Oleg and Alexander Malis: mobile brotherhood

Who now controls the Russian mobile retail.
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Domestic mobile retail fell under the control of two brothers - Alexander and Oleg Malis. If the largest Russian companies in this segment, "Euroset", has more than 5,000 salons, headed by Alexander Malis, the company "The Messenger" with about 3,000 salons controls investment advisory group Solvers his younger brother Oleg Malis. This fact has led to speculation about the emergence of a new monopoly on the market.

Ex-owner of "The Messenger" Maxim marigolds at the end of 2014 expressed concern that Oleg Malis will conduct coordinated with "Euroset" policy "on the fraternal assistance of the level without the possibility of a formal control of the FAS", resulting in "uncontrolled forms player with real market share in mobile phones about 55%. It is harmful and dangerous to the consumer. "

"We can not talk about the accident that both companies were under the control of the said business. "The Messenger" was the main competitor of "Euroset", and the time of its absorption, sooner or later had to come to pass, "- said partner law office" Baybuza and nrtnery "Vadim Baybuza.

However, senior analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin believes that kinship does not mean that one brother is responsible for the act of another, or they have common goals, objectives, budget: "If you look closely at the structure of ownership of the same" Euroset " it turns out that it belongs to two competing operators together, and Alexander Malis is not the owner of the company, but only manages it. "

Anyway, the brothers Malis for a long business career have demonstrated that they can work in harmony and with mutual benefit.

First steps

We can say that Alexander and Oleg Malis was born in a family of financiers. Their mother Nina Malis - scientist and lecturer at the Ministry of Finance of the system, today it is headed by the chair of "Tax advice" in the Financial University. Where most famous are her sister Bella Zlatkis, for many years actually led the state debt of the Russian Federation at the head of the relevant department of the Ministry of Finance, and then - as the Deputy Minister of financingowls. Today Bella Zlatkis engaged in securities in the Savings Bank, and in an interview she said of her sister, "Our children, we believe the general." Following the family tradition, the elder brother Alexander Malis received financial audit from the Moscow State University of Commerce, but the rest of his career has been linked to telecommunications.

It all started with the fact that in 1995, the brothers began to Malis Leybova companions of Michael, an American citizen, who emigrated from the USSR in 1970 and worked in the company - the manufacturer of chips, and Texas Instruments Electronics. Together they created a telecommunications company "Corbina Telecom", the author of the idea and the head of a commercial entity over the next ten years was Leibov.

At the time of formation of the company Alexander Malis has already managed to finish university, work financial advisor in the "Rus-Consult", and Oleg Malis was still a student at the Moscow Aviation Technical University, where he received a specialist profession for testing aircraft.

primI sell

Recalls Moscow Rabbi Gedaliah Sestak, Leybova coined the name "Corbin" stood for "Corporation Bean" ( "bean" in Hebrew means "mind"). Leibov was a religious man, he organized courses of IT-specialists at the Moscow synagogue, and even, as noted Gedaliah Sestak could abandon the most important negotiations with the investor, if they had time on Shabbat. Demonstrative religion later became the trademark of Malis brothers. But developing "Corbin" about the same, as well as many small operators appeared telephony. Starting with an investment of $ 3,000, the company resell someone else's telecom power, then for $ 50,000 bought their own telephone exchange. "It was very difficult, as such mikrooperatorov while there were many, - said Alexander Malis. - Our advantage was that we were not communicators and had no professional stamp, besides the money was very small, so we are always looking for ways to make something cheaper than the other. " Finallythe company entered the establishment of multi-service network, combines the provision of telephony and the Internet.

In 2000, the organizational efforts were rewarded. The company, whose turnover reached $ 10 million, it was possible for $ 9 million to sell to a strategic investor - American Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT). Management in the "Corbin" is preserved: Leibov was president, and Malis brothers held various posts of vice-presidential level.

