Raider Alexander Vinokurov against

The son-in-law of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is actively involved in the seizure of foreign assets and corporate scandals.
The conflict in Russia's largest online seller of auto parts went to a new level. The main owner Vladislav Domoratsky did not redeem for $ 25 million 50% of the company, which owns its domain name from its co-founders, which supports the private sector arm of "Alpha groups" A1. Instead, he decided to sell its stake for about $ 10 million.

Vladislav Domoratsky, principal owner of OOO "Eksist-M", engaged in the framework of direct trade, said he did not accept the offer to buy 50% of OOO "A + A Eksist info" for $ 25 million. This share is framed Yuri Bukovnikova, who teamed up with Yuri Polyakov and CEO of "a + a Eksist info" Valery Chikin. They are supported by investpodrazdeleniya "Alfa Group" A1 in late September sent the offer to Mr. Domoratskomu that it could take until the end of October. Vladislav Domoratsky said he believes the asset is "unreasonably high", and decided to put opponents counterproposal.

In this situation, market participants point out that the direct and, most importantly, a willing participant in the conflict was a group A1, headed by Alexander Vinokourov. And it adds that it is not surprising. Scandals and often outright blackmail - Vinokourov style of business.

All sent to "Cinelab"

A1 entered the corporate conflict on the side of the heirs of one of the founders of the Civil "Cinelab" Dmitry Buravleva. Analysts believe that Vinokourov could eventually take firm itself. The fact that Dmitry Buravleva heirs can not share assets "CineLab", is estimated at $ 120 million. Recall "Cinelab" was created in 2001 for the rental of lighting and camera equipment Dmitry Buravleva, Rtishchev Igor, Sergei and Alexander Razin Maryaginym. At the moment, the company is also engaged in digital post-production and delivery of film prints to theaters, connected to the system 3.3 thousand. Digital screens in Russia and the CIS.

But two years ago, Mr. Buravlev died, and his heirs were at the center of the corporate conflict. The fact that other co-owners' CineLab "do not want to take the shareholders deceased partner's family and delaying payment of the actual value of its share. A1 rashila to implement the right of claim to the "CineLab," as stated in the company, "using all possible legal instruments and the available experience." It is worth noting that the company, under the guidance of Vinokourov, already has assets in the movie business. It controls a network of cinemas "Formula Kino". It looks like Vinokourov wants to expand participation in this business segment.

Business from Vinokourov

For the first time loudly sounded the name of Vinokourov in the proceedings around the "36.6" pharmacy. In the middle of this year, the company is being searched in connection with the criminal case against one of the related "Pharmacy Chain 36.6" companies, which is being investigated by the police under Art. 159 in connection with allegations of non-payment of debt. Yet, according to investigators, the network pharmacy, receiving budgetary subsidies for the purchase of soft drugs for seniors, and then sold them at commercial prices. With one of the largest pharmaceutical retailers of the country, as noted by the independent experts, it is quite a strange story with its owners.

Recall, once the pharmacy network "36.6" bought the concern "Rossium", controlled by the owner of the Moscow Credit Bank Roman Avdeev. "Rossium" bought 950 million shares of "36.6". This, according to experts, was 25% of the entire pharmacy network. As written by some media, "36.6" was to change its name, as its main shareholder was considered a Cyprus company Palesora, which is controlled by businessman Vladimir Kintsurashvili and Ivan Saganelidze.

In January 2016 "Rossium" Avdeeva received almost the same package - 62,94% A5 Pharmacy Retail, according to the Cyprus Registry. Another 31.25% of the shares in the investment fund Baring Vostok and 5.81% - from Palesora. Most interestingly, from informed sources that the Roman Avdeev can act in the interests of the head of the group A1 Alexander Vinokourov, who, after the acquisition in February 2016 pharmaceutical company "SIA International" aimed at the acquisition of "36.6". So, Vinokourov proxy asset acquired pharmacy?

Go to the heirs of "CineLab" may also lose an asset heirs Igor Rudinsky. Even last year, for assets heirs Igor Rudinsky observed information attack (in particular, launched rumors of bankruptcy Rudinskiy), while owned by the late businessman Nota-Bank's license was revoked.
Note that Rudinsky relatives were "cornered" after the collapse of Nota-Bank. According to experts, after the "spin" Vinokourov all competitors the opportunity to buy "SIA International", and the company was sold to the owner of A1. Experts see this many features planned corporate raid.

