One and a half billion property will be taken away from friends of Leonid Markelov

A process has begun on the disposal of the alleged property of the former head of Mari El.
The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation asks for more than a hundred real estate and other property worth 1.5 billion rubles to be converted into state revenue. The supervisor considers the accused of receiving a bribe to the former head of the Mari El Republic, Leonid Markelov, as his actual owner. The ex-official himself recognized the ownership of only three apartments and a gold watch, and called the attempt to seize property from a number of commercial firms, including those controlled by his late father’s wife, as “nonsense”. The court refused to interrogate all the alleged witnesses to the defendants, but decided to attract the ex-head of the region, whose currency was withdrawn from bank cells, as a co-defendant.

The Nizhny Novgorod District Court has begun to consider the civil lawsuit of the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding the circulation of property to the state’s income, the real owner of which law enforcement officials consider Leonid Markelov. The most arrested former head of Mari El is now being tried in Nizhny Novgorod on charges of receiving a bribe under the guise of a deal to sell shares of Teplichnoye JSC. The criminal case is adjourned.

In a lawsuit filed by the prosecutor’s office on 30 sheets, the list of property was detailed: more than a hundred land plots, buildings and premises, most of which are located in Mari El, as well as cars and construction equipment with a total value of about 1.5 billion rubles.

According to the plaintiff, all this was acquired through the use of his position by Leonid Markelov for personal purposes. In addition to the ex-official, the defendants in the civil lawsuit are his stepmother Tatyana Markelova, as well as Pamashyaldsky Stone Quarry JSC, 12 Region TV Company, Chuksha Quarry, Cardinal, Voskresensky Park, Mari Cement and other

At the preliminary hearing, the defendants insisted on summoning a number of employees and founders of these companies, as well as witnesses in the criminal case, the interrogation protocols of which were referred to by representatives of the prosecutor's office. However, Judge Anton Simagin refused the Markelovs and legal entities all applications. At the same time, the representative of four commercial companies Oksana Ukhova said that the stone quarry has been operating since 1968, and the building that the prosecutor’s office is trying to seize was built in 1985 and has nothing to do with Leonid Markelov, like the KamAZ trucks and forklifts mentioned in the lawsuit .

LLC “TV Company 12 Region”, controlled by Tatyana Markelova, was the largest developer of Yoshkar-Ola and built copies of famous buildings of world architecture in the center of the capital. The Prosecutor General’s Office also asks for this “tourist cluster”.
“How can I attribute the property of legal entities in which I have never worked and have nothing to do with them, and who built their facilities on loans? This is absurdity and nonsense: my consciousness is not enough to cover the lawsuit of the prosecutor’s office, ”Leonid Markelov said in court. He said that before his leadership of the region he was a rich man and, together with his father, who in Soviet times worked as the head of the department in the USSR Ministry of Agriculture, established three dozen commercial organizations, but it was his former business that the prosecutor’s office was not interested in. Ex-head of Mari El explained that his wife Irina was engaged in construction in the republic on borrowed funds, but in 2012 they divorced, and the ex-wife left to live in London. “We did not share property, since debts of three hundred million hung on societies, Irina was a guarantor of loans, and we were looking for someone to sell all this to. It was impossible to separate all these debts, ”the prisoner said.

As a result, the widow of his father Tatyana Markelova acquired the loaned companies. A pensioner, who began to engage in diversified business in Mari El in 2011, said that she has two higher educations and extensive experience in rural construction since the times of the USSR. “I have strength, the head thinks. Yoshkar-Ola was already beautiful then, and I did not want to abandon the development of the tourism cluster: I took upon myself the responsibility to bear this burden. And now the construction is worth it, incorrectly applied property arrests have brought us at a loss. I have been working alone for 28 months (the former director of TV Company Region 12, Natalya Kozhanova, was arrested together with the ex-governor. - “Kommersant”), leaving a sick husband who is completely paralyzed after three strokes. This is my life, ”Tatyana Markelova complained. According to her, she is ready to provide supporting documentation on the sources of investments at all the constructed facilities. The current director of the television company Dmitry Kudryavtsev noted that the prosecutor’s office requires the impossible, since in its list of property subject to alienation there are land plots under apartment buildings owned by residents.

Leonid Markelov recognized as his property only an apartment in Yoshkar-Ola and two apartments in Moscow - inherited from his parents, as well as acquired on credit long before he occupied the post of head of the republic. He also said that Patek Philippe bought the gold watch seized during the search for about $ 10 thousand back in 1997, then he bought another Rolex gold for the salary of the State Duma deputy, and his classmates presented him with an expensive pen for his birthday. Regarding the cash seized in the criminal case (8.5 million rubles, $ 224 thousand, € 660 thousand and 251 hryvnias), Mr. Markelov definitely could not say anything. He reasoned for a long time that some kind of savings were kept in his apartment, but there was definitely no such amount in currency, and it was clearly less in rubles, so you need to study the search protocols: what was taken from which apartment. “Where did the hryvnia come from, I don’t know at all, I’ve never been to Ukraine,” the defendant added. From the explanations of the representatives of the prosecutor's office, it turned out that most of the euro was withdrawn from the rented bank cells of a childhood friend of ex-official Alexander Shilov. The court decided to attract him as co-defendant in the case so that the currency owner could clarify its origin.

Mr. Markelov and other defendants asked to postpone the civil process until the completion of the criminal proceedings, then the ex-head of Mari El asked for a break to heal in the pre-trial detention center. However, the judge scheduled the main hearing for August 14, setting a schedule of three trials per week. Advocates of the former governor suggest that the decision on the suit of the Prosecutor General will be made until September 9, when after the break the criminal process will resume on charges of Leonid Markelov.