RBC investigation: what money People's Front of Vladimir Putin lives upon

All-Russia People's Front, which is founded and headed by Vladimir Putin, is unwilling to disclose its income and expenditure.
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RBC versed in finance major pro-government public organization, positioned as a fighter against corruption

In his Index wastefulness authorities and state-owned companies for the 2015 All-Russia People's Front (ONF) has indicated that the most expensive car for 8.9 million rubles. acquired "daughter" RZD "TTK-Svyaz". Soon her head was fired. Sakhalin Region Governor Alexander Khoroshavin front criticized for being too expensive repair government buildings for 850 million rubles. and over 680 million rubles. to create a favorable image of it. A year later Khoroshavina brought a criminal case, and the governor himself was placed in a detention center. Participants of the project front "for fair purchase" pay attention to the expensive corporate parties "Rosnano" and VTB 24, and its director Anton Guetta boasted that for two and a half years of existence to him and the activists managed to prevent the implementation of about 600 questionable purchases in the amount of 175 billion rubles.

But the president's movement for open and honest government agencies purchase, do not tell, how much his work. "Someone willOVOR that the amount is too small, and some of it will seem large ", - explained the co-chairman of the central headquarters of the ONF, the Secretary of the Public Chamber Alexander Brechalov through a representative refusal to disclose financial reports RBC. Its movement is not published and, according to the response of the Ministry of Justice of RBC, it is not obliged to do so. Ministry of Justice reported only front that has no foreign funding.

On that same living movement, whose leader - the president of Russia?

What is the ONF

"The idea of ​​creating ONF belongs to Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin], - said RBC's first deputy head of presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin. - A few days before the establishment of the ONF, this issue was discussed [with me]. " A new movement, Putin announced a May 6, 2011, and described his role this way: public figures, which will be included in the ONF, "would take place in Parliament on the lists of the party" United Russia "and jointly work there." Taking part in the parliamentary and presidential elections in 2011-2012 as an informal association of like-minded people only in 2013, the Popular Fr.ONT "For Russia" was officially registered.

Today representatives of the Front are monitoring the execution of the May Putin's decrees and instructions, make the Duma after receiving activists mandates of ONF bills (about 20 of them have already taken), criticized officials for extravagance, involved in youth forums, listen to the president and show him the problems at national forums (nine of them talked with activists Putin personally).

For the infrastructure front, comparable to a medium-sized party apparatus. Organizational matters central executive committee decides, where, according to its director Alexei Anisimov, a hundred people. Official speakers ONF are the members of the central and regional headquarters, to which the front - social work. A local executive committees (each regional office is registered as a legal entity) work for about 330 staff members, follows from the calculations presented data on RBC Anisimov. In addition, they volunteered to help, according to the two representatives of the ONF, another 20 thousand. Activists who every day messagesayut of nezalatannyh pits, illegal logging and other issues.

RBC estimated indicative costs front for their activities. The amount of spending has turned at least 455.3 million rubles. per year (see. infographic) excluding bonuses to employees and their travel on the operating costs of buildings and the numerous regional events. At the same time about 300 million rubles. We received a presidential grant dozens of NGOs involved in the activities of ONF.

Spending on salaries

ONF's agencies do not conduct their financial activities, Anisimov noted, "so as not to increase the machine and raise the bureaucracy." Rent building operating costs and salaries paid from your account the central executive committee, confirmed two members of the RBC regional headquarters ONF. According to Anisimov, ONF opened an account with Sberbank.

The average salary of the central executive committee, including taxes, on the basis of data provided by Anisimov - 39 thousand rubles.. Another 53 thousand. Receive four heads of departments. In the regions, the average salary - 37.5 thousand rubles.. In view of the stated number of full-time cos, according to RBC estimates, their salaries ONF spends almost 200 million rubles. in year.

This does not include the bonus pool, the size of which is representative of the Popular Front did not name, but noted that the award "may be a quarterly and annual basis or for specific activities and up to 50% of a month's salary."

Close to the federal ONF source said that the real monthly income of senior executive committees at times more salaries. This is confirmed by the size of payments to employees of the central executive committee of the ONF, which, as the representative of the movement, working in two institutions it funds: "For fair procurement" is watching too wasteful spending of state employees, and "Truth and Justice", which protects the rights of journalists and issuing them Prize.

