tver Court of Moscow until February 18, sent her into custody on charges of fraud in large scale. She faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Privacy requested to close the trial due to the fact that there are personal data defendant the case, but the judge rejected the request. The investigator, in turn, asked to sign a suspect in custody, citing the fact that Marcus might abscond or interfere with the criminal investigation.

According to the CBA, in Vneshprombank 19 shareholders, 18 of which have a share of less than 10%. Marcus is a shareholder with a share of 7.4%. It is a long-standing friend of Artur Chilingarov, whose son Nicholas more than 15 years working in Vneshprombank and was CEO of "Vneshprominvestitsy". Also previously Nikolay owned companies that are still ASCOner bank - "Gilean" and "company XXI Century" (they have a total of 9.5%). Among its shareholders with a share of 8.2% appears Alexander Zurabov, brother Mikhail Zurabov. The main shareholders of the bank - a little-known foreigners who own Cyprus and UK companies. The largest of them - Enterprise Emerging Markets Fund, which through FC "Priority" owns 13.89% of the bank.

On Wednesday, 23 December, at a meeting of the Central Bank discussed the situation in the bank, said a source familiar with the situation. According to him, not the fact that a decision on the redevelopment of the bank, as a huge hole in the balance - about 183 billion rubles. Assets Vneshprombank, according to "Interfax" the rating as of October 1, amounted to 283 billion rubles (Bank entered the top 40 on this indicator).

Central Bank spokesman declined to comment.