RBC and Rosneft entered into an amicable agreement

After the change of the owner of the media holding, the parties settled the conflict.
The company Rosneft and media holding RBC signed an amicable agreement. RBC apologized to the oil company and its head Igor Sechin.

Rosneft and RBC entered into an amicable agreement, the company said in a joint statement. "We inform that an amicable agreement was reached between the parties, within the framework of which the management of the holding RBC and all journalists involved in the conflict recognize that the information being the subject of the claim published in the above-mentioned article does not correspond to reality and defame the business reputation of PJSC" NK " "Rosneft", apologize to the company "Rosneft" and the company's chief executive officer Igor Sechin, "the parties said in a statement published on the website of Rosneft.

"Rosneft" went on an amicable agreement with RBC in connection with the change of management and the owner of the holding, quotes RNS spokesman for the oil company Mikhail Leontiev. "We remain convinced that such actions by journalists and editorial offices should have an adequate legal and material assessment, but since the management of virtually all the editorial offices of RBC has changed and the owner has been replaced, we do not consider it expedient to continue to call to account the people, Who generally do not answer for this, "he said. A representative of RBC did not comment on this.

"As part of the acquisition of RBC, we certainly assessed the possibilities for settling this dispute. All parties have made efforts to ensure that the situation is resolved on acceptable compromise terms for all parties to the dispute. I am very glad that it turned out to be done, "the representative of the ESN group comments Grigory Berezkin.

The oil company sued after the article "Sechin asked the government to protect Rosneft from BP," published in April 2016. In it, referring to sources in the government, it was written that Rosneft applied to the government with a request to prevent the receipt of the British BP blocking stake in the privatization of Rosneft. Initially, Rosneft sought to disprove some of the allegations of the article, but during the review of the claim reviewed claims and requested unprecedented compensation in the amount of 3,124 billion rubles. For the damage caused. The court reduced the amount of claims to 390 thousand rubles, and in March of this year the appellate instance canceled this penalty with RBC, obliging the defendant only to publish a refutation, which was done. Today, at the cassation instance, the court approved an amicable agreement.

RBC was replaced by the owner on June 16: ONEXIM owner Mikhail Prokhorov sold 65% of the company to Grigory Berezkin. The parties expect that the relationship between RBC and Rosneft will be built "on the basis of respect for the principles of freedom of speech, professional correctness and competence and business ethics," Rosneft said.