RBC investigation: how much employees of state companies earned in 2015

The economic crisis and the threat of losing jobs didn't much affect the employees of state-owned companies banks: although the salareis didn't increase, mass layoffs have been avoided. Many members of the management didn't even notice the devaluation of the ruble.
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RBC calculated and compared the data of public companies, corporations and banks that disclose the size of payments to top managers and the salaries of other employees in their quarterly reports (last year's study can be read here). With calculation methodology can be found here.


The leader of the list in the level of remuneration paid to executives once again become "Rosneft": for last year's top-managers of the company, headed by Igor Sechin received an average of almost 312 million rubles, or 26 mln. Rub. per month. This is 43% more than in 2014, although total payments decreased by 10% in dollar terms. Principal Amount of remuneration amounted to an annual bonus and payments received state awards to top managers, as well as special awards for special achievements in 2014, explains in a specially issued a press release the state company (link to his staff "Rosneft" the press service sent RBC instead of the responses to questions on reporting). In 2014, despite the growing crisis and minimize the other players in the oil and gas market of its key programs, "Rosnefbe "implemented projects, which will occupy an important place in the history of Russian oil: petroleum province of Kars opened and started commercial oil production at the world's largest drilling platform" Berkut "in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk," says the press release.

In second place on the size of payments - top managers of the Savings Bank: the average monthly income of the members of German Gref's team, however, decreased by 7% compared to 2014 year, to 16.2 million rubles, or $ 265,800 (down payments in US dollars totaled. 41%). The rest gosbankiram not, however, was more fortunate. Payments to members of the board of the bank, for example, fell by 11% compared to 2014 year, to 2.2 million rubles. on average per month ($ 35,475), and colleagues from the Agricultural Bank under the leadership of Dmitry Patrushev - 28% less (an average of 2.1 million rubles, or $ 34,644 per month.). The lack of remuneration for members of the Board of Directors in 2015 due to the financial results of the bank following the results of 2014, explained by RBC in the press service of the RAB. Last year, under IFRS the bank received a loss of $ 47.9 billion rubles. against a profit of 729 million rubles. a year earlier.

But the main competitors - VTB teamabout led by Andrei Kostin - we felt the crisis in full: the average monthly income of each member of the Board in the past year, fell four times - to 11.6 million rubles. . To 2.9 million in dollar terms the fall was even more frustrating - more than 6.3 times, from $ 299 911 to $ 47 499. The reason - the fall of the profit according to IFRS in 2014, the bank, explained RBC VTB press service. VTB's net profit last year fell by almost 126-fold to 800 million rubles. to 100.5 billion rubles. in 2013.

In a similar situation were also top managers of "Bashneft", lost 72% of past awards:.. If in 2014, each member of the board of the company has received an average of 133 million rubles, in the past - at least 38 million Salaries of managers have not changed, explained RBC "Bashneft": reduction of the minimum - 2.3%. But the reduction in bonus payments in 2015 "due to the high base in 2014 - in particular, with payments on option program for 2013 and 2014", said the press officer. More than half of lost payments and top-managers of "Aeroflot", the average monthly income amounted to 2.6 million rubles last year. Press secretarialGeneral has Fetisov Maxim airline refused to answer questions RBC.

For the first time in several years

"Transneft", for several years is not specified in the quarterly reporting of data on the amount of remuneration of its top executives, for the first time reported on the income of members of the Board. According to these data, in the past year, nine members of Nikolai Tokarev team received an average of 90.5 million rubles., Or 7.5 million rubles. ($ 123,769) per month. Get comment "Transneft" at the time of publication was not possible.

