Oleg Korolev and Alexei Kokorin resigned

Acting governors of the Lipetsk and Kurgan regions are Igor Artamonov and Vadim Shumkov.
The governor of the Kurgan region, Alexei Kokorin, decided to leave the post in connection with his transfer to a new job. Immediately after him, as he informed “Kommersant”, the resignation was announced by the head of the Lipetsk region, Oleg Korolyov, who had led the region for more than 20 years. Acting head of the Lipetsk region, the president appointed vice-president of Sberbank Igor Artamonov, and acting head of the Kurgan region - vice-governor of the Tyumen region Vadim Shumkov.

As announced “Kommersant”, the governor of Lipetsk region, Oleg Korolev, resigned. He filed an application "of his own accord" - his powers expired in 2019. As TASS specified, the head of the press service of the regional administration head Alexander Tsarik, the head of the region delivered the statement to the president on October 1 during a personal meeting (on the official website of the president there was no information on this meeting as of mid-October 2). On October 2, Mr. Korolev published an appeal on the regional administration website. “For the twenty-first year I have been working as the head of the administration of the Lipetsk region, before that I had been the chairman of the regional council of deputies for six years. I think that we have passed this historic way with dignity. This gives me a good reason for concluding that it is time to give way to young people, ”the statement says. The governor asked forgiveness "for those who believe that I was wrong in something, made some mistakes."

Igor Artamonov, acting chairman of the Lipetsk region appointed by the president, worked in Sberbank for more than 20 years. From 2013, he served as Vice President of Sberbank — Chairman of the Central Russian Bank.

Mr. Korolev led the region in 1998, having been elected with the support of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In 2005, he joined United Russia. The governor of the Belgorod region, Yevgeny Savchenko, is the leader of the region longer. “It has long been time for Oleg Petrovich to resign, to resign, and that would be fair ... The team, which works under the leadership of Oleg Petrovich, is tired. This is evident from the actions of different categories of workers. The people of the Lipetsk region are also tired, it was heard when they were in different cities of the region, ”Nikolai Razvorotnev, first secretary of the Communist Party in Lipetsk, told RIA Novosti.

Oleg Korolev’s relations with the largest employer in Lipetsk and the region’s largest taxpayer, the NLMK group, have never been a political alliance: the largest co-owner of NLMK, Vladimir Lisin, from the beginning of the 2000s tried to formalize the influence of the Novolipetsk Combine on local government through its representatives, and this often caused conflicts in regional policy. Nevertheless, the “division of spheres of influence” between NLMK (mainly Lipetsk) and the governor (the largest enterprises of the agro-region) took place rather quickly, and the globalization of NLMK’s business, which also has the main raw material base not in the Lipetsk region, but in the neighboring Belgorod region (Stoylensky GOK), has led to a decrease in the group's interest in regional affairs.

The change of governor will obviously require NLMK to return to this issue: for Vladimir Lisin and his company, it is necessary to have constructive relations with the authorities of the region where the main production facilities are located. The largest development project in the Lipetsk region is the Lipetsk SEZ, in the leadership of which the interests of both NLMK and the former head of the Korolev region are represented. We note that NLMK and its owners are practically not engaged in agribusiness in the base Lipetsk region, perhaps due to informal agreements with the team of Oleg Korolev, this situation may change.

Opponents of Oleg Korolev are already preparing for the elections. The representative of the "Open Russia" regional deputy Oleg Khomutinnikov told "Kommersant" that he plans to go to the governors and is going to "negotiate" for support with parliamentary parties. Nikolai Razvorotnev assured “Kommersant” that the party would go to the polls, but did not name any possible candidates.

On the resignation of Alexei Kokorin also announced his press service. "Alexei Kokorin made a deliberate decision about resigning from the powers of the governor of the Kurgan region in connection with the transition to a new place of work," - said in a statement. What exactly - is not specified. Olga Sapozhnikova, a spokeswoman for the head of the region, said that Mr. Kokorin is in Moscow, and should appear in Kurgan only on Wednesday morning. Yesterday, his press office assured that Mr. Kokorin was working normally.

Acting head of the Kurgan region, the president appointed the vice-governor of the Tyumen region Vadim Shumkov, he was responsible for attracting investments. In the 1990s, Mr. Shumkov worked as a legal adviser for Yuganskneftegaz (the “daughter” of YUKOS) in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. In the administration of the Tyumen region, he moved when it was headed by Sergei Sobyanin. Deputy plenipotentiary in the Urals Federal District (UFD), Boris Kirillov, said that the plenipotentiary Nikolai Tsukanov will present the interim before the end of the week.

Note that as a result of personnel changes in the leadership of the region, two Vadim Shumkov were at once. The newly appointed acting governor, Vadim Mikhailovich Shumkov, will have to meet his deputy predecessor and the head of the government of the Kurgan region, Vadim Olegovich Shumkov. Both Vadim Shumkov were born in the Kurgan region and until today have held the position of deputy governor. But one of them built a career in Kurgan, and the other in the Tyumen region.

The term of office of Mr. Kokorin expired in 2019. He led the region in 2014 - then the president appointed him as interim president. He won the election with a score of 84.8% of the vote. Prior to that, since 1996, he was the mayor of Shadrinsk.

Deputy Kurgan Oblast Duma Yuri Yarushin (LDPR) said “Kommersant” that he did not expect the resignation of the governor. “We all understand that the Kurgan region is a difficult region. Alexey Gennadievich did not shy away from anything, the planned working days were going well. To say that everything was bad is wrong. The deputies didn’t have any serious complaints about the work of the governor, ”says Mr. Yarushin.

The head of the Petersburg Politics Foundation, Mikhail Vinogradov, believes that Alexei Kokorin was among the “governor-middle peasants”. “Special breakthroughs were not expected of him due to low expectations from the potential of the region as a whole, but perhaps the hope of presenting some dynamics existed. Therefore, it turned out that there wasn’t much to fire him for during the gubernatorial term, but there wasn’t much to leave for a new one, ”the expert says.

It should be noted that the Kremlin has been holding a batch of governors for a period of several years: in a short time, resignations and temporary appointments are announced. Political analyst Alexander Kynev says that this series of resignations is carried out taking into account the past elections, where four governors could not win the elections. “A maximum of time is given so that the newcomer can rebuild the control system. A one-year term will increase the recognition of the official, will give to appoint loyal management, - says Mr. Kynev. - Taking into account the general protest wave in the country, the heads were replaced in problem regions. The Queen has image problems - let's recall his ambiguous statements, while Kokorin didn’t have a high rating. ”

Both of the new presidential appointees - Igor Artamonov and Vadim Shumkov - were part of the program of the personnel management reserve of the RANEPA. The graduates of this program in this election were three governors: Dmitry Artyukhov (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), Sergey Nosov (Magadan Region), Vasily Orlov (Amur Region).