It was not until 2003, when Oleg Malis was invited to take a seat senior vice president of Golden Telecom, a Russian telecom corporations, the largest shareholder of which a year earlier was the "Alfa Group" Mikhail Fridman.

acquisitions master

This appointment has been extremely important for further developments, as Oleg Malis acquired good contacts in the "Alfa Group" and, in addition, received skills in the field of mergers, acquisitions and corporate law disputes. Golden Telecom hatched big plans for acquisitions, and Oleg Malis had a chance to deal with the addition of such structures as "Sovintel" Krasnoyarsk "Sibchallenge Telecom"Bohemian ST-Holding, and most importantly, the group" Combellga ". The latter was bought from the Norwegian Telenor (amount of the transaction was estimated at $ 160 million). Apparently, his efforts were appreciated, because two years later, in 2005, Oleg Malis was appointed senior vice president of the holding Altimo's, telecom unit "Alfa Group". In fact, he became the second man, after Chief Executive Officer Alexei Reznikovich. And he went to work hard, because in this post Malis, in particular, was responsible for the confrontation with Telenor. Norwegians, the former minority shareholders of Golden Telecom and "VimpelCom", not like the association "VimpelCom" from "Kyivstar", did not want to enter the Ukrainian market, constantly judged. There have been long and very difficult negotiations. In addition, Oleg Malis fought for control over the Turkish Turkcell operator. But these things pale in comparison with the scandal around the blocking stake "MegaFon". In 2003, businessman Leonid Rozhetskin sold his package of "Alfa-Group" for $ 295 million, but before he allegedly promised to sell its fund of IPOC, associated with the name of ex-mof Ministers Leonid Reiman. Rozhetskin himself was eventually kidnapped and murdered in 2008, and the "Alfa Group" had to face very serious legal battle with IPOC. Recalling this period in the biography of Malis, former owner "Euroset" Chichvarkin said: "Oleg Malis at least ten years' experience of victories in the courts, a large four-year experience of the struggle for shares" MegaFon ", which was won by" Alfa Group ". Describing professional qualities Oleg Malis, Chichvarkin put it bluntly: "He Conquest grip if he grabbed, you will not unhook".

The most interesting thing is that at precisely the time when Oleg Malis worked Altimo's Vice-President, the events took place, proved to be extremely beneficial to the brothers, and especially for the older Alexander.

On the scene Mamut

During 2005-2006,. Two deals were concluded very quickly. First, "Corbin" for $ 146 million bought a consortium of investors Inure, headed by Alexander Mamut (in konsoritsium also included Viktor Vekselberg), and then very quickly Mamut sold a controlling interest "Corbina" company Golden Telecom in exchange for 8% of Golden Telecom shares worth $ 130 million and $ 10 million in cash. As a result, 51% "Corbina" Mamut shares were sold in nearly the same amount, for which the year before he bought 100%. By the way, the largest shareholder of Golden Telecom continues to Altimo's been, where Oleg Malis worked as a senior vice president. As a result of these events, Michael Leibov resigned as president "Corbina", and the company was headed by Alexander Malis. There is no reason to believe that the transaction initiated by Oleg Malis, but it was he who was engaged in acquisitions Altimo.

In 2008, the "Corbin" again changed its owner: Golden Telecom has sold its "Vypelkomu". In the same year, his remaining 49% stake in "Corbina" Mamut sold for $ 404 million. However, in both structures was the main shareholder of Altimo. However, as a result of Alexander Malis he was replaced as head of "Corbina" to a less prominent position of director of development of broadband access business in "VimpelCom". But it was temporarily: for it is already preparing a new location, as it is in 2008 Alexander Mamut has entered into negotiations with Evgeny Chichvarkin about "Euroset" acquisition, the largestin the Russian cell phone retailer. In these negotiations took part, Oleg Malis.

Negotiations were nervously against Chichvarkin opened a criminal case, but, anyway, the deal was done. In September 2008, Mamut's investment company ANN has bought "Euroset", and a month later it resold half the retailer's shares "VimpelCom". After that, the president of "Euroset" Alexander Malis was appointed. It is curious that Oleg Malis, according to the Interior Ministry, helped Chichvarkin, which was led outdoor surveillance, Altimo out of the office unnoticed, get to the Domodedovo and escape to London. "The arrival of Alexander Malis was the catalyst for major changes to the company as a whole, - says the managing director of Cornerstone believes Sergei Razhev.- Feedback from colleagues and partners - Mr. Malis pretty hard head, a wonderful communicator, always defending the favorable position for the company. Since his arrival the team seriously updated, generally it has been optimized many processes related to personnel. The professional team headed by a strong leader have achieved excellent resultsWithout losing market position. "

Free flight

In 2010, Oleg Malis Altimo left and started their own projects, and not only as a businessman but as a public figure. In particular, he led the public organization of the telecommunications business - the Union of LTE mobile network operators.