The funds, according to the responses of representatives of the ONF, with a total of 16 people. According to the report, published on the website of Ministry of Justice, the average monthly payment of employee "Truth and Justice" constitute 153.3 thousand rubles, and the fund "For the fair procurement" -.. Almost 83 thousand rubles.. Thus, e salariesquiet 16 central executive committee members exceed named Anisimov salaries significantly.

The source of income of the two funds, according to reports - targeted revenues from other NGOs. All expenses for 2015 "Truth and Justice" constitute nearly 110.5 million rubles., Of which 102.5 million went to the journalists the prize. The site of the Justice Ministry no information on spending "for fair procurement" in the past year, in 2014 they amounted to 13.6 million rubles.

Spending on activities

Only in 2015, ONF has held three major events nationwide scale (media forum in St. Petersburg, industry conference, a forum "For quality and affordable medicine"), two of which are personally visited by Putin. "All the key events, without exception, are initiated by the president," - said close to the leadership ONF said.

It occupies most of the front organization of activities with the involvement of subcontractors event-agency "Art show center" (according to the company's website). Its former director and founder, according to SPARK, Yevgeny Solomin is now the deputy head of the Organization Department of the CEC "United Ross ", said the spokesman of the party. Solomin, when asked about the cost of measures RBC ONF, hung up.

According to RBC estimates, based on data from participants in event-market, the report of United Russia and the participants reportedly one of the forums, an event that resembles the front of a forum, it is worth about 30 million rubles. (Cm. Incision).

One of the event organizers of "United Russia" and a source close to the party leadership, told RBC that the party congresses and forums ONF - "things of the same order" and "are about the same." For example, the XIV Congress of the party "United Russia" in 2013, which registered 697 delegates participated, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and TV broadcast was conducted, cost almost 46 million rubles. (Data given in the report to the party CEC). It turns out that three federal forum in 2015, excluding transportation costs and payment of personnel, could leave 90 million rubles. (According to the event-market prices) to RUB 137.8 million. (Prices for the party in power).

Co-Chairman of the Central Staff Brechalov assures that one event Front spends no more than 5-6 million rubles., As manys site make great discounts, and participants lodge with friends and relatives, and only if necessary, remove individual delegates a hotel booking.
As we consider the cost of one event

4-17 mln. - Rooms for rent (based on prices provided by RBC "Lenexpo", "Arena", "Expocentre"). Rates are for rental of pavilions for seven days. That's how much, according to representatives of two sites and a representative of the contracting organization participating in the organization of the constituent congress of the front, it is necessary for the assembly, dismantling and the Forum ONF or the Congress of "United Russia".

5-12 mln. can cost individual buildings pavilions, lighting and sound equipment, estimated the general director of the agency PR Partner Inna Alexeeva and interlocutor RBC from another event-agency, participating in the Olympic torch relay.

3-6 million rubles. goes to broadcast Forum RTR (prices taken from the words of the report Anisimova and the "United Russia"), coffee breaks, lunches and dinners. Sample prices for food and drinks are provided by RBC manager and event-agency oporganzier Congress of "United Russia". "Dinner is usually for a few, that is, of the two thousand participants type 300" VIPs ". With champagne and other alcohol, "- said a party source.

3.5 million rubles. - For the manufacture of merchandise (for example is the expense report to the Congress of "United Russia") and spending on event-agency fee (usually takes 10% of the total budget of the event, said, "Knyazev" Sergei Knyazev producer holding general holiday).

Approximately 1 million rubles. goes to pay for hotel forum members. The data are based on the expenses for accommodation of 300 participants of the media forum in 2014 in St. Petersburg. Available RBC has an organizer to participants with the words: "receiving party assumes the entire transport costs, as well as accommodation and food." Participants lived in the hotel "Baltic", he told RBC one of the participants, the standard (3800 rub. Per day in 2015) in double rooms.

Spending on offices

Part of the premises regional offices ONF removed from trade union organizations - one of the key partnersFront. According to the extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it (the Unified State Register), at least 36 regional offices ONF work in buildings of trade union organizations in the centers of regional capitals (address trade union branches and front are the same). Facilities at the trade union, says Anisimov and head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions Shmakov, "veterans" in the general conditions of rent. Five regional offices of trade unions in Omsk, Yaroslavl and Orel regions, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Mordovia RBC confirmed that pass the front offices from 52 to 98 square meters. m on a common basis.

