Rating: the wealthiest at the Russian Presidential Administration

The richest employee in the Presidential Administration in 2016 was the First Deputy Head of the PA Sergey Kirienko. He declared 85.5 million rubles of income. This is eight times more than his senior, head of the PA Anton Vaino, has: in his declaration, he indicated only 9.6 million rubles.
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Sergey Kirienko owns a land plot of ​​7116 sq. m., dwelling house (698 sq. m.), residential building (169 sq. m.), household building and car place. Kirienko has his own “sports and recreation block”: its area is 630 sq. m. The official has in his use not only an apartment that occupies an area of 254 sq. m., but also a forest plot of 5 thousand sq. m.

His wife Maria Kirienko declared 353 thousand rubles of income; she uses all the same real estate as her husband. The official’s minor daughter has her own apartment of 254 sq. m.

Nikolay Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, took the second place in terms of income among the presidential aides. His annual income is 33.5 million rubles. Patrushev owns a land plot (3306 sq. m.), dwelling house (249 sq. m.) and an apartment (256 sq. m.). Also, he has a villa of 265 sq. m. in his use.

Patrushev’s wife Elena has declared only 310 thousand rubles. She owns a land plot of 6517 sq. m., dwelling house (993 sq. m.), household building (259 sq. m.) and a Volkswagen Touran.

As Alexey Navalny found in 2014, the possessions of Patrushev's wife worth 1 billion rubles are in the elite village of Serebryany Bor in the Moscow Region. The land plot with the same area can still be found in the declarations.

Presidential Plenipontiary Envoy to the Council of Federation Artur Muravyev in 2016, declared 33.3 million rubles of income. He owns two land plots (their total area is 5391 sq. m.), two apartments (42 sq. m. and ½ share in 101 sq. m.), a residential house (304 sq. m.) and two garages (55 sq. m.).

At the same time, according to the official’s declaration, he does not have any vehicles. His wife’s income was 3.3 million rubles. She owns a land plot of 930 sq. m. and flat of 79 sq. m.

Assistant to President Igor Levitin declared 30.1 million rubles. He owns 1/3 of a land plot (3982 sq. m.), 60% share in an apartment (118 sq. m.), 1/3 share in a country house (544 sq. m.) and a car place. The official uses Mercedes-Benz C 180 to move around the city.

Levitin’s wife Natalya indicated an annual income of 3.1 million rubles in her declaration. She declared the shares in her husband's real estate: 1/3 of a land plot (3982 sq. m.), 40/100 of an apartment (118 sq. m.), cottage (544 sq. m.) and a car place. She also owns a Toyota Camry.

Assistant to Secretary of the Security Council Nail Mukhitov with an income of 27.8 million rubles was included in the rating of the wealthiest officials as well. He took over this post in April 2016, and before that he was vice-president of the state corporation Rosneft.    
Nail Mukhitov owns a land plot of 801 sq. m., dwelling house (359 sq. m.) and apartment (35 sq. m.). Together with his wife, he owns two more land plots (their total area is 1509 sq. m.), a dwelling house (670 sq. m.) and a garage. Another apartment of 219 sq. m. is in the official’s use.

Mukhitov’s wife declared 306 thousand rubles of income. In addition to joint property with her husband, she owns two cars: BMW 525 and Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

In March 2017, activists of Dissernet found plagiarism in Nail Mukhitov’s doctoral dissertation. In it he wrote: “The imagination filled with hamburgers, the capacity for creativity for the majority of peoples can remain only guidelines, but not life principles.”

The wealthiest wife of an official from the AP has officially earned more than Kirienko. The wife of President’s Press Secretary of Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka, declared 120.8 million rubles. The Peskov family owns 12 real estate objects with a total area of 11,331 sq. m., including an apartment in the US and an apartment in France (registered in their son’s name).

Also, there is a suspicion that the Peskovs own the yacht called Maltese Falcon, rental cost of which is 26 million rubles a week. Navka did not declare a house in New Jersey, which she still owns with her husband.