Oligarch Konstantin Strukov asked for money from the Chelyabinsk region's budget

The owner of Yuzhuralzolot will build a new GOK instead of reclamation of the Korkino section.
The company Yuzhuralzoloto Konstantin Strukov announced plans to build a mining and processing plant in the Verkhneuralsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. Having not yet developed a project to develop the Southern Kurasan deposit, the company's representatives are asking the regional authorities to finance the construction of the road next to the field, build a power line and a gas pipeline. At the same time, several kilometers from the new site, the oligarch's quarry already operates. In "YUGK" directly declare that the project is unprofitable without budget injections, and experts in the current situation point to the mechanisms of work of Mr. Strukov, who "can pump out profits from enterprises and deposits, and then throws problem workings." In this scenario, events are happening around the Korkinsky coal mine - the Chelyabinsk Coal Company, a businessman is preparing for bankruptcy. Due to this, the oligarch will leave responsibility for reclamation of the quarry with a depth of half a kilometer, which today is called the main problem point in the ecology of the Chelyabinsk region.

LLC "Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies" ("YUGK"), owned by a businessman from the Forbes list, Constantine Strukov, plans for 4 years to invest $ 200 million in the construction of a new ore mining and processing enterprise in the Chelyabinsk region. Representatives of UGK before the start of the project work stated that they need financial support from the region and the municipality. In particular, they asked about participation in the construction of infrastructure for the future combine of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky.

Recall that information on plans for the construction of GOK appeared during the retreat meeting on socio-economic development of the Verkhneuralsky district, which was conducted by the head of the region in the municipality. Then the managing director of Yugske, Roman Berger, told Dubrovsky that the company is developing an investment project for the construction of the plant in the settlement of Gorbunovsky of the Krasninskoye settlement.

According to the information of Pravda UrFO, it is about the development of the South Kurasan ore deposit, the balance reserves of which reach 6.3 tons of gold and 21.7 tons of silver. The license for development of the field was received back in 2007. The production on the site should begin in 2021, otherwise "Yugov" will violate the license agreement. Currently, the company is already mining ore in the Verkhneuralsky region at the West Qurasan quarry, which is also located not far from Gorbunivka.

Meanwhile, in the asset Strukov argue that to start the construction of GOK it is necessary that from the regional and municipal budgets the construction of engineering infrastructure to this site be financed. It should be noted that the company claims that it is dangerous to use the current regional road between Gorbunivka and the Krasninskiy settlement, although now the company uses this route, among other things.

"To start working there, we need to solve the problems with the infrastructure, we need a transfer of the road, because today's road from the 90s does not function fully. Earlier, the quarry collapsed there, the road section collapsed. They made a detour there, but it is necessary to build a full-fledged detour around the dangerous territory, "Roman Berger told Pravda UrFO. The administration of the Verkhneuralsky municipal district explained that this road is of regional importance, which connects the village of Gorbunovsky and the village of Krasinsky. "A small area actually passes along the old quarry, in which miners mined gold in the last century. We do not have the right to allocate funds for the construction of a bypass, since this road is on the balance of the region, "the official explained.

Roman Berger said at the same time that they expected to help build about 20 kilometers of power lines, as well as about 5 kilometers of the gas pipeline. Concerning the same investment project, a representative of Yuganskneftegaz reported that exploration work had been completed, but the GOK construction project was not yet developed. "We are ready to start working, if the authorities help us with the infrastructure, then we will implement this project. Today, if all this is done by ourselves, the project will be unprofitable, "Berger said. At the same time, despite the lack of design documentation for the GOK itself, a project has already been developed for the construction of a bypass road, for which YUGK is counting on budget financing.

Meanwhile, environmentalists and political scientists from the Chelyabinsk region point out that "expecting support from the state for their own business projects is the standard model of Konstantin Strukov's behavior." The most egregious example was the Korkinsky coal mine. Recall, "Chelyabinsk Coal Company" for a long time, "pumped out" profits from mining, creating a quarry depth of 500 meters. The facility has become one of the main environmental problems in the region, as there is a spontaneous combustion of coal all year round, while Chelyabinsk and Korkino suffocate from caustic smoke. Save the situation can only recultivation of the cut. According to the license agreement, it was Strukov who had to conduct it at his own expense, but later the Russian Copper Company also joined the project as a social load. Tailings of enrichment of Tominsky GOK (RMK project) were planned to stabilize and seal the sides of the section. To work on the reclamation project on a parity basis, a joint venture "Promrecultivation" was created.