One of the four suits of Leonid Lebedev to Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik rejected

The next hearing on the case on $2 billion will be held in early 2016.
The lawsuit, Leonid Lebedev, in which he accuses Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik fraud, the Supreme Court of New York has not accepted due to the expired statute of limitations, according to the court materials (documents is at the disposal of "Vedomosti"). The remaining three cases the court accepted and ordered a preliminary hearing on January 13, 2016, Lebedev told "Vedomosti".

Court asks for documents from the parties in order to deal with aspects of the case, Lebedev said. According to him, he was put under pressure: "Pressure is the prosecution representative group of" Synthesis "in the Board of Directors of TGC-2, where I am soaktsionerom" (see incision.).

The representative of Vekselberg declined to comment, and a representative of Blavatnik questions "Vedomosti" yesterday did not answer. Earlier Blavatnik told Financial Times, that the complaint "is not baseless." One of the four suits Leonid Lebedev to Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik rejected
The next hearing on the case on the $ 2 billion will be held in early 2016.

In February 2014, Leonid Lebedevóðal in US court against the Blavatnik and Vekselberg. He claimed that the defendants was a partner with a share of 15% in OGIP, which, in turn, controlled 12.5% ​​stake in TNK-BP. Agreement on the establishment OGIP they signed in 2001. "It was then laid the foundation of the joint venture on the basis of OGIP. We met to fix my share. We agreed that I have in the joint venture will be 15%, and Len Blavatnik and Viktor Vekselberg - by 42.5%. Based on these documents, as well as taking into account the actions of partners in the execution of agreements conditions, I am confident that the good prospects of the claim ", - Lebedev said in an interview with" Vedomosti "in February 2014

From court documents that Lebedev received from partners promissory note for $ 200 million. TNK-BP has been sold "Rosneft" in March 2013 Lebedev believes that from this transaction is owed at least $ 2 billion. Vekselberg and Blavatnik tried in the High Court in London prohibit Lebedev sue them in US. Lebedev told "Vedomosti" that he could file a lawsuit before, but would not affect the relationship between TNK-BP shareholders. "; Sometimes you can not [rather than] get much break "- he points out: all this time, the company's capitalization has grown. "We have a very strong position, which is supported by serious argument and relies on documents", - said the representative of the businessman.

Lebedev is ready to go to the world: "An important aspect to be taken into account in the world - is the work of my partners in TNK-BP. They participated with their work, which is not to evaluate the salary. I believe that their personal contribution to the company's capitalization, in particular the contribution Vekselberg, should be taken into account. They should get some kind of award for that. This is true".

At the trial could take about two years, says partner "Yukov and Partners" Mark Karetin. If Lebedev wins the case, the court may impose a penalty on defendants' assets in the US (if any). For the execution of the decision on the territory of Russia will take another recognition of the decision of the American court Russia, he adds. Blavatnik takes 41 th place on the Forbes list (the state - $ 18.6 billion), Vekselberg - 73 th ($ 14.2 billion).