Premier League: who Alexey Khotin dreams to become

Khotin's business success his competitors often explain by his ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends is said to be Boris Gryzlov.
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In autumn 2014 designer Anastasia Zadorina organized before the circus on the colored Boulevard share on the exchange of items imported clothes on her T-shirt with the words "In the coffin, I saw your approval", "Poplar is not afraid of sanctions", "Sanctions? Do not tell my Iskander "(photo of Anna Semenovich in a T-shirt blew social networks). The queue was huge - share advertised on billboards all over Moscow. Among the sponsors Zadorina - structure Alexei Khotin 95, this year for the first time got in the Forbes list.

Belarusian businessman, over the past 20 years, who gathered in the Russian state $ 900 million, is now a Russian citizen. But startup Zadorina it supports not only for patriotic reasons. Anastasia - daughter of the president of the sports club "Dynamo", Head of the Service to ensure activities of the FSB of Russia Mikhail Shekinah. Business success Khotina competitors often attributed to the ability to build relationships with influential people. Is it so?

General Help

"Young businessman, not pretentious, goes without protection", - says Alexei Khotin about for a long time knows his banker. friendFirst acquaintance recalls that met him on the sidelines of the Petersburg Economic Forum and the international exhibition MIPIM in Cannes. Khotina surrounded by a large entourage, but they were not guards, and top managers of his many companies. Alex Hawtin, who is now 41 years old, one of the largest metropolitan real estate developers, the owner of the bank "Yugra" and a number of oil assets. Belarusian businessmen Alexei and Yuri Hawtin (in recent years, the case is one Alex, son) doing business in Moscow for 20 years, but few people know them in person.

As a high patrons Hawtin called different people: the wife of Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina 65, the Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, the former head of the Interior Ministry in Moscow, Vladimir Pronin.

"For Hawtin is [ex-speaker of the State Duma Boris] Gryzlov," - said the member of the list, Forbes, working with them in the same market.

Familiar Khotina told of Forbes, which Gryzlov, who has long headed the "United Russia" and friends from school with Security Council Secretary and former head of the FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, happened, he called bankers to persuade them to give loansCOMP ANIES Hawtin.

Find out what it looks like Hawtin, Jr., and was unable to Forbes. Several interlocutors pointed at his photos from a football match in the Institute of the Ministry of Interior, where Boris Gryzlov in the form of "Dinamo" embraces with top managers of the bank "Yugra". Boris Gryzlov - the head of the mini-football "Dynamo" the board of trustees. Bank Owned Khotin "Ugra" - the title sponsor of the club.

Alexei himself Hawtin after the issue of assistance to the former Minister of Internal Affairs, with whom he was photographed talking with Forbes turned quickly, "To me somewhere to play football ?! I find it funny". And indignantly demanded to know where the journalist his phone. Boris Gryzlov to comment for this article refused.

As Hawtin could meet with Gryzlov? In March 2003, Minsk hosted a friendly football match between the teams of Veterans MIA of Russia and Belarus. The Ministers also took to the field: for the Russian played Boris Gryzlov, for neighbors - Vladimir Naumov. According to Forbes source close to Hawtin, between the heads of the Interior Ministry struck up a sort of friendship.

Since 2008, the eldest son of the Belarusian Presidiothat Viktor Lukashenko began to establish control over the law enforcement agencies and dozens of security officials were arrested, freeing his proteges. In April 2009, General Naumov, nearly 10 years headed the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs and head of the Presidential Security Service, retired and moved to Russia. "In Belarus officials with a conflict with top officials do not give to do business, and in Russia they are due," - explains the Belarusian political analyst Nikolai Sergeyev. In Moscow, the former general began to help his countrymen. "Working in the Interior Ministry, Naumov was closely associated with the former head of the Interior Ministry of Russia Boris Gryzlov, who also started helping Hawtin", - said a source close to the Khotin. After moving to Moscow business Naumov Belarusian businessmen acquired a different scale.

Kings estate

In the 1990s, Hawtin bought in Moscow factories, rebuilt them in business centers and leased. "Hawtin chose clear niche: take comprehensive enterprise with a lot of buildings and created the entire business parks," - says the top manager of one of theankov creditor.


Now Hawtin with partners owns about 2 million square feet. meters of real estate, rental income from several tens business centers, according to Forbes estimated at $ 325 million per year.

But there is no single holding company. In the late 2000s, Alex Hawtin presented as president of the group "Complex investment" companies, and later the name was dropped. The group includes dozens of entities with a faceless names like "Consult Plus", "New Life Group," "Optimatehnostimul". Chains run into legal entities owned by offshore companies or natural persons - employees of companies. "Business Hawtin is divided into divisions, each managed by individual office centers, - says the broker who works in real estate. - Head of the Division sufficiently independent in decision-making. " Some clear and timely pay to the realtors, which led him to the tenants, continues the source Forbes, others can safely do not pay 3 million rubles commission.

