Promsvyazbank twisted the Ananyev brothers' pockets

Arbitrage awarded Promsvyazbank a payment of 66 billion rubles from the structures of the former owners of the Ananyev brothers. The court invalidated the transactions in which offshore firms sold their own shares to the bank the day before the reorganization
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Promsvyazbank in the Moscow Arbitration Court won the case for more than 66 billion rubles. against Promsvyaz Capital B.V. (through her, Alexey and Dmitry Ananyev controlled PSB) and other nine foreign companies, which, according to the claimant, are connected with the Ananyev brothers.

“To recover in favor of PSB 32.569 billion rubles. and $ 505.7, ”the judge announced the decision, RBC correspondent reports. The amount is recovered from the PSC B.V. and other respondents.

In the lawsuit, the bank demanded that about 30 transactions be completed the day before the PSB was reorganized on December 14, when Promsvyazbank bought its own shares from the defendants who were its shareholders.

"We point out that these transactions pursued the sole purpose of withdrawing money from the bank," said Promsvyazbank's representative in court.

As proof of the requirements for recognizing transactions invalid, the PSB representative indicated that Dmitry Ananiev had received an order from the Central Bank about the need to complete the bank’s reserves on December 11 and was aware of the poor financial condition of the credit institution. “Everyone was just waiting for the introduction of the interim administration, everyone was well aware that PSB is one of the backbone banks and will not be brought to bankruptcy,” he noted.

The Central Bank took over the reorganization "as a regulator, in order to prevent a huge number of depositors from receiving their satisfaction," said the PSB representative, describing who could be called a victim in the current situation. The Central Bank needed to invest in the bank "a huge amount of funds," he added.

Protection of the defendants, in turn, noted that the first transaction was conducted between the foreign PSC B.V. and Promsvyazbank directly, and the next - already between the PSC B.V. and other foreign firms. Therefore, these transactions must be declared invalid in Cyprus, said the defendants, and then in a Russian court. But the court did not take their arguments into account.

On March 4, another meeting was held on another Promsvyazbank lawsuit against three companies - PSC B.V., Peters International, Fintailor, who also participated in the first process. The arguments of the parties were the same. According to the second claim, claims were made for 8.25 billion rubles. and were also satisfied.