Petr Poroshenko went to rest from the investigation

The ex-president of Ukraine is pursued by a former lawyer of the administration of Viktor Yanukovych.
According to the head of the State Bureau of Investigation (RRG) of Ukraine, Roman Truby, the ex-president Petro Poroshenko is involved in 11 criminal proceedings, but deviates from the investigation. He “chose a strange tactic of information protection” and “stubbornly denies reality,” Trub wrote on July 30 in his Telegram channel. At the moment, Poroshenko is abroad. He flew with his family on July 28, first to Istanbul, and from there to Dubai. Some of the relatives of the former president left Ukraine even earlier. His current whereabouts are unknown.

From media materials it follows that Poroshenko did not appear at the interrogation appointed on July 25. He offered Trube to negotiate the day before, but he refused. “He says that the director of the state security unit should not interfere in the course of the investigation, and goes to my office, together with a people's deputy, a press secretary and a security guard, demanding an interrogation here and now,” Poroshenko’s head commented on the behavior. According to the statement of Poroshenko’s lawyer Igor Golovan, his client does not have the status of a suspect, but passes through the initiated cases as a witness.

The author of the most high-profile statements in the GDI on Poroshenko is Andrei Portnov, the former head of the General Department for the Judicial System at the Presidential Administration Viktor Yanukovych. After the change of power, he went first to Russia, then to Austria. He returned to Ukraine only shortly before the oath of Vladimir Zelensky in May of this year, and the next day he turned to the RRG with the first statement against Poroshenko in treason. According to the applicant, on November 25, 2018, Poroshenko provoked the Russians to seize the three ships of the Ukrainian Navy in order to impose martial law in the country and thereby postpone the election date and restrict a number of constitutional rights of citizens.

The second case, also initiated by Portnov, accuses Poroshenko of money laundering and tax evasion when selling them to the Kuznya na Rybalsky shipyard. The third statement filed by Portnov at the State Security Bureau related to the “Direct” TV channel, which Poroshenko “took over as part of an organized criminal group for the purpose of money laundering and withdrawal of funds through offshore”.

Portnov Poroshenko did not immediately respond to the charges. Only in July, he announced a leak from the RRT of data that should be protected by law. Portnov these statements denied.

Another applicant for Poroshenko is deputy Dmitry Kryuchkov. He accused Poroshenko of coordinating the criminal privatization scheme of the company Centrenergo, which resulted in the embezzlement of state funds in the amount of 6 billion UAH.

"Channel 360" quotes Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky, who believes that Poroshenko's departure looks like an "escape". According to the chairman of the board of the Kiev Center for Applied Political Studies "Penta" Volodymyr Fesenko, Poroshenko, "may be insured," but there is no good reason for this. The expert recalled that the Criminal Procedure Code (CCP) of Ukraine has fundamental differences from the Russian one. “Criminal proceedings” (and not a criminal case), in which Poroshenko is now involved, can be opened on any application and means only the investigation process. "There are no direct charges [against Poroshenko] or the evidence necessary for the arrest in the public space," he added. According to the expert, a high official of one of the law enforcement structures told him that “in Ukraine, in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, it is impossible to plant a single large official or politician”. The reason - at the institute of a cash deposit, Fesenko explains.

Pressing Portnova, according to Fesenko, can mean "a thirst for revenge." Portnov, according to RBC-Ukraine, is a “long-standing friend” of the head office of Zelensky, Andrey Bogdan. The motives of the actions of the head of the Main Directorate of the Pipe are less clear, says Fesenko: “Some speak about the chain Trub - Portnov - Bogdan, but it is also possible that he wants to make a name for himself or show what can be loyal and useful to Zelensky.” President Zelensky himself is hardly behind the pressure on Poroshenko - he does not yet have control over the necessary structures, the expert adds. “We have a strong political pluralism, nothing is subordinated to one person,” says Fesenko.