Oboronprom fulfilled its mission faster than expected

The corporation fulfilled its mission, according to Rostekh.
The United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom (part of the Rostekh state corporation) will cease to exist in the near future. The company, which was engaged in the consolidation of helicopter and engine building assets, fulfilled its task, its continued existence was considered inexpedient. Its subsidiaries - the holding company Helicopters of Russia and the United Engine Building Corporation (UDK) - will be transferred to the direct management of Rostek in 2018.

Several sources in the defense industry told about the imminent abolition of Oboronprom Kommersant. According to them, the liquidation process, which started in fact a couple of years ago, is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. The interlocutors of Kommersant clarified that all relevant decisions at the level of Rostekh's management were adopted at the end of December, formally the liquidation will take place after receiving an extract from the tax authorities. The basic assets of Oboronprom (Russian Helicopters and UDK) will be transferred to the direct management of Rostekh.

OPK Oboronprom was established in 2002. Engaged in trade and supply of military products and services, in particular, spare parts, as well as maintenance and repair of previously supplied military helicopter equipment, including foreign markets. In 2004-2010, the helicopter industry was consolidated on the basis of the corporation, and since 2010 Oboronprom has received controlling stakes in more than 80% of engine manufacturing enterprises in Russia. The first general director was Denis Manturov, Pavel Osin will be the last.

The first talk about the liquidation of Oboronprom appeared in 2013: then it was reported that the corporation would cease to exist by 2022. According to the top manager of one of the helicopter manufacturing enterprises, it was already clear then that "it is impossible to collect the assets of the two industries indefinitely": "Now helicopter and engine building can develop without any participation of Oboronprom, the management of Russian Helicopters and UDK already used to solve all current issues without intermediaries ". However, the corporation still played its role in the consolidation of the helicopter industry, Kommersant's source is convinced: it was Oboronprom that was engaged in the merger of enterprises that competed with each other in the domestic market under the leadership of one management company. The same work was done in the part of engine building. The former head of Oboronprom Andrey Reus told Kommersant in an interview: "We collected the entire intellectual and industrial resource of the industry, the enterprises ceased to fight among themselves and began to work in world markets."

"When we formed the holding company" Helicopters of Russia "and the UDK, Oboronprom acted as the holder of the shares of the enterprises," Sergei Chemezov, the general director of Rostek, explained to Kommersant. "We created it together with Denis Manturov (now the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. "), Who was the first general director of Oboronprom. But today, when the holdings are formed and directly locked into the state corporation, then we do not need one intermediate structure: it is more efficient to manage these assets directly. " In the Helicopters of Russia, Kommersant was told that in the course of the decision to liquidate Oboronprom, and in the ODK Kommersant, they assured that "the liquidation processes are fairly painless", since all the necessary licenses for the development and production of products, as well as for the conduct of military-technical cooperation "were received by the corporation in advance."