Ramzan Kadyrov is eager to become billionaires

Ramzan Kadyrov's income for the year increased almost 20 times and amounted to almost 148 million rubles. His wife's income increased by nearly 4000%.
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The income of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in 2019 amounted to 147.99 million rubles, follows from his declaration. Compared to the previous year, Kadyrov's income increased by 1,852% - then the head of Chechnya declared 7.58 million rubles.

The income of Kadyrov's wife also rose sharply over the year. For 2019, she declared an income of 2.45 million rubles. This is 3993% more than in 2018, when her income was 60,000 rubles.

In his declaration, Kadyrov indicated a new land plot with an area of ​​28,361 sq. In addition to him, the head of Chechnya still owns a land plot of 3668 sq. m and a residential building with an area of ​​2344.3 sq. m. His wife, like last year, owns an apartment with an area of ​​209.8 square meters. m. The Kadyrovs' real estate is located in Russia, the declaration says.