Putin's eldest daughter also became a writer

Maria Vorontsova, like her younger sister Ekaterina, wrote a book for students of Moscow State University. It has already been published by the scientific library of the university.
The alleged eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Maria Vorontsova, became a co-author of a methodological manual for students of Lomonosov Moscow State University. This book "Interlocutor" found in the documents of the Moscow State University. Previously, two textbooks were written by her younger sister Katerina Tikhonova, one of which has now been removed.

What kind of allowance?
Vorontsova became one of the authors of the book entitled "Uniform requirements for reporting student work on courses of propaedeutics of internal diseases of faculty and hospital therapy in full-time and distance learning." It was published by the Scientific Library of Moscow State University.

“The publication is a methodological manual necessary for the development of educational programs in the areas of "propaedeutics of internal diseases", "faculty" and "hospital therapy", taught as part of the main educational program of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov in the direction of "Medicine"", - says the description of the manual.

The book is used to educate students, the “Interlocutor” found the relevant requirements in the group of the department of propaedeutics of internal diseases in the VKontakte social network.

This is the first book by Maria Vorontsova written for students of Moscow State University. But before that, she had already become the author of various scientific materials. In 2021, Putin's alleged eldest daughter wrote four articles at once for various magazines. Thus, Vorontsova became a co-author of the material for the well-known scientific journal Nature Genetics entitled "Single-cell transcriptomics of human embryos reveals multiple lines of sympathoblasts with potential consequences for the origin of neuroblastoma", written in English.

Vorontsova wrote two more articles in 2021 for the Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, one of them was devoted to editing the genome of human embryos. And in 2019, her text was published in the journal Nature: "Russia's position on people with gene-edited."

Vorontsova has several training courses in English and endocrinology, as well as two scientific reports and the same number of research papers.

Practical courses for students of Moscow State University were previously written by the alleged youngest daughter of Vladimir Putin, Katerina Tikhonova. She was listed among the authors of the textbook "Special Workshop on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" (a special in-depth practical course for senior students of natural science faculties of Moscow State University). However, this tutorial has now been removed from the Truth website.

Tikhonova is still listed as the author of the special workshop "Testing the quality of the rendezvous of the cosmonaut rescue device with the international space station" from 2014.


Maria Vorontsova, who is referred to by the media as the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, previously served on the board for the implementation of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Genetic Technologies for 2019-2027. The corresponding decree was published in April 2019 on the official portal of legal Internet information.

Vorontsova is also a member of the presidium of the all-Russian public organization "Russian Association for the Promotion of Science". It is in this position that she will act as a moderator at the scientific conference "Therapy of the Future", the "Interlocutor" discovered. The event will take place at the end of March in the Red October loft.

Vorontsova will moderate the discussion on the topic “Ethical and legal limits - legal regulation of genomic research and the use of genetic technologies. Its participants will be the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Alexei Medvedev and other scientists.

Maria Vorontsova - 36 years old. In 2016, The New Times magazine revealed that her middle name is Faasen - she was allegedly married to a Dutch citizen and had a daughter. The Kremlin declined to comment on this publication. Putin himself never acknowledged kinship with Vorontsova and avoided answering questions about his daughters.

The biography of Vladimir Putin by Oleg Blotsky published several photographs of the young Maria Vorontsova. One of them is signed like this: "Papa and Masha, January 2, 1986." Blotsky's book cannot be found on the Internet, at one time it was withdrawn from sale in Russian stores due to rather frank details of the life of the Putin family.