Police raided the ex-owner of PIK Group on the fraud case

The documents were seized in the National Non-Metal Company, and before that, in the mansion of Yuri Zhukov in Nikolina Gora.
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Yesterday, the company's former owner, the founder of PIK Group and Chairman of the National Board of Directors of non-metal (NOC) Yuri Zhukov were searched, according to sources "News" in the police. In the "News" Moscow police said that they were carried out in the framework of an investigation under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale"). The NOC said that nothing about the searches do not know. However, this is not the first time that the police are interested in Mr. Zhukov, last week the operational activities with the notch documents were held at Nikolina Gora, in the village of "tall pines", where he has a house.

Yuri Zhukov, now controls the NOC, which in a series of transactions gained control of Europe's largest producer of crushed granite, which is located in the Voronezh region, - the company "Pavlovskgranit". A year ago, it has opened a criminal investigation into fraud with shares of this company, as well as extortion of its ex-owner Sergei Poymanova 9% of the shares.

The company is considered to be strategic, because he eatss own capacities for the production of explosives, besides it is urban development. As the annual report of the NOC in 2013, sales volume amounted to 15.2 thousand. T, to 7.4 billion rubles. Net profit was 20.5 million rubles. According to "SPARK-Interfax", the founder of the company - Cyprus offshore "En-BAC National agregeyt Company Limited." Mr. Zhukov though is the chairman of the NOC Board of Directors, but does not own shares of the company and deals with them in the last year did not commit, according to a report of the company. In total, according to the database SPARK, Mr. Zhukov, head of six companies and co-owner in seven.

The biggest asset of Yuri Zhukov, until recently, was a group of PIK, the proportion in which it is sold in the autumn of last year, the amount of the transaction were not disclosed. In 2012, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $ 450 million.

Sergey Poymanov passes in the case of victims. His company "Pavlovskgranit-invest" in August 2008, took credit for 5.6 billion rubles from Sberbank bail "Pavlovskgranita", and a year later was not able to pay the bills. The businessman offered restruktrizirovat debt, but the proposal did not suit him, since in return it was necessary to pay 51% of the shares and the business could lose. As a result, Poymanova had to pay 36% of the shares "Pavlovskgranita" by the court in 2011. This package "Pavlovskgranita", and then the rest of its shares with Poymanova debts inherited structures associated with the NOC. Then Sberbank to refinance the new owner "Pavlovskgranita".

The litigation lasted two years and was accompanied by a series of bankruptcies and criminal cases, as a result of control of the asset received LLC "Atlantic". It was claimed that the owners of this company NOCs were, however, in the database SPARK is listed among the founders of the Cyprus offshore company, and the company itself is listed liquidated. Lenders eventually created two "daughters" "Pavlovskgranita" - "Pavlovsk Neruda" and "Pavlovsk Promvzryv".

As the NOC report for 2013, between the "Atlantic" (the debtor), NOC (new debtor) and Sberbank (the lender) concluded a loan agreement, according to which not more than 3.8 billion rubles 100% of the shares "Pavlovsk Neruda" and "PaSylow Promvzryv "moved to the NOC. The deal was approved by the Board of Directors. Now "Pavlovsk Neruda" on the official website of the company is listed as one of the enterprises of the company.

- According Poymanov, he kidnapped shares for 3.5 billion rubles - it's about 36% of the shares owned by LLC "Vitara", which owned Poymanov. Chain was a complex, specific suspects in the case is not a criminal case instituted on the fact against unidentified persons, - said an informed source in the Interior Ministry. - However, it is possible that in the near future and will be searched in most PIC, owned by Zhukov.

According to investigators, Poymanova forced to pay for the debts in shares, not allowing to restructure the debt. According to his official statement to the police, as a result of the machinations of the stock moved direct competitor - NOCs, and the head of which is owned by Zhukov.

And Yuri Zhukov and Sergei Poymanov unavailable for comment. Sources in their environment they say that they are not in Russia. Meanwhile, official complaints to Mr. Zhukov is not - it did not take a subscription on nevyezde because it has no status in the criminal case. The NOC "Izvestia" reported that nothing about the searches do not know Zhukov himself is on vacation, to provide official comment could not.