Oleg Burlakov bought the largest sailing yacht in the world

The businessman named his yacht after the ship from the famous film "Pirates of the Caribbean" - "Black Pearl".
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Forbes list member Oleg Burlakov received $ 600 million from Bashneft, went to France and is going to conquer the Atlantic on the yacht Black Pearl. The former main shareholder of Burneftegaz, Oleg Burlakov, has found a way to spend some of the money received from the sale of his Bashneft company. According to the website of the Monaco yacht club (the information disappeared from the release, but remained in the cache of the search engine), Burlakov was the owner of the Solar project - a 106-meter sailing yacht, on which he now plans to cross the Atlantic.

The Burlakova yacht was launched in September 2016 by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco and became the contender for the title of the world's largest sailing yacht. The businessman named the boat in honor of the sailing ship from the famous movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" - "Black Pearl" (Black pearl). The appearance of the yacht is similar to another famous vessel Maltese Falcon (88m), which is explained by the fact that the same designers worked on it. The "Black Pearl" has a spa pool, a large hot tub, two boats and a beach club. There are 6 cabins, which accommodate 12 guests. The maximum speed of the boat is 17.5 knots.

According to the founder of Yachtharbour Dmitry Semenikhin, despite the fact that the sailing yacht A (142.8 m, the estimated price is € 400 million), the owner of SUEK Andrey Melnichenko F11 is longer than Burlakova's boat, some experts believe that the Melnychenko yacht should be qualified as a motor Sail-Assisted Motor Yacht. "If you agree with this, the 106-meter Black Pearl will be the biggest sailing yacht in the world. It really is the largest yacht in the world, able to walk on one sail and has the usual look of sailing boats, "explains Semenikhin. "The average bill for the cost of a boat from 30 to 50 m is $ 1.5- $ 2 million per meter, 50 to 100 $ 2-2.5 million, and after 100 meters - $ 4-5 million," says the founder of Burevestnik Group Andrey Boyko. The founder of itBoat Nikita Gorchakov believes that the cost of the "Black Pearl" could amount to 150-200 million euros.

Burlakov sold 90% of the Tyumen oil company Burneftegaz in 2014 to Bashneft and received about $ 600 million. Gazpromneft and Rosneft also claimed it. "Burneftegaz" owns the rights to explore and develop the Sorov and Tortasinskoye fields, their reserves are estimated at 53.4 million tons of oil.

Burlakov created "Burneftegaz" in 2005, along with Pavel Mitrofanov, who was previously deputy governor of the Tyumen region under Sergei Sobyanin. In November 2012, the Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings against Mitrofanov on suspicion of giving a bribe of 5 million rubles.