But at the power engineering proved fruitful year: members of "RusHydro", the Board received twice as much as the previous year - an average of 146.3 million rubles. (72.4 million - in 2014), the payment of managers "Inter RAO" rose by more than one and a half times (an average of 7.6 million rubles a month.), 25, 20 and 13% of revenues, respectively, increased fuel managers FSK "UES" IDGC of center and "Rossetti". At the request of RBC "RusHydro" at the time of publication of the material I did not answer. The IDGC link to the achievement of top managers of high values ​​of key performance indicators, which are linked remuneration.The FGC emphasized that growth is due to the transition from semi-annual to quarterly bonuses top managers since July, 2014. "Accordingly, the portion of the bonus payments scheduled to be paid in 2014, was in fact carried out in 2015, - stated in the reply of the company. - Fixed the Board of Directors remuneration board did not increase. " And in "Rosset" revenue growth is due to the payment of full annual bonuses in 2014: the company began work in 2013, and in 2014 senior managers were awarded only for the second half of 2013.

Among the leaders in the rate of remuneration growth and "Rostelecom": its executives last year received 67% more than in 2014 - an average of 51 million rubles. Comment Sergey Kalugin such successes the team spokesman declined.

Thanks to a successful top-managers of the overall result was zero: that is, the aggregate average earnings of all the leaders of the companies in our sample over the past year have changed by exactly 0%. In general, the market wages of top managers, too, did not decrease, says the director departamenthe one to work with key customers Recruitment "Unity" Rustam Barnohodzhaev. But now is not the amount of remuneration is crucial for employees, he stressed, the main thing - stability and prospects. But the senior partner of Ward Howell George Abdushelishvili still noticed a tendency to reduce the remuneration of top managers. "In the first place, all tied to the dollar and foreign currency payments are translated into rubles. Second, the reduced annual bonuses, which make up a significant part of the income of top managers ", - he said.

rank and file

Relatively quiet for a year has passed, and ordinary employees of state companies: according to their quarterly reports, regular number of companies only by 4.7%, from 1.56 million to 1.48 million was reduced in our sample. But without taking into account the ongoing cleaning series Railways (-7.6% yoy) drop would amount to only 1.3%. In addition to the reduction of Railways held in "Bashneft" (-25%), Rosselkhozbank (-11%), "Rostelecom" (-7%), "RusHydro" (-5%). Part of the change is due to structural changes in companies: for example, in "Bashneft" part of the employees engaged in retail trade in oil, moved into a subsidiary "Bashneft-retail", while in fact the company does not dismiss anyone, say, the press service. A reduction in the average number of Rosselkhozbank explained "change in the role of functional business model, reformatting the regional network and other activities aimed at further development of the bank."

Some companies even recruit people: for example, "Transneft", the State of which for the year increased by 5%, Sberbank - by 3.3%, "Rosneft" - by 1.4%. The small plus finished the year and "Inter RAO" with "Gazprom". The following year, no cuts and is not planned, assured RBC press service of the gas holding.

It does not hurt and staff salaries. On average, it even grew by 11%, it follows from the quarterly reports. The highest growth - 35.3% - employees 'Sovcomflot' (which, however, only 92 people). Last year, in an average month they received 701 thousand. Rub. and on this indicator we are far ahead of all the other colleagues in our sample. At 17%, to 422 thousand. Rub. on average per month rose zarplayou are in the "Inter RAO", by 14%, to 553 thousand. rub. per month - in "Rosneft". In the "Rosneft" on RBC request for salary increases have not responded.

The fall of the wages occurred in only three of the companies analyzed RBC - "Bashneft", VTB and "RusHydro", 12.6, 9.2 and 8.9%, respectively. The representative of "Bashneft" Sergei Verezemsky explains that real wage cuts in the company did not have a drop due to the high base in 2014, when employees received bonuses for the stock option program. VTB and "RusHydro" did not respond to a request to RBC by the time the material.

As we considered

Average remuneration of top managers was calculated by dividing the total remuneration of the members of the collegial executive body of their average number for the year. Equivalent in US dollars is calculated based on the average exchange rate for the period. The total amount of remuneration of top managers include: fee for participation in the governing body, wages, bonuses, commissions, benefits, reimbursement of expenses, and other types of remuneration.What is meant by "other types of remuneration," the company, as a rule, do not specify and indicate only their cash equivalent. The data do not take into account the potential income of top managers, from other sources.

The average salary of employees calculated by dividing the total wage bill for the year by the average number of employees, excluding social benefits.