Back in the 21 regions of the owners of buildings where work ONF are private individuals, companies or other large public organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and DOSAAF. In three of these regions have confirmed to RBC building owners that ONF remove their premises. "In general, the figures are correct, - commented RBC data on the number of rented buildings representative of ONF. - A little more than [Office] - from private individuals and companies. "

For rent in these 57 regions, the ONF can spend almost 46 mln rubles. excluding operating expenses. Anisimov says that rental costs are not considered, but they "conform to the rates in the regions."

As we consider the rental costs

RBC considered expenses for the rental of premises ONF only in buildings where the space, according to the extracts from the Unified State Register, belong to the public, to businesses and individuals. For the average yardage premises data for six regions were taken. In 15 cities, RBC has used a called representatives of the trade union organization rate of monthly rent per square meter, or average rates in the city - the capital of the region, provided the agency Colliers International, the company Jones Lang LaSalle, Knight Frank and listed on the site cian.ru. For other regions, use the average square footage of 89. m and an average rate of 732.5 rubles. per sq. m, calculated on the remaining 15 cities. Rent in Moscow was considered separately.

More expensive than in other regions, manages the front office rent in Moscow, close to Patriarch's Pond, where, according to a representative of the ONF, the executive committees of work in and around Moscow. According to the extract from the register, the building belongs to Roththe Russian Federation, but is operationally managed by the First Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov. His head Peter Glybochko whom "Kommersant" called "close to Volodin rector," is a confidant of Putin, and is in a workgroup ONF "Social justice". Two members of the ONF told that rents on the front of the Patriarchal order of 700 square meters. m. According to RBC estimates, it costs him more than 19 million rubles. per year (the average rental rates in the area of ​​Moscow in 2015, taken from the annual report Knight Frank). University Press office did not respond to RBC request made by e-mail.

In rare cases, local authorities provide the building frontage, free of charge, explains Anisimov, but utility costs in this case, go to the front. In the same building as the budgetary institutions, according to the statement, the ONF sits in eight regions. For example, Moscow has granted "veterans" in the use of the five-story building at Mosfilm, where before it was the Cuban Embassy (the press service of the mayor's office did not respond to a request RBC).

18 regions of RBC could not determine whose premises uses the front (the data in the registry are either absent or incomplete).

Spending on websites

For lighting ONF activities designed running and constantly filled with multiple sites. According to managing partner Notamedia Sergei Oseledko total costs for the launch of the movement of the site and the six projects, made with the support of the ONF ( "For fair procurement", "Killed the road", "technical modernization Monitoring Center", "National examination", "Community Portal Independent regional and local media "and" Map of violations of the may decrees "), as calculated by an expert, could range from 4.3 million to 5.3 million rubles. However, the representative of ONF calls smaller amounts than Oseledko: according to the head center of ONF "National examination" Nikolay Nikolaev, "Map of violations" cost about 300 thousand rubles, and Oseledko estimated it at 750 thous.... "There was a lot of work, ONF two weeks living in our office, but we are doing projects at virtually no cost, they help us to show our social responsibility", - said RBC andExecutive director of the company to create a website "Biznesavtomatika" Roman Dzvinka.

Voluntary helpers

Money to operate the ONF receives from "donors", says Brechalov: "We accept donations from commercial, public and non-state actors. Of course, it is incorrect to disclose the names and amounts, without the consent of the organizations. It is common practice in business and in business relations. " Deductible donation if the organization is aimed at achieving the objectives of non-profit is not taxed.

According to a close source to the leadership of the ONF, "the central leadership realizes that everybody do not take the money, you need a balance." According to him, the financing can attract or regions, for example, "the same [business ombudsman Boris] Titov", which is headed by the Industry Committee ONF.

However, Titov said that the participants Promkomiteta only themselves organize its activities. For example, a retreat in the company in Gus-Crystal was completely paid for by the general director of "Konar" Valery BondRenko. Interviewees RBC representatives of organizations - partners of the front - "Business Russia", "supports" FITUR - assured that do not help ONF search for "donors." "We do not ask about it. I think there is its ability to directly go to all sorts of sources of funding, "- said Titov.