In 2011, Oleg Malis stood at the head of a major Jewish religious organizations - the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations of Russia (KEROOR), which unites 75 religious communities. Especially for Malis entered KEROOR as president and chairman of many years of Congress Rabbi Zinovy ​​Kogan was "demoted" to the level of vice president. Motifs from religious leaders, "crowned" well-known businessman, was quite clear. Chief Rabbi of Russia Adolf Shaevich, commenting on the appointment Malis, said: "Due to the relatively heavy economic events in the world in the country have in recent years is very narrowed the scope of assistance to our communities. Today, we hope to fully resume such assistance and the implementation of programs that have not previously been able to implstvit due to lack of funds. "

KEROOR thus considered the main competitor of the other Jewish religious organization - the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJC), supports the Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. And Oleg Malis able to act as "peacemaker": this year, for his initiative and KEROOR FJC signed an agreement on "the rejection of conflict" between themselves and their readiness to "joint efforts in the country and the good of the Jewish people." Thus, officially ended the conflict, which lasted more than ten years.

But most importantly, Oleg Malis decided to implement their skills in structuring major transactions in the telecommunications market. They were created by investment advisory group Solvers, and its main client became another major player in the Russian telecommunications market - billionaire Alisher Usmanov, whose structures controlled "Megaphone". Solvers was "the architect" of the two major transactions "Megaphone" - to acquire "Skartel" Provider (brand Yota), followed by the acquisition of 50% of "Euroset". This again had a direct dealor indirectly and Alexander Malis (as president), and Alexander Mamut (the seller).

Alisher Usmanov, Oleg Malis partnership will reach an entirely new real estate market for it. First, under the "Empire" (one of the skyscrapers, "Moscow City") group company Solvers Estate was established Solvers, managing complex business. But then, in early 2014, I bought the whole Solvers management company business center "Moscow City" in "Basel", as well as businessmen Oleg Grankina and Paul Fuchs (the amount of the transaction is estimated at $ 200-260 million). Such money at the Oleg Malis was not available, but Malis did not deny that he actually led a consortium of investors, which includes his "partners in the telecom business." And chief among these investors became Alisher Usmanov and Ivan Streshinsky, CEO of USM Advisors, the company managing the assets of Usmanov.

Oleg Malis announced Napoleon's plans to reform the capital's business center. "We came to the conclusion that without harmonization of relations among all investors and business center without proper managementom a coherent territory here exactly happen collapse. This can happen if you do not think about it all over again, starting with logistics, transport hubs, traffic organization and safety, "- said Oleg Malis. He even created a coordinating council of all investors "Moscow City". But fate had prepared for him a new task.

The battle for "The Messenger"

According to experts, Alexander Malis was quite successful leader "Euroset". As the CEO of West Call Michael Rechetov, "Alexander Malis - one of the most creative and talented top managers." Evgeny Chichvarkin himself praised him as manager, saying that the style of leadership Malis "brings together all the good things that can be found in the concept of" cynicism ".

Network opened a few hundred new stores in the year, in anticipation of the crisis, reduce the remaining debt burden after Chichvarkin, actively promoted themselves using images of stars like Ksenia Sobchak and Ivan Ohlobystin. "From the time of purchase" MegaFon "," Euroset "the Commissiontions for connection of two operators, shareholders greatly decreased, and now "Euroset" earns on sales and is actually one of the channels to connect new subscribers for the two shareholders, - says the analyst of the agency "Investkafe" Sergei Podynogin. - Net profit of "Euroset" in 2013 amounted to 2 billion rubles. At the end of 2014 net debt was close to zero. "

The main competitor of "Euroset" was "The Messenger". In 2011, "The Messenger" outstripped its income, and "Euroset" announced rival real war. Alexander Malis spoke with quite rare for the militancy of business: "The market can only be left alone. And this one - we have, "Euroset" ... We will not rest until the "Messenger" not surrender and will not disappear from the market. "

Then it was not possible to destroy the opponent, but the owner of "The Messenger" Maxim marigolds led a very risky policy, invested profits in new projects and in the end stuck in debt (for details, see. "To" from 20.02.2015). And then again on the horizon appeared Solvers Oleg Malis, who bought the debt "Coherent & raquo; in the amount of $ 120 million from a group of "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov and I was able to take the GC "The Messenger" under control. Comparing the history of "Euroset" and "The Messenger", Chichvarkin said: "Why Malis decided to enter into this river a second time? Because of it the first time was able to go quite well. And "The Messenger" - an asset that costs money. Marigold was in a very bad situation. "

However, now Solvers have to conduct a very complex negotiations with other creditors, "The Messenger", and above all with the PSB. As stated in the PSB, loans received network "The Messenger" salons, the bank offered to buy Solvers Group for 6.2 billion rubles., So that the costs has yet to be Oleg Malis.

