Oleg Deripaska found a lobbyist in Washington

The CNN television channel named En + Oleg Deripaska as lobbyist for the US the company of ex-assistant Donald Trump Brian Lanz.
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Protect the interests of En + Group of Oleg Deripaska in the United States took the firm of former presidential aide Donald Trump, learned the CNN channel. The contract was concluded about a month ago, after En + fell under the new sanctions of the US Treasury

The company Mercury Public Affairs, which runs the former assistant to US President Bryan Lanza, undertook to protect the interests of the one who was under the sanction of En + Group, CNN reported citing informed sources.

According to the channel, the contract was concluded about a month ago, after on April 6, En + Group fell under the new sanctions of the US Treasury.

The channel notes that Lanza is still in constant contact with White House officials. At the same time, the material emphasizes that Mercury Public Affairs represents the chairman of the board of directors of EN + Group, but does not protect the interests of Deripaska directly.

The activities of Mercury Public Affairs are likely to be typical lobbying, the channel notes, and the contract with En + is unlikely to be worth anything more. Its goal - to withdraw En + from sanctions after the reduction of the share of Deripaska in the company, which now stands at 66%.

Nevertheless, CNN came down with critical accusations against President Donald Trump. The deal, according to the material, is an "insolent example" of the fact that Trump does not fulfill his campaign promises: he was going to "drain the swamp" in Washington. And now, the TV channel claims, Trump is actually leading the expansion of a new generation of influence traders who use their actual or supposed affinity for it in order to fill their pockets. Deripaska, meanwhile, is named in the article as a person close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CNN represents the camp of political opponents of Donald Trump, the television channel is one of the main media debaters of the failed presidential elections of the Democrats, he consistently criticizes the Republicans and personally President Trump.

Under US law, a company can not be withdrawn from sanctions if it is owned by a physical or legal person on the sanctions list by 50% or more. In late April, En + said that Deripaska "agreed in principle" to reduce the stake in En + "below 50%" after a series of negotiations with the chairman of the board of directors of the company Gregory Barker.

On May 2, the US Treasury extended for a month, until June 6, the timeframe for US and foreign investors to get rid of the securities of companies that were under sanctions: En +, GAZ and UC Rusal.