Putin made a note of Vekselberg

Russian President Vladimir Putin became interested in a complaint on the critical condition at Vorkuta CHPP-2 (owned by "T Plus" belonging to Viktor Vekselberg), which threatens the energy security of Vorkuta.
Origin source
Acting head of the Komi Republic Sergey Gaplikov in a letter to the President of the Russian Federation of 9 August (it has a copy of the newspaper) has sounded the alarm over the state of emergency Vorkuta power plant, owned by the well-known oligarch. It is a threat to the energy security of Vorkuta and the surrounding suburbs, which is particularly dangerous in the autumn-winter period, which already occurs in the North, according to the letter.

I must say that in the previous cold season is also not without an emergency to provide heat and electricity to the republic's capital. The growth of the accident rate was 142% in 2015, and for the first half of this year - 133%, said Gaplikov. This situation threatens the reliable passage of the autumn-winter period of 2016-2017 years, said Acting head of the Komi. Owning a "T plus" is not enough, apparently understanding the seriousness of the situation - an urgent need to carry out technical modernization of belonging to them CHPP-2, said Gaplikov.

Instead, the board of directors "T plus" suddenly decides to sell 100% of OOO "Vorkuta HPP". It is in the company explain the existence of the debt of 5 billion.rubles. Back in late July, Deputy Energy Minister Andrei Tcherezov held a special meeting on the critical situation at Vorkuta CHPP-2, in which only three of the nine boiler worked on July 29th. The situation is complicated by a decrease in oil reserves due to an unplanned increase its consumption. This was the result of damage to the equipment. Meanwhile, Director General of the "T plus" Boris Vainzikher had to admit that in comparison with 2015 funding repairs at the station doubled. But the result of this is obvious. And it is lamentable.

It can be seen, the allocated funds do not always go as intended, or used inefficiently. As Gaplikov believed to improve the profitability of the sale are not needed, and most other methods. This, above all, the modernization of equipment. The efficiency of the CHP actually increase to attract new investors, because the investment potential of the "T plus" very solid. At the same time helping to establish the causes of the current financial situation should be experts in law enforcement, said Gaplikov. Then Acting head of the Komi RepublicHe revealed which became known to him, "corruption component" working CHP-2. And in the letter (a copy is in "Vedomosti") appeared Putin's resolution: "I ask you to urgently submit proposals. Scam and carelessness have to stop. " On this basis, according to the publication, has already given the appropriate instructions. They received Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Energy Minister Alexander Novak and FSB director Alexander Bortnikov.