At the front there is donations from international or foreign organizations or anonymous, said a representative of the movement. And assure that the presence of "at least the minimum percentage of foreign participation in the share capital of the potential donor" checked "mandatory."

Grants from the partner

"ONF funded by public money, which go through the administration of the president," - said RBC head straight Fitur and a member of the central headquarters of Mikhail Shmakov. Anisimov categorically denies this. "The presidential administration is distancing itself from funding [ONF]", - he told RBC another close to the leadership of the front spring.

Prior registration ONF provided financial assistance to the front of the fund "Institute of Socio-Economic and Politicaleskih research "(ISEP). Close to his interlocutor RBC calls the organization "to outsource think tank" for the management of domestic policy of the presidential administration. "We're funded by grants from its front some centers. In addition, earlier in the ISEP are the jobs of some employees ONF machine, here they receive salaries, "- says the chairman of the foundation board of directors, the former deputy head of the department of internal policy of President Dmitry Badovsky. And now, he says, the fund provides "analytical, sociological and expert assistance" projects front.

The annual budget ISEP research and salaries based on the words Badovsky and two political scientists collaborating with the fund is estimated to be worth about 125 million rubles. This figure roughly corresponds to reality, the representative of the ISEP. The Institute, as the ONF, living on donations from companies and individuals. Their names and the total amount Badovskiy not disclose contributions. The money goes including orders to contractors of various studies, political-legal examination, Sotsiologoogy, conferences and the publication of scientific journals, lists Badovskiy.

Public money ISEP receives as one of the eight operators of presidential grants to support non-profit sector. In 2015, the budget he was given 19.8 million rubles., The representative of the Fund.

As has found out RBC part ISEP grants distributed funds, which are called the same way as units ONF - expert monitoring centers, "People Expertise" and the National Monitoring Centre for technological modernization and technological development. On receipt of a grant from another operator also reported another is also called as the center of ONF fund "for the rights of borrowers." All three NGOs are headed by the head of the ONF projects: Nikolay Nikolaev, Anna Zaborenko and Yevgeny Lazarev.

ISEP representative emphasizes that in just one year the fund was the winner of the 72 presidential grants and projects in cooperation with the ONF - only a small part of the total number of recipients of grants.

According to a report on the website of Ministry of Justice, in 2014, "National examination" on the activity spent RUB 40.6 million. (the other two reports no assets). And in 2015, "National examination" of ISEP has received a grant of 4.9 million rubles. to develop "methods of evaluating the performance of organizations providing socially important services to the population." This assessment has been ONF as part of monitoring the implementation of the May decrees.

National Monitoring Centre of technological modernization and technological development has got 4.5 million rubles. on "Civil Calendar import substitution" project. This project started in the autumn of ONF center with the same name as the winner of the grant. According to the expert of the Centre Vadim Veschezerova, "Grant funds are used, rather than the payment of experts, they work for free, and on the executive committee of the content."

"For the rights of borrowers," received a presidential grant for the project "credit channel" of the "Society" Knowledge ", said RBC his head Lazareva (however, in the list of winners of the competition RBC did not find it). At the front there is a project of the same name. On his website states that it is "a series of educational events, created project ONF" for the right loanIkov "and that the project is funded by the President's grant. Lazarev said that the front only "supports the direction" and ONF activities through this grant is not funded.

ONF representative noted that the front does not receive presidential grants, and "these NGOs cooperating with the ONF, but they have their own goals, objectives, areas of work that are not related to our business."

The head of "People's examination" Nikolaev also says that his fund - "it is a separate organization with its own objectives, functionality and sources of funding." Representatives of other funds have not responded to RBC questions sent by e-mail and SMS. A source close to the ONF assured RBC, for example, that "People Expertise" is actually only works on the front and is only concerned with his project.

Millions of president

In addition to the organizations that are repeated edge projects even more hundreds of grants in the amount of 287 million rubles. in 2015 have been allocated NGOs whose leaders - experts, the co-chairs, members of the central and regional headquarters ONF. For example, 8 million rubles.It was allocated another NGO Nikolaev "United Society" NGO and his deputy in the center of ONF "National examination" Tatiana Mironova. The winner of 9.5 million rubles. grants from the President of the "Health" Foundation headed by a member of the central headquarters ONF Eduard Gavrilov.

