Prokhorov invests in an eternal virtual summer in Moscow

Virtual reality startup Sensorium has raised $ 100 million from investors, including Mikhail Prokhorov. The billionaire wants to use VR in a new concert complex in Moscow, where there will be “eternal summer”.
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The startup Sensorium, which develops virtual reality technologies, revealed that since its inception in 2018, it has raised more than $ 100 million from billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and other investors, writes Bloomberg. In a press release, Prokhorov is named the founder of Sensorium. Other investors are not named in the message. Sensorium's partners include Unreal Engine, owned by Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, according to Bloomberg.

The fact that Prokhorov is interested in virtual reality technologies, Forbes wrote in December last year. The billionaire himself then said that he was working on "several ideas related to social VR technologies." The billionaire did not disclose his stake in the Sensorium project.

In 2021, Prokhorov's company plans to open a multifunctional concert complex Sensorium Hall worth more than $ 200 million in Moscow, Vladimir Kedrinsky, CEO of Fan Generation, which is implementing the project, told Forbes. According to the plan, the site will accommodate up to 8,000 people and can be transformed into a concert hall, event hall or exhibition space. Sensorium Hall will bring to Moscow "the main deficit is eternal summer", Kedrinsky said: the "beach club" will become the core of the 11-storey building in the form of a giant clock face.

It is planned that it will be possible to visit the concert in Sensorium Hall remotely - due to virtual reality technologies. VR technologies will make it possible to scale viewers' access to the works of artists to tens and hundreds of millions of people, the Forbes source said.

Business Insider writes that Prokhorov secretly invested in the company at the launch stage. For the past two years, Sensorium has been working to create a multiplayer virtual universe available through the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift S headset, Business Insider points out. The launch of the project, through which users will be able to attend virtual concerts and dance in imaginary nightclubs, is scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

Fan Generation is owned by Cyprus-based Intergeo Holdings Limited, which in turn is controlled by Onexim Holdings Limited, an affiliate of Prokhorov.