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Who is responsible for the export of Russian uranium to the United States?
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Office Sergei Kiriyenko - gnezdovische present a variety of scandals. Just type in the network search engine two words: "Rosatom" and "violations" - read do not have an hour or two. Typical headlines: "Another corruption scandal", "For the theft of millions of arrested former deputy director of the agency", "Reshalschik" of Rosatom "- continue can seem endless. The question arises: how can the head of department manages to sit in his chair? After all, for less violations heads removed - so that there is removed, and can send to jail. Perhaps the fact that almost all the scandals, which still featured state-owned corporation, was disproportionate to her, so to speak, victories. Just think, a few million missing - but we have international contracts, and is trusted by the Russians to build nuclear power plants abroad more often than competitors from the United States! But soon things can change. Very soon.

Did you know that Russia controls 20% of all US uranium reserves? Anyway, a year ago, reported by the head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko. "If we do this uraniumneed, we are able to use it at any time "- then said he, if you believe the portal And what? In November 2013, from St. Petersburg to the United States went to transport Atlantic Navigator. On board the ship was Russian uranium - the last batch, directs overseas on the basis of a prisoner two decades ago, the US-Russian agreement providing for the supply of 500 tonnes of uranium, which Russia pledged to learn from their nuclear weapons and that America intended to be used as a fuel for their nuclear power plants. In order to extract the uranium, experts have destroyed about 20 thousand. Nuclear warheads.

Where are the Russian part of the US uranium reserves

Recently the State Duma still wondered, why we continue to send its uranium to the United States? And will not it happen that the Americans, sucking our uranium will do everything to retain and that same one-fifth of Russia's alleged uranium ... Recently in the Duma still wondered, why we continue to send its uranium to the United States? And if so, that the Americans would come inysosav our uranium will do everything to retain and that same one-fifth of Russia's alleged uranium, resting in the depths of the United States? His question lawmakers, according to our information, addressed directly to Sergei Kiriyenko. The answer, they say, was not followed. Perhaps the question should be repeated once again - the law enforcement agencies. And even better - the head of state.

We believe that there is to Kiriyenko, and other issues. For example, why his department has taken various measures to prevent the revision of the US-Russian agreement? After all, according to the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Natural Resources Ivan Nikitchuk, "the US transfer of 500 tonnes of weapons-grade uranium-235 - is one of the most shameful pages of the modern history of Russia, overt betrayal of national interests of the country." So why are the terms of this transaction Rosatom has not reviewed? After all, it was the deputies who intend to initiate such a review. Russian politicians "were trying to understand the deal and sought even denunciation of the agreement on uranium supplies in the US, - writesEconomist Valentin Katasonov. - Among them, for example, the legendary General Lev Rokhlin, Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov, deputy Viktor Ilyukhin. Death of Rokhlin and resignation of Skuratov many people associate it with the fact that they showed excessive activity in the investigation of the uranium deal. "

Rosatom prefers to keep silent about the scandalous deal

Scandalous "Contract 261", according to which our country overnight "exchanged" 500 tons of highly enriched uranium to 11.9 billion dollars, could be challenged in court, lawyers believe. And to do this you could literally to the last time, and to do this was, in our opinion, the management of Rosatom - profile ministry, whose head at the time set by the scandalous contract to sign. After all, everything is very simple, to recalculate the amount of the contract is enough. The price of 500 tons of highly enriched uranium around the cost of nearly 500 tons of gold - as the precious metal mined in the country for five years. A gram of gold is worth about $ 40, therefore, the value of 500 tonnes of $ 20 billion. Relate 20 billion with 12. "corruption component" Westerners are beginning to talk at a much lower "delta", so why are they silent in the case of the very uranium deal? And why stakeholders in Russia, too, apparently, prefer to keep quiet about it?

Fulfilling a contract with the United States, Russia was deprived of roughly half of its strategic stocks of weapons-grade uranium, says Duma deputy Ivan Nikitchuk: "Buying on the market of highly enriched uranium is expensive, and squander the strategic reserves of crime. Such amount of uranium would be enough for dozens of units. Today, almost half of the power generated in the US electricity is carried out at the expense of Russian nuclear fuel, so is it any wonder that the cost of electricity to consumers in the United States is lower than in Russia? "" There is a myth that huge stocks of highly enriched uranium are concentrated in Russia and sales 500 t does not impact on the issues of national security, - explained the head of the research center "Strategy for the future" Mikhail Ivanov. - The essence of itmanipulation - a substitution of concepts. In natural uranium-235 isotope of just 0.71%. Only rich countries owning most sophisticated technologies able to clear and release these shares so that they become 90-95%. Since 1945, the United States could produce only 550 tons of weapons-grade uranium ... So Minatom leaders promoting this myth, deliberately misinform the public and public authorities in order to ensure further implementation of the uranium deal. "

Who will ask management tough questions Rosatom?

Speaking today about the problems of Rosatom, you can again repeat what the Russian press writes. The fact that the court of the capital Zamoskvoretskiy returned the criminal case of theft in the state-owned corporation in the prosecutor's office "to eliminate the violations." In this scandalous case are several current and former senior executives of state corporations - in particular, the former deputy head of Rosatom Evgeny Evstratov, First Deputy Director General of FSUE "Rosatomflot" Mustafa Kashka, ex-deputy head of the department of capital construction of the state corporation Sergey Colobais, General Director of FSUE "Emergency and Technical Center of Minatom of Russia" Victor Stovbur, General Director of FSUE "Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety" Sergey Kazakov and his deputy Svetlana Slinkina. Mention may be made, and relatively "fresh" scandal - a statement "Conti" a group of companies that "management corporation" Rosatom "prevents the realization of the state program on creation of solar energy cluster in the country." But we can say about the other - that what we say is not accepted.

Approaching deadlines operation of Russian nuclear power plants first and second generations. They have three - Novovoronezh, Kola and Leningrad. Rosatom, according to some experts, in particular from the Norwegian "Bellona", "is trying to delay the time of the withdrawal of the operating units, extending their work." What you could end up, of course. Moreover, it is believed that at present about half of the Russian nuclear power plants operate in excess of the design lifetime, so it's time to unveil Rosatom "Roadw card "utilization of their units. To date, nothing of the kind. And here is one more reason for concern - without thinking, so to speak. All European nuclear power plants at different times carried out so-called internal stress tests - the results are publicly available. While the Russian nuclear power plants of the stress tests are not carried out, and they are not going to spend. But why? Could it be that their results can be very, very alarming? It would be nice to these questions remained unanswered. Not bad for our joint security.