Polina Yumasheva did not forgive Deripaska Rybka

A representative of Polina Yumasheva confirmed her divorce from Oleg Deripaska, which occurred more than a year ago.
Oleg Deripaska, co-owner of the En + energy holding company, divorced Polina Deripaska, the representative of the latter told Vedomosti. It happened “more than a year” ago. After the divorce, Polina took the maiden name Yumashev, her representative added. Other details of the source "Vedomosti" not reported.

Rumors about the divorce of the couple have been around for several years. But so far none of the parties have officially confirmed them.

The representative of En + declined to comment, and the representative of Oleg Deripaska did not answer the question "Vedomosti". But on the En + website in the section on the shareholder structure of the holding, it is indicated that 6.75% of the company’s shares belong to Deripaska’s “former family members”. Who is this - En + does not disclose.

Votes on the package of former family members independent trust, according to En +. This was one of the conditions set by the US Foreign Investment Authority for Foreign Investment Control (OFAC) to remove En + from US sanctions. On April 6, 2018, the United States imposed sanctions on a number of Russian companies and individuals. Deripaska suffered the most. He himself and eight of his companies were included in the sanction lists, including En + and then owned by 47% (now 50.1%) of UC Rusal. Both companies in the beginning of this year were withdrawn from the sanctions in exchange for reducing the share of Deripaska in En + to 45%. And he can vote only 35%.

Polina Yumasheva is the daughter of Valentin Yumashev, the former head of the presidential administration of Russia Boris Yeltsin. She married Oleg Deripaska in 2001, they have a son and a daughter.

In the spring of 2018, Forbes magazine estimated Oleg Deripaska’s fortune at $ 6.9 billion. He took 19th place in the ranking of Russia's richest businessmen.

Whether Polina got any assets of her ex-husband is unknown. The spouses did not enter into a marriage contract before the wedding, she told Vedomosti in 2008: "It seems to me that this is not very accepted in Russia." Yumasheva, according to Forbes, owns Forward Media Group and shares in the company LAM Publishing, which manages the projects Look At Media.

But in October 2017, Polina Deripaska (now Yumasheva) became the owner of 6.9% of En + shares. The company announced this before the IPO in the prospectus for investors. Total family members of a businessman owned 13%. The company did not disclose details. The memorandum only stated that Polina Deripaska (now Yumasheva) received the paper during the additional issue of shares. And Oleg Deripaska could at any time buy them. After the IPO, the share of Deripaska family members decreased to 11.4%, including Polina Deripaska (now Yumasheva) - to 6.05%.

On the first day of En + trading on the London Stock Exchange, the company's capitalization was $ 7.3 billion. Thus, the package of Polina Deripaska (now Yumasheva) cost about $ 440 million. After the imposition of sanctions, it fell to $ 186 million, and after successfully implementing the plan for the conclusion of En + i- under the sanctions, he again went up in price and is now estimated at about $ 310 million.

“It is unlikely that the Deripaska couple’s divorce is connected with sanctions - restrictions on the entrepreneur were imposed after the dissolution of the marriage, according to the words of the representative of Yumasheva,” said Denis Frolov, a partner of BMS Law Firm. But the share in En + Polina Deripaska (now Yumasheva) just could get before the upcoming divorce proceedings. “Retreat in the form of a share in business is a normal practice,” indicates Frolov. “In fact, 6% do not give the right to influence management, but provide a steady income if the company pays dividends.”