Online Russian economy slowed its growth

At the end of 2015, the volume of the Internet industry amounted to almost 2 trillion rubles.
The total volume of the Russian economy of the Internet industry and e-payments in 2015 amounted to 1.94 trillion rubles., Calculated to the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC). Strong influence on the Internet economy in the past year has provided an economic crisis: the growth rate fell by almost half.

The volume of online content and services markets by the end of 2015 increased by almost 24% to 1.35538 ​​trillion rubles., While the volume of electronic payments rose by 23.5%, to 588 billion rubles., According to the annual study "Economics Runet" held RAEC. Thus, the entire online Russian economy is more than 1.94 trillion rubles., Which is equivalent to 2.4% of GDP. The amount of "Internet-dependent markets" already comparable with 19% of Russia's GDP, estimates RAEC. At the end of 2014 the contribution of Russia's Internet economy in GDP was equivalent to 2.2% of GDP, and the volume of "Internet-dependent markets" - 16% of GDP.

But the pace of economic growth Runet in 2015 fell (the year before the content and services market grew by 46%, while electronic payments - at 36%.) The slowdown of the Russian Internet business expected to RAEC back in 2014. Even in the major markets- Sales and advertising - experts say the complete dependence of the rate of growth of the economic situation in Russia and people's purchasing power, that is, from the external to the internet factors.

Experts polled RAEC traditionally evaluated in the study segments of advertising and marketing infrastructure market (software as a service, cloud infrastructure, hosting and domains), e-commerce (online retail sales of travel services and tickets for transport, here also include electronic payments) and market digital content (music, video, games, books). Online retail grew by 13% to 315.3 billion rubles. (+ 29% in 2014), Online-Travel - also by 13% to 315.3 billion rubles. (+ 43% in 2014).

At the same time more and more users are purchasing and payment experience of the goods on the Internet: cashless payment methods on the Internet used 69%. Growing quality and speed of delivery through investment in logistics - both private companies and the improvement of "Mail of Russia", ascertain in RAEC. So, in 2015, "Russian Post" has delivered almost twice as many goods from online stores than in 2014 thy, and four and a half times more than 2013 m. Online Travel segment in general, "has experienced unprecedented influence of external factors": the launch of bankruptcy proceedings of one of the largest airlines - "Transaero", a ban on tourist flights to Egypt and Turkey are listed in the association. "But the damage caused by them could in part to smooth development of domestic tourism," - follows from the report.

Segment content was 80.5 billion rubles., Which is 15% more than in 2014. According to the forecast, in 2016 "context" will exceed 100 billion rubles., An increase of 27%. display advertising market last year and has not recovered, showing a fall of 10%, to 19.8 billion rubles. But at the same time there is a growing video advertising - 4.6 billion (21%). "Innovation is the segment of content marketing, which follows the changes in the market and the emergence of search engine optimization services to promote in social networks and app stores: it amounted to 20.1 billion rubles. (Decreased yoy by 1.5%), "- noted in RAEC.

Sales of digital content - games, videos, music and books - collectively grew 13% in 2015. segment andp increased by 14%, to 46.7 billion rubles, video -. 9%, to 3.8 billion rubles, music -. 6%, to 2.33 billion rubles. Driver of growth are the books: their sales increased by 67% and amounted to 1.61 billion rubles. Development forecasts for 2016 Moderate: experts expect the growth of an average of 10%.

In the infrastructure sector, the Internet economy more than any other segment in 2015 increased the volume of the market of SaaS-solutions (Software as a Service) - by 25%, to 6.6 billion rubles. cloud infrastructure market volume amounted to 22.6 billion rubles. (Previously not considered in the study RAEC). Growth has also shown: domain market - 2.7 billion rubles. (+ 3.85%), the hosting industry - 5.9 billion rubles. (+ 6%), web development - 25.4 billion rubles. (+ 5%).

A feature of the past year has been to increase the penetration of smartphones and available for their applications and services. "Audience Runet grows almost exclusively by mobile users," - pay attention to RAEC. There are reminded that the mobile internet at least once a month are about 62 million Russians. In almost all segments of the mobile component accounts for at least one fourth of the market, and in some segmentsx, such as services and digital content, the proportion reaches 80-90%, "with the proportion of users or customers with mobile devices confidently approaching 40%", according to a study.