They say the main purpose of the attack on the former owners "SIA International" Vinokourov was the acquisition of shares "SIA International" in the three pharmaceutical plants: Saransk "Biochemists" Kurgan "Synthesis" and the Stavropol 'Biokome ".

The attack on the "Farmakor"

A1 does not stop there. For example, March 14, 2016 it was announced that the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region partially satisfied the claim of "SIA-international St. Petersburg" for the recovery of RUB 894 million. CJSC "Farmakor". Because of these lawsuits and other problems a network of pharmacies "Farmakor" substantially decreased. Now Vinokourov structures can destroy all business "Farmakor".

In the capital, through the arbitration courts distributor "SIA International" calls with "status Farm", which owns the pharmacy chain "Heart", 43.6 million rubles. It seems that Mr. Vinokurov literally attacked the pharmacy market. But what else can we expect from a man who regularly involved in the raider attacks? Generally, pharmacology Vinokourov has been tight. After Pope Alexander Vinokourov - Semen Vinokurov - together with his son and partner, Sergei Zhukovsky owns "Genfa". It was founded in 2006 and is engaged in distribution and localization of drugs.

The "Genfy" is a joint venture with a subsidiary of GC "Rostec" - National immunobiological Company (NEC). The new shareholder has prepared a plan to restructure the relationship with the distributor of the creditors, who for the most part already been implemented.

Vinokurov "drunk" "Eurodon"

There is also evidence that the company, headed by Alexander Vinokourov, was involved in the legalization of property, fraudulently taken away from legitimate owners "Eurodon" holding. It was part of the investigation on the attack "Eurodon" was arrested former director of the department of Vneshekonombank Ilgiz Valitov. After which he was forced to resign and the first deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank Anatoly Ballo, who oversaw Valitova.

Thus, the case began with the fact that from 2006 to 2013, the group "Eurodon" attracted VEB almost 18 billion rubles. Money VEB occupied and related structures "Eurodon". In 2012, Vnesheconombank has approved "Eurodon-south" (100% - the founder of the group "Eurodon" Vadim Vaneeva) credit line of 17.9 billion rubles. indeykovodcheskogo for construction of the complex in the Rostov region. Thus, VEB became the largest creditor group.

Debts at "Eurodon" to VEB started to accumulate when Valitov served as director of the department of Vneshekonombank regions, and then - the head of the Directorate of Natural Resources and Construction. 40% "Eurodon" have registered in Belize Brimstone Investments acquired A1, led by Vinokourov. The owner of the offshore company was Farid Gazizullin - a member of the board of directors of "Gazprom" and the former Minister of Property Relations of Russia.

But after the arrest Valitova investment group A1 sold to VEB 40% "Eurodon". The media in this regard, there is evidence raider attack structures "Alfa Group" on the founder "Eurodon" Vadim Vaneeva! Incidentally, A1, acquiring shares "Eurodon" immediately filed lawsuits against its co-owner Vadim Benaiah. Three suits were registered in the files of the Rostov Arbitration Court on 9 February. Two respondents indicated Ltd. "Eurodon", in the third - person Vadim Van. The plaintiff in all cases is "Brimstone Investments Limited." The beneficiary of this company registered in Belize, is a company under the control of Vinokourov.

Arrest Valitova and the transaction between A1 and VEB, as they say businessmen linked. Previously, it turned out that was Valitova "interest" in "Eurodon". If we consider this version, it turns out that Mr. Vinokurov could attack the host 'Eurodon "in the interests Valitova to" squeeze "" Eurodon "shares for Vnesheconombank's representatives. Arrest Valitova and the transaction between A1 and VEB - directly related to the event, he told reporters people close to the bank.

In offshore Brimstone Investments bought shares in the company A1 "Eurodon", then through the courts to "squeeze" from holding his rightful owner of Benaiah. In the end, these securities are moved to VEB, which previously worked Valitov. These actions helped Valitova, ostensibly, Mr. Vinokurov.


Businessmen say - daughter Lavrov played a key role for a career Vinokourov. After all, after the marriage was headed manager investment company A1, included in "Alfa Group" billionaires Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. It is worth mentioning again the Pope and business, or rather, his company "Genfa" collaborating with "Rostec". Do not be amiss to say that a neighbor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at home in the Swedish impasse is the head of state corporation "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, who, according to experts, also have mutual friends with Alexander Vinokurov.

It is clear that Vinokourov serious "roof". But with the heirs' CineLab "can happen the same thing with" SIA International ": an asset could actually settle in the pockets of-law minister Lavrov.