Part admission in the case of the Falcon crash

An action was taken against Vnukovo airport, recognized as a victim in the case, for the death of a flight attendant.
In Solntsevsky District Court of Moscow on Thursday began hearing the merits of the criminal case about the crash in October 2014 in the Moscow airport Vnukovo aircraft Falcon 50, which was carrying the President of Total Christophe de Margerie and three crew members of the international oil and gas company. In the dock of five people, including three manager and two employees of the aerodrome services. One of the accused admits guilt in full, one - part, and the rest insist on his innocence.

Getting the case of one of the biggest air crashes of recent years caused a huge stir. So just two halls have been prepared in Solntsevsky court. In one trial was held, and in the next TV broadcast was carried out for those who could not get inside. The meeting was chaired by Judge Constantine Shelepova began the usual practice with a representative of the Prosecutor General's announcement of the indictment, which took about an hour. All five defendants were asked to express their attitude to the charge - in "violation of safety rules and operation of the airof transport, on imprudence entailed death of two or more persons "(Part 3 of Article 263 of the Criminal Code.). Three members of the Vnukovo center of air traffic management (ATM), a branch of the Moscow Center of automated air traffic management FSUE." State ATM Corporation "- head of flights Novel Dunayev, the dispatcher start control point, Alexander Kruglov and manager taxiing Hope Arkhipova - pleaded not guilty Workers aerodrome service of JSC "Vnukovo Airport" have taken another position driver of a snowplow, Vladimir Martynenko, illegally left on a runway (runway) and became immediate.. culprit of the collapse of the Falcon, who caught his wing during takeoff, fully admitted his guilt at the same time his immediate supervisor -. shift Supervisor ground service department operating Vladimir Ledenev which should control the actions Martynenko, - has declared that it recognizes the blame "in part within accusation against. "

After that, the judge had to consider Shelepova two petitions. The first ofbraschenie did the Russian representative of her husband who died in a plane crash stewardess Vervelya Patrick, who asked to recognize his client as a civil plaintiff in the case. Interestingly, the respondents of the deceased husband of a young woman called not the defendants, and the Vnukovo Airport, and ATM Civil Code, requiring them to € 300 thousand. Compensation. In this earlier Vnukovo Airport TFR he has been recognized as a civil plaintiff and the defendants demanded reparations for the mangled car, snow tools, as well as the costs associated with clearing the runway after the accident. It is interesting that in the case file, "b" according to sources close to the investigation, the damage that has been caused to the car-snowthrower produced in 2008, was ranked "suspected" of 1 million rubles., But there was no accurate assessment is made. This was the reason for the appeal of lawyers of the defendants in the Prosecutor General's Office, but there are consequences of the assumptions considered relevant law. Meanwhile, CC and ATM until Thursday did not was no party in the investigation. Nevertheless, the court has attached a civil lawsuit to content. Thus, a paradoxical situation: the Vnukovo Airport, formerly Priznany consequence of the plaintiff, and at the same time became possible defendant in the case.

The second petition said the lawyers of the accused, demanded from the court to remove the restriction on the distribution of the data of the case file. Previously, such subscription lawyers took investigators. As I told "Kommersant" in its time advocates felt that such a measure violates the right to the protection of their customers, eliminating the possibility of consultation with independent experts, and challenged it in court. Then they were denied, and later the Moscow City Court confirmed this decision.

Meanwhile, the judge considered Shelepov defense motion devoid of legal meaning and denied it, explaining that the hearings are public. "The solution is very ambiguous," - said "Kommersant" lawyer Igor Cherneckii Roman Dunayev. According to him, a subscription to disclose preliminary investigation the court has not canceled, although the data declared open investigation. Defender Alexander Kruglov Oleg Babich, who is also the head of the legal service of the Federal Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers Russia, said, "Kommersant" that as of July 29 the court scheduled toI grew one of the key witnesses - the head of the aerodrome service Vnukovo Mr. Belousov, as well as exploring some of the documents of the criminal case. After that, as expected, the judge Shelepov go on vacation, and the next meeting will take place only on 15 September.