ONF is actively involved in many projects implemented by grants from the President, often positioning them as their own initiative. For example, the movement of Pskov "Killed the road" State Duma deputy Alexander Vasilyev in 2014-2015 drove in the road expedition across Russia: participants noted the pits on the roads, and emergency dangerous areas. In the media and on its website expedition called "Project ONF." Front, according to the deputy, the expedition really "has actively supported, including on the ground." In particular, he assisted housing.

In 2015, "Killed the road" received a grant of 5.9 million rubles. the third expedition. Vasilev is going to again attract ONF "resource support, especially activists of the" Killed the road "- ONF members in the regions."

And in 2014, the front of Putin instructed to develop "measuress on the formation of Russian civil identity. " A grant of 3 million rubles. the appropriate theme in a year won the Institute for Advanced Studies "Human Resource Management" to them. EL Schiffers. " With the money from the grant was established site identityrussia.ru, which ONF is listed as a partner of the project and presented speeches the head of one of the working groups Lyubov Dukhanina front.

"We can assume that if you are close to the Popular Front, then you will have a presidential grant. Nothing like this. The ONF is working to identify active people and projects, and they just are attracted here by yourself, "- notes Nikolaev from the" People's examination. "

According to Pavel Krasnorutskiy, chairman of one of grantooperatorov - Russian Youth Union, the allocation of funds they look, whether the applicant is a grant support of government agencies, educational organizations or veterans. Front "is not so often," he said, asking to support any organization. "Often, organizations that are part of the ONF, indicate it in the applications. But it is not fundamentals whichs criterion ", - he said.

According to RBC estimates, as a result close to the front of the organization received only in 2015 287 million rubles. Grants from the president (and there have been for the year distributed more than 4.2 billion rubles.). For comparison: in 2014 - 188.4 million rubles. (A total of 3.7 billion rubles. Were distributed). And 35 of these NGOs received grants for two consecutive years.

The fifth party

More than 455 million rubles. minimum spending front (not counting the 300 million rubles., spent from the budget for NGOs close to the ONF) is comparable with the cost not the major parties. According to the reports of the CEC, in 2015 the "Fair Russia" on its activities 960.4 million spent, the Communist Party - 1.34 billion rubles, the Liberal Democratic Party -. Almost 1.4 billion rubles, and "Apple" -. 232 700 000 rubles. However, before the "United Russia" ONF is far: in 2015, the party has spent 3.1 billion rubles, and the account has received 3.7 billion rubles..

As for the other major social movements, then, for example, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, according to the report the Ministry of Justice, spent in 2014 on statutory activities 173 600 000 rubles. And all the expenses opposing Russian Transperensy International Corruption in 2014 amounted toand 35.4 million rubles.

According to the ONF representative, RBC counts "do not correspond to reality." "Our expenses are minimal, we try to optimize them in this year, given the current economic situation", - he said.

What's got into RBC calculations

- "Action Forum", held in each region of the country in 2015, and nine anti-corruption forum "for fair procurement" in the federal districts, collected, according to the head of Anton Guetta, 800-1000 people project.

- The Moscow conference of non-profit organizations "Dialogue - trust - action" and ONF environmental conference in Irkutsk.

- Seven held "round tables", eight meetings, eight seminars and webinars, eight monitoring, five raids, a blog-tour around the lake, which is only in the last month ONF reported on its website.

"Sometimes it seems that someone is not telling, but in reality everything is clear - says about the meaning of existence ONF close to its management said. - There are activists who have ideas, have NeboliScheu executive committee is the task - the control over the implementation of presidential decrees, the fight against corruption and wastefulness, projects for the protection of natural resources, protection of the rights of journalists. "

ONF shows that the country has a social life, but to effectively meet their objectives Front was created as a real social movement, emphasizes Professor at the European University in St. Petersburg, Grigory votes. "We are accustomed to the fact that all of what is called social or political movement, is placed in a small office. But the government wanted to really, with people, with regional organizations. And it is expensive, "- said the expert. Through the ONF easier to criticize, ONF - this tool Moscow's control over the governors, and the tug of the opposition agenda, lists dignity Front vote, calling it a whole "useful" tool for authorities.