On the salary of Oleg Deripaska

According to media reports, the “thunderstorm of the oligarchs”, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov received a salary in the “Basic Element” of the aluminum baron.
The cabinet’s resignation gave rise to a rumor that Belousov’s “thunderstorm of oligarchs” could get a post in the new government. However, he is associated with one of the businessmen close to the Kremlin, the Interlocutor found out.

The first vice-premier will be Andrei Belousov, media reported vying last week, citing "sources." In recent years, Belousov was considered an assistant to Vladimir Putin on economics. Unlike other presidential aides, he did not fulfill his role nominally and was considered a person who was actually involved in the decision-making process.

In the Belousov government, if the appointment is made, he will not be a newcomer. He already headed the Department of Economics there since the time of Putin’s premiership, and before that he worked in the Cabinet as Deputy Minister German Gref. Belousov managed to stay for a short while and he himself was in the ministerial chair. He headed the Ministry of Economy in 2012–2013.

There is a biography of the alleged deputy prime minister and the fact of working for billionaire Oleg Deripaska, the Interlocutor recognized. In the zero years, Putin’s assistant, according to the tax, received a salary at the Basic Element company, which is part of the interests of an entrepreneur close to the authorities. What Deripaska paid Belousov for is unknown.

It is curious that the companies of Deripaska did not fall into the scandalous “Belousov list”. This initiative to withdraw 514 billion rubles. excess profits from Russian companies has become his biggest statement in recent years. The oligarchs, of course, were outraged, and the government then rejected the idea.

Although Belousov’s attack on the billionaires was not directly related to Deripaska, he also publicly criticized the initiative, since his Rusal could have suffered slightly due to a decrease in dividends from Norilsk Nickel by Vladimir Potanin.

Indirectly confirmed is the connection between Deripaska and Belousov and their joint participation in events in the ministerial period of the latter.