About how it is "ompleksnye investments "acquired its assets, once wrote a lot: attended by bailiffs, the riot police and the courts in the corporate wars. Some contractors Hawtin found themselves in prison, such as the former owner of the buildings in Lubyanskiy Travel Dmitry Mikhailovsky. Structures Khotina now practiced pretty hard style of communication with the tenants if there are disputes, CHOP can block the entrance even in a small office, even though the restaurant "McDonald's". The Moscow arbitration courts considered dozens of disputes between companies and their contractors Hawtin. Tenants complain of a failure to return collateral, builders - the fact that they were not paid for their work, realtors - they did not receive commission. But problems with law enforcement authorities in Hawtin did not arise.

New level

Five years ago, Hawtin real estate portfolio consisted of offices of class B and C are not the best places. But the summer of 2011 Alex Hawtin bought out his countryman Alexander Milyavsky shopping centers "Gorbushkin yard" and "Filion", estimated at $ 450 million.

In the same year with Hawtinal oilman. In this business Moscow rentier hit accidentally. It tells one of the oil companies, the owner of the Mallorcan field in the Orenburg Region is urgently looking for a buyer and was willing to sell the deposit with reserves of 6 million tons for $ 10-15 million. Hawtin property interests. "He quickly found the money. Quickly agreed ", - he says Forbes said.

Business success Khotina competitors often attributed to the ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends called Boris Gryzlov

Active was small, but Hawtin obsessed with a new case. It tells his friend, for the development of the field, he hired oilfield services company Schlumberger, and he sat down at the book. In his office frequented by Professor University of Oil and Gas. Gubkin - lecturing in private. Schlumberger, however, on Khotina worked for long. Having bought several small companies that are engaged in exploration and drilling, Hawtin has created oilfield service company "Rus-Oil." In December of 2011 it was headed by Viktor Lagvinets, associate manager of the former president of ByelorussiaSMAI (the homeland of the criminal case was opened against him). Later Hawtin entrusted the service business Sergey Podlisetskomu, former head of one of the divisions of the development business. "If you compare Khotina and Mikhail Gutseriev 16 (founder of" Russneft ", too, and oilman rentiers -. Forbes), then they have a very different team - said a familiar Khotina. - The company Gutseriev sit experienced oil workers, and all in their places. In Khotina mostly close friends and HR policy is built on the principle of "friend or foe". This is the case not only in the oil - Khanty-Mansiysk Bank "Ugra", which is affiliated with Hawtin people bought in 2012, is headed by another ex-head of the division - Alexey Nefedov.

Big Cut

Why do we need a bank? For the rapid development of the oil business needed money. Close Khotina structure of the bank's shares redeemed at the former First Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy, ex-general director of the Russian-Belarusian company "Slavneft" Anatoly Fomin. According to Director of the Institute of Energy Policy Vladimir Milov, in 1990 FominI had a great influence in the industry - led the Commission, which gave access to the pipe.

Fomin and his team were in the bank as senior managers. But the strategy with the arrival of new owners changed. The Bank began to focus on attracting deposits from individuals and actively promoted - banners bank "Yugra" were hung at Moscow shuttles and subways. By demonstrating its reliability, the bank strongly spins the partnership with state-owned companies.

This "Rosatom", in which the Board of Directors includes Boris Gryzlov, and "Rostelecom" and "Uralvagonzavod" and "Avtodor", and the Federal Passenger Company, although not all of them are customers in the full sense of the word.

Now the bank has around 100 branches. For several years it has moved in the ranking of banks by assets from the fourth hundred in the top 30. The funds of legal entities increased from 1.2 billion to 48 billion rubles, physical - from 3.2 billion to 165 billion rubles. How to dispose of the bank borrowed funds? According to estimates by Stanislav Volkov, director of bank ratings RAEX ( «Ugra" refused to participate in the rating of aentstva), loans to related parties in the middle of last year accounted for about a third of the bank's portfolio. "Basically, these are companies that rent property to rent, and the oil sector, - says Volkov. - The bank did not recognize. "

In December, the Social Security Fund has withdrawn from "Ugra" 9 billion rubles. To get the additional capitalization from the government 10 billion rubles in OFZ, the beneficiary had to reveal. In 2016 the structure of Alexei Khotin Radamant Financial declared itself the holder of 52.53% "Yugra". But support in the form of OFZ company will be able to get to the capital only after the execution of the Bank of Russia requirements to reduce the share of lending bank related parties, said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev.

