Rejected Khotin: partners deny that the businessman is involved in the oil business

Former associates of the owner of the Complex Investment holding said that the businessman wasn't the owner of the oil assets and companies, which had been purchased by $1 billion.  
Partners Holding owner "Comprehensive Investments" Alexei Khotin claim that he is not the owner of the oil assets. According to the company "Rus-Oil" Edward Sapunkova, Hawtin has no relation to his company (the owner - Sergey Podlesetsky). He says that the attempt to bind the company "Rus-Oil" with Hawtin brings "negative connotations".

Sapunkov explains that oil companies "Dulisma", "Matyushkina Vertical" (former assets of the Hungarian MOL), «Aurora», «Gustorechenskoe", "Negusneft", "Irelyakhneft" and "St. Petersburg Development" (their total reserves of more than 100 000 tons of oil) Khotin also do not belong. The owners of assets which the media previously attributed Khotin, according Sapunkova are Sergey Podlesetsky and a member of the board of directors Sergei OPIN Koshelenko. Earlier Koshelenko claimed that he on personal savings and lending money bought out "Rosneft" and American of ConocoPhillips "Northern Lights." According to Forbes, the purchase price was approximately $ 150-200 million. In total, the above-mentioned oil assets, according to Forbes, has been spent around $ 1 billion.

But despite the desire Khotina partners deny his ownership of assets, participation "Comprehensive Investments" owner in the oil business is fairly obvious. For example, the Federal Tax Service during the investigation against the company "Dulisma" found out that the oil company at the expense of circuit operation takes hundreds of millions of rubles in the bank "Yugra" Khotin. Koshelenko also associated with Hawtin, he simultaneously headed Exillon energy board (the main shareholder - Alex Hawtin) and Podlesetsky, before becoming the oil magnate, led a number of development agencies Khotina ( "Cube", etc). Publicly Hawtin owns a controlling stake in the bank "Yugra" and shares in Exillon. More than a half million square meters of real estate in dozens of business centers, which relate to business Hawtin, belong to a little-known firms and owners.

According to a partner company Paragon Advice Group Alexander Zakharov, the occurrence of unexpected partners and owners in business can be attributed to various reasons - political risks, countering competitors during hostile mergers and acquisitions, new shareholders will also help to keep control hidden beneficiaries. "The new shareholders can help remove the concept of affiliation with the disclosure. Affiliations are often interested in the various regulatory authorities - the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federal Tax Service and other "- Zakharov explains.

Alex Hawtin previously faced trouble due to the fact that its assets are recognized affiliates. The bank "Yugra" has not received state support in the form of federal loan bonds for 10 billion rubles due to the fact that he was unable to reduce the share of lending to affiliated entities (in March this year, the bank refused it). According to estimates by Stanislav Volkov, director of bank ratings RAEX ( «Ugra" refused to participate in the rating of the agency), loans to related parties accounted for about a third of the bank's portfolio. "Basically, these are companies that rent property to rent, and the oil sector, - says Volkov. - The bank did not recognize. "