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Quality Director of Roscosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, was put in jail on the very day when cargo ship Progress crashed. 
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The transport ship "Progress MS-04" delivered to the ISS 2.5 tons of cargo, crashed the evening of December 1 over the south-east Siberia. According landmark coincidentally, the same day he was arrested for fraud in a large scale, Deputy Director of "Roskomosa" quality. Start "Progress" was held on December 1 at 17:52 Moscow time. Abnormal situation occurred at an altitude of approximately 190 km, most of the fragments are not to keep the ship in the sky burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere. Finding that reached the ground, difficult location: crash occurred over rugged mountainous terrain. Ground-based group seeking fragments "Progress" on the territory of about 300 square kilometers - in Tuva, Khakassia and Krasnoyarsk region.

At this stage, abnormal situation analysis conducted by the State Commission. According to some reports, the accident led to the negligence committed by the engine assembly of the third stage of the carrier rocket. It is noteworthy that the agency RIA "News" (representative of the space industry), speaking about the causes of the fall of the "Progress", uses the expression "once more". And do not rule out that will follow the personnel decisions.

"Most likely, the state commission on the results of the investigation once again will have to state the fact identified poor quality build RD-0110 engine."

We count to three

"Once again," - this is the third. The ship stopped communicating after 6 minutes after the start (to 382-th seconds everything was normal, said, "Roskosmos"), failed in the third-stage engine. Eighteen months ago, in April 2015, "Progress" has been lost for the same reason: the problem with the abnormal separation of the third stage. At that time the damage caused by the ship's fall was estimated at 5 billion rubles. In August 2011, the crash of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-U" also led to the collapse of the Altai "Progress M-12M" cargo ship. The reason was also the failure of the RD-0110 third stage of the rocket due to clogged fuel flow path in the gas generator. Then, the Commission concluded that the crash was accidental.

The fall of the "Progress" will force to postpone already planned launches from "Baikonur". Ready-made engines of the same type, including those already installed on the carrier rocket, experts have to shoot, to return to the plant (engine developer RD-0110 - Voronezh KB Chemical Automation, control systems - Kharkiv SSPE "Kommunar"), re-test and, after identify the reasons to eliminate defects assembly.

"How long can you fly, at least let someone sit down!"

Along with the notification of an accident and the other came the news. By decision of the Basmanny Court is taken over custody Executive Director, SC "Roskosmos" to ensure the quality and reliability of Vladimir Evdokimov. Detention is not directly related to what happened to the "progress" - Evdokimov accused of fraud with the property of the RAC "MiG", even before joining the "Roskosmos" in 2014. Just by coincidence. Searches at the place of residence of Vladimir Yevdokimov has passed, the charges on the hours. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale"). And, as stated by the Investigation Committee, "in the course of a criminal investigation into the theft on a large scale property of" MiG-growth "found committing another serious offense against the property of the Russian Federation."

In connection with this criminal case initiated in respect of the ex-general director of JSC "Helicopter Service Company" Akim Noskov, his former first deputy Alexei Andreev, former director of the JSC "Scientific-Technical Center" Alexander Zolin and Alexei Ozerov (former head of a subsidiary of RAC MiG) , specify in Sledkome. Vladimir Evdokimov appears in both the deputy director of department of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation". Investigators suspect that the named person "in 2007-2009 through a number of commercial organizations illegally acquired rights to state property JSC" Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG". Immediately top manager "Roscosmos" refers to, for example, an episode of the actual theft of equipment Ka-60/62: the product has been purchased from "MiG" by deliberately low price and then resold.

"Chapter" MiG "Anatoly Belov was thus misled about the cost of the equipment - it simply deceived", said a source familiar with the case. The damage is only on this episode is estimated at about 200 million rubles. According to some reports, the names of Yevdokimov, Zolina and others also appear in the case, related to the acquisition and resale of 2 hectares of land in the Khodynka field at the beginning of the "zero" years.

New Year without a Christmas trees

Vladimir Evdokimov placed under arrest for two months. This means that it will meet the New Year in jail - unless you change the measure of restraint. Lawyer top manager has said that he would ask for the house arrest of his client or the pledge of 30 million rubles. An article about the fraud on a large scale requires a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. Vladimir Evdokimov pleaded not guilty.

Meanwhile, the ISS

Because of the fall of the "Progress" the crew of the International Space Station will not get 710 kg of fuel and the refueling system, 420 kg of water, compressed gases (52 kg of oxygen and air), food (fresh apples, grapefruit, oranges, spices), clothing, medicines, scientific equipment (greenhouse "Lada-2" for the cultivation of sweet peppers, wheat and lettuce, the first copy of a new generation of suit "Orlan-ISS," water regeneration system and urine, equipment for the preparation of dairy products on the ISS).

"Roskosmos" promises that in the normal operation of systems and life of the crew fall "Progress" will not affect - to the ISS an adequate supply of food and other essentials. Sources at the "Baikonur", which refers to "Interfax", suggest that now go into space backup "Progress-MS05", a flight which was previously scheduled for February 2017. There is hope on the dock with the Japanese "Kunotori-6", which is also before the end of the year to deliver to the ISS a stock of water and lithium-ion batteries.


November 28 Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, speaking at the ceremony of awarding the winners and finalists of the open competition on advanced space technology, said that "the Russian space program, to escape from this veil lesions, offensive accidents and disasters, stabilizing the quality of questions, to make a qualitative leap further into the creation of new technologies. " Three days later he dropped the "Progress" of the Eastern Siberia ...