Closed club

Oil Hawtin assets bought with the same energy that Moscow factories. In December 2012 the structure Hawtin redeemed at the Savings Bank for 3.6 billion rubles Company "Dulisma". And in April 2013, Hawtin swung at "Samara Nafta", controlled by the American Hess. This company seemed to have had in his pocket: through Hawtin lawyer offered first $ 2 billion, and Thithout a few days -. $ 2.35 billion, but Goldman Sachs, who conducted the auction, "not made a deal" with the little-known investment company "Jupiter", preferring "Lukoil" has offered $ 300 million less. "Khotina cut off due to non-transparent scheme of asset ownership, although credit for the purchase has been approved by the Savings Bank" - says a banker familiar with the deal. According to him, the normally reserved Hawtin was furious and wanted to go to court.

Unable to buy the most expensive and the company, he was "vacuuming" the market. Bought at Matra Petroleum Maxim Barsky company "Arhangelovskoe", later the "Renord invest" - oil company "St. Petersburg Development". In December 2013 Hawtin first became a shareholder of a public company, bought for $ 300 million 29.9% stake Exillon Energy. This, too, was troubled asset: its seller, the Kazakh businessman Maksat ARIPO in a London court pursued shareholders Kagazu Kazakhstan, Kazakh Alliance Bank and threatened to freeze the assets of ARIPO over the world ostensibly because of a debt of $ 300 million At the same time, 14.91% of the shares acquired Exillon. Mikhail Gutseriev, the paper later appeared in Aeksandra Klyachin, gathered 26,7% Exillon.

Klyachin with Hawtin known for over 10 years, Russian Bank for Development Klyachin (now the group "Discovery") credited Khotina in real estate transactions. Former CFO Khotina Nelly Osovska now working in the company Gledinvest Klyachin. Apparently, businessmen good relationship. From comments for Forbes Klyachin refused.

Separate ownership of a controlling stake allowed Khotin and Klyachin not put an offer to other shareholders Exillon. But the company's management is completely changed: five of the seven board members replace people close to the developers. From "Dulisma" came Alexander Suchkov, and became chairman of the board of the bank "Opening" co-owner Sergei Koshelenko.

Alex Hawtin got a taste. In 2014, his company acquired the "Alrosa" "Irelyakhneft" in early 2015, Senator Leonid Lebedev sold Khotin "Negusneft" for about $ 200 million, and at year-end was closed the deal to buy the company, "Aurora" from ConocoPhillips and " Rosneft ", estimated at $ 150 million." Hawtin never usedPET co-investors in the asset does not trust anyone, and his approach to the evaluation of oil assets like buying real estate - it takes the profit or EBITDA and divides the interest rate. So he pays so much ", - says one banker.

Alexander Nazarov, director of assessment of market conditions Gazprombank, said that due to the low oil prices of oil assets are now cheaper. "On the other hand, the price depends primarily on the location, the availability of transport infrastructure and geology. When an individual approach can put together a package of mining assets and profitable at current prices. " It seems that this has been a developer and Hawtin.

Parade ambitions

For five years, according to Forbes estimates, Hawtin has made trades for almost $ 950 million And according to a source, investments for a long time has exceeded $ 1 billion:. Only $ 200 million invested in infrastructure companies' development of St. Petersburg "According to Forbes estimates, Hawtin formed a package of oil. assets with a total production of 2.5 million tons and reserves of 215 million tonnes. Some actions Khotina surprise oil accustomed to strict regulation. eger, people Khotina, gaining control of the "Dulisma" optimized taxation and transferred 720 million rubles from the oil companies in favor of the developer structures. Vladimir Milov believes that developed to collect small deposits are not much of a business. "But if you get in detail the benefits, using connections in the government and the Ministry of Finance, the business model can emerge," - he says.

Alex Hawtin knows how to be friends with the powerful. Shortly before buying them "Dulisma" the head of Sberbank German Gref asked President Dmitry Medvedev to the special conditions of oil exports for this project. The privilege has been repeatedly extended. As reported by RBC, it will cost 92.5 billion rubles to 2033. One of the oil companies explains what's the point: "Dulisma" freed from the mineral extraction tax and export incentives given, allowed to connect to the pipe. They did cash-machine, and the entire proceeds, in addition to staff salaries, gets it. " $ 30 million saved last September Though the businessman and newbie, market benefits he receives as an oilman with a - the company in January: In March 2016, about the benefits of MET informed and Exillon.tazhem. Even after the fall in oil prices to $ 40 Hawtin continues to dream of a large oil asset. According to Forbes, he is interested in the privatization of the state "Bashneft" and "Irkutsk Oil Company" Nicholas Buynova.

In the midst of the crisis in the summer of 2015, on the advice of Alexander Klyachin as Forbes sources tell Alex Hawtin "no bargaining" Suleiman Kerimov bought out for $ 350 million hotel "Moscow" not far from the Kremlin. "The ambitions that exceed the financial possibilities - this is nonsense, - says one of the contenders for the asset, to abandon the acquisition because of the high prices. - Purchase of "Moscow" - this is the ambition Khotina and nothing more. "