People without white coats came to the United Medical Systems

The company was ransacked, and group management is suspected of fraud on an especially large scale.
Law enforcement officers searched and seized documents from the United Medical Systems (OMS) group of companies, according to the online publication Vademecum. As the correspondent of the publication, who became an accidental witness of the investigative actions, specified, searches and seizure of documents took place in the head office of the group on Mira Avenue in Moscow. After the search, employees of the compulsory medical insurance were questioned, Vademecum notes.

The chairman of the board of directors of the MHI, Pavel Bogomolov, confirmed to Vedomosti on October 30 that searches at the group’s offices, as well as interrogations of management and face-to-face meetings with the participation of doctors, were held. According to Bogomolov, the charges against the company are unfounded. Vedomosti is awaiting comments from the investigative department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region.

The clinic underwent five inspections of the control and audit department of the territorial compulsory health insurance fund, and nothing of the kind was revealed. One of the eight patients, who, according to law enforcement authorities, “did not exist,” admitted that she was forced to give false testimony, said Bogomolov. Subsequently, she stated that she was indeed undergoing treatment for hepatitis and brought thanks to the doctor, he said. According to Bogomolov, his detention is possible, but unlikely.

Anatoly Makhson, the head of the oncology department of the MHC ML, also confirmed to Vedomosti that searches and interrogations were conducted on October 30. According to him, this is connected with the case of 2017. Which one, he did not specify.

OMS lawyer Yuri Mezhenkov told Vademecum that searches were carried out by employees of the Economic Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow Region. Searches were also conducted at the place of residence of company executives, he added.

According to investigators, in 2017–2018. in the compulsory medical insurance, out of the 5000 who received medical care, eight were not actually eight. The funds spent on their treatment were allegedly assigned by the group’s management, Mezhenkov said. Searches and seizure of documents were carried out as part of a case instituted under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on an especially large scale). The suspects in the case are the group’s president Nadezhda Shub and the general director of one of the network’s medical centers (MC “Harmony”) Evgenia Smaznova, the lawyer said. According to him, top managers are detained. On Friday, November 1, the Mytishchi court of Moscow will choose a preventive measure for them. Mezhenkov believes that in the near future they can detain Bogomolov.

OMS Group of Companies was established in 2018 by Nadezhda Shub, a former manager of the Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute named after M.F. Vladimirsky (MONIKI) and a network of clinics "Medsi". The group has 10 clinics that are located in Moscow, Mytishchi, Schelkovo, Kolomna and Reutov. According to the group, the total revenue in 2018 amounted to 867 million rubles.