The most profitable part of the business empire Nogotkova - jewelry network "Pandora" had to pay for the debts to Sberbank. But Solvers is already starting to management "The Messenger". In particular, the general director of the group which was part of "The Messenger" online store Enter appointed Michael Rubin, who previously worked in Solvers director of real estate development.

"We do not close Enter and nliquidate the company. My main aim is the conclusion of the crisis and to define a new business model that will make money, "- said Michael Rubin.

According to Oleg Malis, this investment Solvers, apparently priostanavyatsya. "We are now restrict the investment activities to those assets that are already in. They require investment, development. Solvers have total assets of several billion dollars. As long as enough "- said Oleg Malis.

Bank "The Messenger" require additional capitalization, but Solvers is in no hurry to help him. "In our opinion, Oleg Malis are not interested in developing the bank, because it does not have under the control of another banking business, in which it would be possible to integrate it. And sell the bank at such a dismal financial performance will be very problematic, "- says the analyst" Uralsib Capital "Hope Bozhenko.

The question of how the future will be related to the salons "The Messenger" and "Euroset" is still open. Forecast President of "Euroset" Alexander Malis is clear: "For me it is obvious that in fiveto ten years there will be a federal one retailer in Russia. " Alexander Malis always wanted to "Euroset" remained at a market, and the fate of its most important competitor is now in the hands of his own brother.

Save "The Messenger" is a quick resale, the possibility that experts do not deny. "Let me remind you that Alexander Mamut after the purchase of" Euroset "almost immediately sold half" VimpelCom ", and then the other half of" MegaFon ". Perhaps, in this situation with "The Messenger" this scheme will be implemented, but "MegaFon" and "VimpelCom" is unlikely to be interested in the proportion remains only MTS "- suggests Sergei Podynogin.

"Any retailer should maintain a thin line between the operators, otherwise he will not get them money for the connection, - says CEO of Telecom Daily Denis pieces. - "Euroset" is divided between the "Beeline" and "Megaphone". But MTS has a lot of money on the connection, and make "The Messenger", "brother", "Euroset" and MTS to lose money, no one will ever, and the Vedass still there, and the updated "Tele 2".

Eldar Murtazin draws attention to the fact that today, operators are beginning to play a major role in this market and gradually pulls the blanket over himself. Retail existence depends on its ability to work with operators. "That's why horror stories about the monopoly should not be taken seriously, it is extremely unlikely scenario, since competing operators can instantly depreciate the value of the asset as" The Messenger ", and to make its purchase useless" - sums up the expert.

Summary Oleg Malis

year and place of birth: 1974, Moscow

Education: Moscow State Aviation Technical University. KE Tsiolkovsky specialty "Systems Engineer, test aircraft" (1997)

Professional experience:
1995-2003 - various positions at "Corbina Telecom"
2003-2005 - senior vice president of fixed-line operator Golden Telekom
2005-2010 - senior vice president of the company "Alfa Telecom" (later Altimo)
2011-2012- President of the Union of the mobile network operators LTE »
since 2011 - the founder and managing partner of the group Solvers
since 2011 - President KEROOR

Family status:
not married

Summary Alexander Malis

year and place of birth: 1972, Moscow

Education: Moscow State University with a degree in commerce, "Financial Accounting and Auditing" (1995), postgraduate studies at NIFI (1998)

Professional experience:
1990-1995 - an expert financial advisor, head of the company "Ruskonsalt"
1995-2006 - Commercial Director, Vice-President of "Corbina Telecom"
2006-2008 - General Director of "Corbina Telecom"
2008-2009 - Development Director of BBA Group of Companies "VimpelCom"
April 2009 - The president of Russia's largest mobile retailer - "Euroset"

Marital status: married, has a daughter

Hobbies: historical weapons, gardening