Polonsky was refused a plea bargain in Russia

The Investigation Department of the Russian Interior Ministry has decided to refuse an appeal for plea bargain from businessman Sergei Polonsky, who was internationally wanted and hid in Cambodia, informed "Interfax" on Friday referring to the businessman's lawyer Alexander Karabanov.
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"The investigator Oleg F. Silchenko referred to the fact that they are willing to consider this matter in person in the office of Polonsky Silchenko as the arrested", - quotes agency the words.

Karabanov lawyer explained that Polonsky expressed willingness to return voluntarily to the territory of Russia only if the change the measure of restraint to any other, is not connected with imprisonment. According to counsel, the Criminal Procedure Code allows the first change the measure of restraint, and then back to the arrival of the accused in the country.

Defender stressed that plans to re-submit an application for a pre-trial agreement, but in the name of the Attorney General of Russia.

On Thursday, the Russian Interior Ministry's press service informed the agency that the Investigation Department will consider the issue of changing the measure of restraint Polonsky only when he arrives in the country and will be the investigator to testify on charges of embezzlement in the construction of residential complex "Kutuzov mile".

The Interior Ministry stressed that not received an official request from the Polonskyabout a deal with the justice system. On assurance of the press-service agency, about two weeks ago for the total e-mail Ministry of Internal Affairs received a letter allegedly signed by Polonsky, with a request to change the measure of restraint. "However, the delivery method and the signature itself is highly questionable," - said in the press center.

As of December 31, 2012 to April 3, 2013 Polonsky was in prison in Cambodia, where he and his two friends are accused of illegal imprisonment of Cambodian sailors and the captain of the ship on which they traveled to the island to celebrate the New Year. In April, a court released him on bail of $ 50,000 and on his own recognizance. Some time later it became known that the businessman violated the subscription and went beyond Cambodia. He spent some time in Israel, where he submitted the documents to be granted citizenship. In mid-August Polonsky suddenly he left Israel, citing fears for their safety, and returned to Cambodia. Attorney Diana Tatosov Polonsky said the businessman received citizenship of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

In Russia Polonsky June 14 was in absentia predyavLeno indictment in a case involving fraud in the construction of residential complex. According to investigators, he stole more than 5.7 billion rubles, the participants shared construction residential complex "Kutuzov mile". Suffered from his actions are recognized more than 80 shareholders. Tver Court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest in absentia Polonsky, Interpol announced it to the international wanted list.