Profitable dump: billionaires and state-owned companies joined the struggle for the wastes market

Waste treatment is a high-tech market. Otherwise, why would Rostec need it?
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Third October 2013 the Moscow government to auction an unusual lot. For the removal and disposal of debris from the four administrative districts of the city until 2028 the city authorities will pay 71 billion rubles. Who will get the money?

Back in December of 2012 Moscow held the first pilot competition for collection, transport and disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) in the South-Western administrative district for 15 years, at stake was 25 billion rubles. Prior to this, removal and disposal of garbage in the South-West of Moscow was engaged in more than a hundred companies. Such a system is useless, except for the criminalization of the business, did not lead, explained the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

What was the experiment? To participate in the contest each bidder had to make a cash deposit of 1.2 billion rubles. This amount was found in a single party, created in 2009, LLC "MKM-Logistics". This company and won. Its founders were two young men a little older than 20 years - Michael Chigirinsky and his friend, a student at the Finance Academy Hamlet Avagumyan. Father Michael Alexander Chigirinsky - businessman, owner of "The Dreamiri-Development ", and his uncle Shalva included in Forbes list of the richest businessmen of Russia.

Hamlet Avagumyan of Forbes said that came from among the company's founding in 2012, to add anything he refused. Now "MKM-Logistics' 100% owned by Mikhail Chigirinsky. During the year the company acquired more than one hundred trucks and other equipment, but the company's own sorting and landfill for disposal she is no waste. According to first deputy general director of "MKM-Logistics" Andrei Komarov, the company is already looking for a site for sorting and recycling. And it continues to cooperate with subcontractors.

Business runs like clockwork. Under the contract with Moscow for the collection and disposal of tons of garbage "MKM-Logistics" received 3200 rubles. The company is exporting household waste landfills in the Moscow and pays for their burial, the average tariff in a radius of 55 km from Moscow - 400 rubles per ton. Where did the amount of 3200 rubles? The Moscow government on the question not answered Forbes. This question can not be answered, and a member of the working group of the Government of Moscow MSW market reform Andrew Yakimchu"The work was done a lot, but I do know the cost of each tariff line was very hard."

Yakymchuk - CEO "Ecosystem", working with waste in seven regions of Russia, including Moscow. This company established in 2006, former top manager of RAO "UES of Russia", the businessman Valentin Zavadnikov. In December 2012, the company won the tender for the removal and disposal of waste Moscow medical institutions, reducing the cost of a three-year contract from 1 billion to 800 million rubles. In September 2013, a blocking "Ecosystems" acquired a consortium of investors, including financier Ruben Vardanyan (According to Forbes, the state $ 800 million).

In October 2013 Moscow auctioned 15-year contracts for the collection and disposal of solid waste in the North (North, 17 billion rubles), West (West, 14.8 billion rubles), the South-East (SEAD, 17.3 billion rubles) and North-East (North-East, 21.9 billion rubles) administrative districts.

Applications for participation in the competition are seven companies, all of them provided a cash deposit of about 1 billion rubles. "The winners were known in advance, - says one of the participants. & mdash; In two districts received one application for the remaining struggle was ostentatious. " The Company was the sole member of the competition "MKM-Logistics", formally tender was declared void, and on November 18 the company received a contract Chigirinsky. The North-East has got garbage company "Charter" from Mytischi, SEAD and debris - the company "MSK-HT". Who is behind these companies? Market participants referred to the names of the children of high-ranking Russian security forces, but could not find any official confirmation.

The CAO for the contest two participants have been admitted, the winner was "Ecoline". This company belongs to Gleb Frank, brother-businessman Gennady Timchenko (№9 on the Forbes list, the state $ 14.1 billion), and Vladimir Lavlentsevu, founder of the group of companies "SARK" and vice-governor of St. Petersburg on Housing.

Redistribution junk market in Moscow is over? Nothing like this. In June 2013 the head of the "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov said that under the wing of the state corporation grows one of the largest operators in the collection and disposal of household waste. The idea to do this business Chemezov even in 2011 tossed Andrend hissed, then Director of Business Development "Russian Venture Company". In March of 2012, after eight months of negotiations has started the company "PT-Invest", the share of "Rostec" - 25%, and 75% owned by Shipelovu and his father in law, Nizhny Novgorod Vadim deputy Agafonov. "Recycling in the world - a dynamic technology market, - says hissed, sitting in the office in Moscow City with stunning views of the city and the Moscow River. - Now its volume in Russia was $ 3 billion, with a possible increase to $ 8-9 billion We attract money and in the process develop "Rostec" technology companies..

According to Chemezov plans to the end of 2013. The waste operator, established "PT-Invest", was supposed to serve 5% of Russia's population. Why the optimism? In May 2013, "PT-Invest" for $ 40 million bought the biggest Kazan garbage company "Enterprise Housing", and in June agreed to buy a controlling stake in Nizhny Novgorod operator for the collection and recycling of waste - the company "Agzho" (the transaction will be completed in early 2014 of the year).

The ambitious player could not, etc.n walk past debris Moscow, in October 2013, "PT-Invest" announced its intention to take part in competitions for removal and disposal of waste in the four administrative districts. But instead of applications for participation in competitions "RT-Invest" steel structure pile Competition Commission complaints properly executed documents. The team with the support of Shipelova "Rostec" wanted to get involved in a big game, but suddenly refused to take part in competitions. "We saw that the tender documentation is not integrated into future amendments to the existing legislation, and decided not to submit applications," - explains the vague hissing. "RT-Invest" have something to do, and besides waste, although it is in this area made the largest investment. According Shipelova, the company develops IT-solutions for the air transport and information and communication systems.

"In the" RT-Invest "cunning, I think that they just do not have time for Moscow to negotiate," - said a senior official of the Ministry of Natural Resources. According to market participants, "RT-Invest" will come into play in the springoh-summer 2014, when the competition for the removal and disposal of waste will be carried out in the remaining five administrative districts of the capital.