One of the brothers Magomedov refused from family

The co-owner of the Suma group Magomed Magomedov considers it improper to accuse him of involvement in an organized criminal community. According to him, he practically did not communicate with his brother Ziyavudin Magomedov in 2014.
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A former member of the Federation Council Magomed Magomedov said that he does not communicate with his brother, Ziyavudin Magomedov, since late 2014. The brothers do not support the communication "either by phone or by correspondence," the ex-senator said during hearings in the Moscow City Court, where a complaint was considered to arrest the defendants in the criminal case of embezzlement in the Zayavudin Magomedov's "Summa" group, RBC correspondent reports. But several weeks before his arrest, Ziyavudin warned his brother about the interest of law enforcement agencies in Summa, however, Magomed Magomedov already knew about it.

"I have been assigned a key role in the hierarchy of some organized criminal community together with my own brother. I want to say something that few people know, but about 30-40 people can confirm: from the end of 2014 I, unfortunately, did not communicate with my brother at all. Neither by phone nor by correspondence, no way. The only time we met was there were four or five meetings in mid-2016, when we specified my exit from the Suma building block, "the suspect said.

"My relative is a fairly successful businessman, but he had one terribly unsuccessful business - that very building block. We parted with him not because he was bringing something out of there, but because I did not like the way out of the problems that he had chosen. His policy was wrong, and mistakes sometimes are worse than crimes. He always threw money in there. I thought that this topic should be closed and sold these companies or merge with someone, "- said Magomedov.

The next time the brothers met only in March 2018 in the office of Transneft, Magomedov said: "We have one common asset - the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. We are both shareholders there. He was decided to sell. I did not participate in this negotiation process, but our partner said that my presence is required, because it is necessary to sign papers. And I came to several meetings. "

"Then he told me, and for me it was no secret (I also have the opportunity to receive information from law enforcement agencies) that there is interest of law enforcement agencies in these companies [the building block]," said Magomedov. - He told me why he does not consider this a crime, because each of these deals is brought to a logical conclusion and if there is damage, he is ready to close it. And all these structures are built. The Kaliningrad stadium is functioning and, as I heard on the radio a few days ago, was inaugurated. "

Of all the defendants in the case of the theft of Magomedov, in addition to his brother, he is only familiar with the former CEO of GlobalElectroservice Eldar Nagaplov, he said. "GlobalElectroservice" was part of the "Sum" and is mentioned in a number of episodes of the criminal case. According to Magomedov, it was from the accounts of this company that the brothers transferred funds for charity needs: the restoration of the St. Daniel's Monastery, the Kronstadt Cathedral, the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater and other projects. "We spent several times more than the amount that is attributed to us as stolen. There were projects in which I had obligations to people deeply respected by me, these are the first persons of the state. And now we are charged that we withdrew money from this company, "the suspect concluded.

The brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov were detained on March 31, and then arrested on suspicion of creating a criminal group, fraud and embezzlement. They are charged with embezzlement from the federal and regional budgets for a total of 2.5 billion rubles. On Monday, April 16, the court upheld the decision to arrest Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov. Until May 30, they will be in jail. Another person involved in the case is the head of Intex, a member of the Summa group, Artur Maksidov. The decision of the Moscow City Court also left him under arrest.