Payments to top managers of a loss making Rosgosstrakh in 2017 increased 3.5 times

The Central Bank regrets, but nothing can be done.
The former owners of Rosgosstrakh before the transfer of control over the company to FC Otkrytie in August 2017, in agreement with the former management, received increased bonuses, said Vladimir Chistyukhin, deputy chairman of the Central Bank: "Contracts were signed, and this was the situation when the previous owners, while continuing to exercise control over the company, they practically paid these payments before they left, "said Chistyukhin (hereinafter TASS quotes).

Remuneration of key management personnel of Rosgosstrakh in 2017 grew more than threefold to 370.4 million rubles. against 103.9 million a year earlier, follows from the consolidated reporting of the insurer. It specifies that the remuneration relies on general directors, their deputies and advisers of the group companies.

"Rosgosstrakh" in 2017 received a record loss - 55.6 billion rubles., Follows from the reporting of the insurer. Last year was the most difficult for him in the whole history, said the general director of Rosgosstrakh Nikolaus Fry. Last year, FC Otkritie provided financial assistance to the insurer for 106 billion rubles.

Danil Khachaturov

former main shareholder of Rosgosstrakh

Rosgosstrakh did not have a single borrowed penny! And to steal from yourself, you can come up with an easier way than to put on this 15 years of life and hundreds of billions of rubles.

Chistyukhin complained that there are no possibilities to return the paid remuneration: at the time of its payment, such a norm was not in the legislation. Such a rule appeared in the law on the rehabilitation of insurers adopted in 2018, Chistyukhin added. Formally, Rosgosstrakh, despite the problems and financial injections of the shareholder, was not sanitized: the central bank took it together with the banks and pension funds of the Otkritie group to its Fund for the Consolidation of the Banking Sector.

Who paid whom to whom?

In 2017, the "Rosgosstrakh" twice changed owners, and with them and the management team. In February, the long-term owner of the insurance company Danil Khachaturov sold it to the bank "FC Otkritie", which in late August itself went under the control of the Central Bank.

Whom Chistyukhin had in mind when talking about the payments made by the previous owners, it was not possible to find out.

"A significant part of these funds is contractual payments to the previous management. They were implemented before the new management company joined the company, "the Rosgosstrakh press service said in response to a request from Vedomosti, but it did not specify which management was involved.

Khachaturov told Vedomosti that in the days of his ownership of the company (until February 2017), there were no such payments to top managers, and contracts with them did not provide for the payment of "parachutes". Apparently, as part of the complete replacement of the team (and these are hundreds of top managers), the new leaders paid the dismissed employees compensation under standard employment contracts by agreement of the parties, Khachaturov suggested.

Aleksey Karakhan, from January to August 2017, headed the board of the "Opening of the Holding", which controlled FC Opening, declined to comment.